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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, December 19, 2011

Ed Palilla's "From the Outhouse to the Poorhouse"
Five Best Christmas Movies | Part 1 (#'s 3-5)

Monday, December 19, 2011
Written by Ed Palilla, talent network news staff
Twitter @pittsburghace
Photo Sources: MoviePosterdb, Supershopsite, Movie-List

Every year there are lots of movies on TV for Christmas. Some are great, and we have been watching them since we could crawl (Rudolph, Frosty, Grinch, Charlie Brown, Mickey’s Christmas Carol). However, a lot are terrible. As we make our final decent in to Christmas this week, I wanted to give you a little bit of holiday help. So I came up with a comprehensive list of the 5 best Christmas movies to watch this year. Since you are reading this blog, I am going to assume you are over the age of 10, so I skewed the age demographic a little higher than kid’s movies. I have left plenty of good ones off, and you can destroy me in the comments for it, but at 28 years old I have a bit of a different movie taste at this point. There were a few old standards I kept. Because when it comes to Christmas movies, there are some you just can’t forget.

To make my list, I used 5 different categories and weighed them accordingly with abbreviations and possible points next to them in parentheses.
  • Rewatch-ability (RW: 5 pts)
  • Christmas connection (CC: 5)
  • Family watch-ability (FW: 5)
  • Tradition (TR: 8)
  • Entertainment (ET: 10). 

5. Bad Santa [2003] 

18 points (RW 4; CC 3; FW 1; TR 1; ET 9)
Not exactly the movie you show on Christmas Day with Grandma on the couch, but an awesome movie. It is main Billy Bob Thornton being Billy Bob Thornton. If your tired of seeing Frosty or Rudolph on for the 26th straight year in a row, grab your friends and a case of beer, Then throw this in and have a good laugh.
Side note: This was the last movie the amazing John Ritter did before he passed. It was released 15 days after he died in 2003.

4. Scrooged [1988] 

22 points (RW 3; CC 5; FW 2; TR 5; ET 9)
Bill Murray being Bill Murray. Created right in the middle of Murray’s prime (After Caddyshack, Stripes & Ghostbusters. Before Ghostbusters II, What About Bob? and Groundhog Day). A grow-up/real world spin on the Charles Dickens class A Christmas Carol. A bit of darkness to the movie too. But as I said before, Bill Murray is just awesome.

3. A Christmas Story [1983] 

30 points (RW 4; CC 5; FW 5; TR 8; ET 8)
Let’s all give praise to TBS for showing it for 24 hours straight. (Ted Turner actually started doing it so his employees would not have to work on Christmas). It is as much a tradition as exchanging gifts anymore. A great watch with the family, or to avoid your family on Christmas. Plus it made you always wonder what would really happen if you put your tongue on a pole in the winter.

Coming Tuesday December 20 -- Five Best Christmas Movies | Part 2 (#'s 1-2)

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