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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Read The Stars | Venus and Mercury in Scorpio

October 14, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Read The Stars

This week on Read The Stars, Judi Vitale helps us to understand what both Mercury and Venus in Scorpio means for us. First up is Mercury in Scorpio:

Judi Vitale, Read The Stars, Astrology, Pittsburgh, talent network

"Mercury in Scorpio is great for cutting right to the heart of a matter, slicing and dicing it and getting to the truth. Like a Ninja, it sneaks up on us and strikes right when we least expect it to! This can be an invaluable tool when we channel it to deliver verbal strikes to people who want to oppose our plans. However, if we allow this force to work unconsciously, we can wind up in a lot of trouble.

While Mercury is in Scorpio, from October 13-November 2, you might notice people have a smart response to just about everything. Much of it (if you appreciate satire) will be cutting and funny. Some of it, though, might be sharp and offensive. Your job will be to become aware of your own reactions to Mercury, the planet that allows us to communicate, in Scorpio, the sign that takes one thing and transforms it into another. It's an excellent time for research, investigations and intellectual exploration. It's a difficult time in our interpersonal relationships because we tend to say what we're thinking, maybe disguising it as a joke; but often not bothering to cloak our distaste or disgust in anything but its own naked truth…"

Read more and watch the video to discover what there is to know about Mercury in Scorpio on Read The Stars'  Mercury In Scorpio - The Conversational Ninja

In another Read The Stars article, Judi Vitale discusses Venus in Scorpio. Watch the video, in which Judi explains the "real" Venus in Scorpio: Venus in Scorpio - Maybe Not So Nice!  

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Bobbi Coney said...

It was informative. Easy for someone for someone forts getting into this. I enjoyed this. Congrats Judi. Bobbi Coney