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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, January 16, 2012

Ed Palilla's "From the Outhouse to the Poorhouse" Movie Review of That chick with that tattoo on her back or whatever…

Monday, January 16, 2011
Written by Ed Palilla, talent network news staff
Twitter @pittsburghace
Photo Sources: IMDB.com

A review of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' from someone you really wouldn’t expect to watch it.

     Last week I went to see the new film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo based on the book with the same title. Amongst the people I went with to see it, I was in the minority because I had not read any of the books of the trilogy (Dragon Tattoo/Played with Fire/Kicked the Hornets’ Nest). Those that had were glowing with anticipation to see this American version of the movie. (A Swedish version was made in ’09). Despite not knowing much about the plot, I found it gave me an advantage because I got to discover the story and figure it out as I went.

     Without giving away too much about it, I’ll try to explain the 2 hour 38 minute movie. It takes place in Sweden with a publisher (Daniel Craig) that has just been public embarrassed. He is his recruited by a business man to investigate a murder of his niece 40 years prior. (Craig) eventually recruits the protagonist of the story, the girl with the dragon tattoo (played by Rooney Mara, the granddaughter of the great Rooney Family). She comes from a very troubled past, which you are given a glimpse of in the early parts of the movie. The 2 of them research and work toward solving the mystery. I am not going to give you any details and spoil it for you.

     Overall I really did enjoy this movie. It has a great murder mystery that pulls you into the story. Rooney Mara does a great job as the girl, and Daniel Craig is good in it as well while maintaining his standard look of “I am trying to solve 345/54” throughout the entire movie. It’s long, so make sure you get the big popcorn and use the bathroom before it starts.

Grade: Worth watching, but wait till it comes out on DVD*

* I have a rule with my best friend on telling each other about movies to avoid over hyping a movie. There are 3 ways to rate a movie 1) Worth seeing in theaters 2) Worth seeing, but wait till it comes out on DVD 3) Don’t waste your time watching it.

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