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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

'Rich and Almost Famous' | New Weekly By Our New Writer Rich Miller

Wednesday, November 09, 2011
Written by Rich Miller, talent network news staff
Twitter @rmillertime24


'talent network news' would like to welcome Rich Miller (The Champagne of Bloggers) to the staff as one of our new writers. Rich resides here in Pittsburgh and we present to you 'Rich and Almost Famous,' his column that is a mixed bag of creative opinions on all that is entertainment and sports. You can follow Rich on Facebook and Twitter @RMillerTime24.

 'Rich and Almost Famous' by Rich Miller

Rich Miller Pittsburgh writer Talent Network News

* Mac Miller's new album titled "Blue Slide Park" was released Tuesday. For the 19-year-old rapper, who was born in Point Breeze, his debut album is an outline of how he got his start in music and his Pittsburgh roots. A mix of upbeat lyrics and rifts in the title track and also the problems on transitioning to the life of fame in the song "Missed Calls." So far the early reviews from Facebook and Twitter are calling the album a total hit and that Mac is a star-in-waiting. Those who have been following Mac on YouTube of course already knew that.

* TMZ posted a headline that Kim Kardashian is telling friends she is "so distraught that she can't function." The headline should have read "business as usual in the Kardashian house."

* In unrelated related news, Reggie Bush has had his best two games of the season since Kardashian divorced the basketball player guy. Coincidence?  I hope not - I just picked him up off of waivers.

* For me, the best show on TV right now is The Walking Dead. Last week's episode was a perfect example, with an awesome mix of storyline and gore. It is completely different from the typical zombie shows and movies. The attention to detail is unreal and the storyline is very deep. Check it out Sunday nights on AMC. 

* The Penn State scandal hits home for me. Not only as a PSU alum, but as a former athlete. We were always taught success with honor. It was the code. This week, high ranking officials and the icon of the campus broke the code. There are so many emotions that I could use to describe how I feel, but I think disappointed is the most appropriate. There is so much more to the prestige of Penn State than it's football team and their coaches. I can only hope now that the whole scandal is torn apart and fully investigated by the people who should have been involved nine years ago.  And then those who are deemed guilty not only are fired, but prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law...including Paterno.

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