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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"From the Outhouse to the Poorhouse" | by new Staff Writer Ed Palilla.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Written by Ed Palilla, talent network news staff
Twitter @pittsburghace

'talent network news' would like to welcome Ed Palilla as our third new writer to the staff. We present to you "From the Outhouse to the Poorhouse," Ed's weekly dissection of the Hollywood. You can follow Ed on Facebook and Twitter @pittsburghace.

" I found a copy of Adam Sandler's last movie when I finished in the outhouse" 

While watching a Steeler game a few weeks ago, a commercial came on for yet another atrocious Adam Sandler movie called Jack and Jill. I starting thinking about it and asked myself, “when did Adam Sandler stop being funny?” Before you say, “I liked Funny People” or “He has made a ton of good movies,” allow me to explain.

Adam Sandler joined Saturday Night Live in 1990 as a writer and was doing skits on the show by 1991. His career on SNL lasted until 1995. That grew into a fantastic run of comedy movies (1992-1999): Airheads; Billy Madison; Happy Gilmore; Bulletproof; The Wedding Singer; The Water Boy and Big Daddy.  

After that, Sandler managed to make movies that got progressively worse as the years went on (2000 - ): 
Little Nicky; Mr. Deeds; Anger Management; 50 First Dates; The Longest Yard; Click; I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry; You Don’t Mess With the Zohan; Bedtime Stories; Grown Ups; Just Go With It; and lastly Jack & Jill.

Looking at this research, I came up with the realization that Adam Sandler has gone downhill as a comedic actor, beginning in 1999, and I think I’ve found out what happened to him: he might be the most egotistical person in Hollywood, and it got worse as the years went on. Look, even when Sandler made funny movies, he had the best at everything:

Madison: Rich.
Gilmore: Hit the ball 400 yards.
Waterboy: Could not be blocked.
Big Daddy: Before you get upset: I know that Sandler plays a down on his luck, toll-booth collector. But look at the end of the movie. One year after the custody hearing, he is a lawyer at a firm in New York?? So he went from toll collector to big-time New York lawyer in 15 months. Again, he went though four years of undergrad, two years of law school, passed the bar, did his entry level/intern position and was already a successful lawyer in that a time. Please.

It got worse as his movies got worse:
Mr. Deeds: super rich.
The Longest Yard: NFL QB that almost single-handedly beats an organized team of guards.
Zohan: he was able to beat up anyone who touched him.
Chuck & Larry: he was the womanizer that got five girls at a time.
Grown-ups: he was the millionaire agent in LA married to Salma Hayek, while everyone else was broke.

Take a look at 1999, because that’s when everything started to change. That is when Big Daddy was released and that was Adam Sandler’s last truly funny movie. It is also the year that Sandler decided to open his Happy Madison production company. I think that once Adam Sandler was in charge of his own company and was the final decision maker, he could not get out of his own way. He was now in charge of every aspect of his films, including the script and character decisions. If you look at those movies now, he seems to be very guarded on the hits and jokes taken against his characters. I think since he runs the company, no one was there to settle his ego, tell him when something is a bad joke and to step back.

Could it be that Adam Sandler went from being a very talented comedic writer and actor, to not funny in a few short years? Could it be that once he was in charge of his own production and making all the decisions, nobody would tell him he is not funny anymore, and the bottom dropped out? Someone, somewhere within Happy Madison had to think “I don’t know if Adam playing himself and his sister will be funny,” but no one is willing to say anything to Sandler. That is why it is his production company.

His best movie, The Wedding Singer, he plays what everyone likes: A regular guy, with no money and a crappy life. That’s comedy, what people will laugh at. Also, look at the best movie made by Happy Madison: Grandma’s Boy. Down on his luck, broke guy has to move in with his grandma because his roommate has spent all his rent money on Pilipino call girls. Throw in some raunchy jokes and a few people playing the right roles. It is a great movie.

Now I understand that Sandler grew up, had kids and chose to gear some of his movies towards them and stop with some of the dirty jokes. That is understandable. But he never has been just a guy with a family and kids and a job. I think for Adam Sandler to start to get respect back from his original fans, to be respected in the comic community, he needs to take a new direction in his next movie. Play a guy who just gets divorced and loses his job and his house because of the economy, then moves in with his buddy (I recommend his real life buddy, Adam Covert), and tries to start his life over. The guy struggles with getting a job, getting women and being broke (you are going to need some dirty jokes here. Sorry. This is 2011). Please Adam, for the sake of comedy, please come back. Just don’t fire me, Mr. Sandler…

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