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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, January 5, 2012

'Rich and Almost Famous' by Rich Miller |
People and things that need a better 2012

Thursday, January, 2012
Written by Rich Miller, talent network news staff
Twitter @rmillertime24
Photo Source Credit: And Her Little Dog Too


It's 2012 now, 2011 is in the books.  It was a great year for me as I took a lot of major steps in almost every aspect of my life. Towards the end of 2011 I needed a break from writing, I actually wrote more before I had this blog, go figure. I'll get a little more personal in upcoming posts, but it’s a New Year now and for some a chance for a new beginning.  Many are hoping to lose weight, quit smoking, or just be an all-around better person.  Many will lose focus and give up faster than a Republican nominee.

Here’s a list of people who need to have a good 2012:

Ray Lewis:  Lewis is getting up there, and I’m curious how much he has left in the tank with this being the Ravens best shot at a Super Bowl in years. Plus with Gadhafi, Bin Laden, and Kim Jong Ill all dead, the market for potential psychopath dieticians of second and third world countries is at an all-time high.  The time is now for Lewis to have a realistic chance to do something in his field after football.

Justin Timberlake: Dude, come on. You could be good at music or suck at acting. Stop making Best Buy commercials with Peyton Manning and the San Diego Chicken, and make another catchy album, so I can have something in common with the girls I date again.

Kody Brown:  Bad enough you’re a Mormon reality “star”, but four wives is a lot of headaches.  He should look into Bayer or Tylenol endorsements.  He could co-star with Donald Trump.

Kris Humphries: I’m not sure if he saw the show because I haven’t, but there’s no way he didn’t see the video.  At least he married on his talent level.

Andy Reid: It wasn’t his call to invest more in Nnamdi Asomugha and Vince Young than his entire group of linebackers, yet he insists on taking the blame.  The Eagles have a lot of talent, but need to be restructured.

Steve Pederson: Your hiring history is skeptical at best. Wife beaters and compulsive liars typically don’t have solid resumes, but you sir: your cup is half-full.

Anyone who participated in Occupy Whatever: You shat in a bag for a few months, yet Wal-Mart still stands. What were you trying to accomplish again?

Everyone wants to have a good year; here are some things I would like to see in 2012:
  • The next seasons of American Horror Story and Walking Dead to be as good as last season.
  • Improved hockey helmets so I can watch my favorite players actually play instead of seeing their brains get turned into mashed potatoes.
  • Jerry Sandusky stumbles and falls awkwardly backwards onto a wooden post.
  • Hangover 3. Just to see if they would change anything this time.
  • A plow truck in Mt. Washington. Oh and a cab on Carson.
  • More Facebook gym check-ins.  Seriously keep reminding me you work out.  I don’t want you people getting lazy.And finally…Lots of snow at Seven Springs, lots of good friends and cherry bombs during Pens games at Carson City Saloon, lots of short skirts the first nice weekend in April, and many more talented musical artists coming out of this fine city.


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