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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Read The Stars | New Moon and Sun in Scorpio and The Power of Jupiter-Pluto

October 28, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Read The Stars

This week, Read The Stars' Judi Vitale covers three vital topics of the astrological universe: New Moon in Scorpio, Sun in Scorpio and the power of Jupiter-Pluto. Read on to find out what is in the stars this week…

First up - New Moon in Scorpio:
"If you haven't done anything to mark the new moon in Scorpio yet, it's okay! There's still time. The effects of the new moon in Scorpio will be around for a few days. This is a time when you can work magic with your life. Be honest with yourself, find the one thing you know you must work on and submit to the process of transformation! 

Read The Stars, New Moon in Scorpio, Astrology, Pittsburgh
Credit: myexistenz.com
You can just do this in your life, but there are ways of making a more momentous occasion of it. Light a candle and stare into the fire. Do you see images? Do you see yourself in them? What are the shapes you notice in the flame and how do they relate to your life? Yes, Scorpio is a fire sign, but it is the kind of water that has the potential to be as powerful as fire. All you need to do is unlock the energies you hold within you."

Read more and watch the video to find out more about New Moon in Scorpio - Rise To The Occasion on Read The Stars.

Judi also touches on Sun in Scorpio:
"How will you fare when your feet are to the fire? 

The sun entered Scorpio on Sunday October 23, 2011, beginning the period of the year when we "do or die." If you know Scorpio people, you see what marvelous creatures they are. They keep trying and striving, no matter how hard the world tries to keep them down. The Scorpion, the traditional zodiac symbol for Scorpio, tells only part of this noble sign's story. The Scorpion will be surrounded by fire, submit to being burned, and then emerge new, as the alchemists ' eagle, or more graphically, like the phoenix. 

Pittsburgh, Read The Stars, Judi Vitale, Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio is a water sign, but it's the kind of water that is stagnant and cluttered with the deadened material of flowers and leaves that have seen better days. Scorpio allows this dead matter to fester and ferment, and then takes it to create things that are more magnificent than ever! It takes great insight and confidence, two wonderful Scorpio traits, to see within the condition of death the potential of new life. That is, in fact, exactly what becomes of the dead leaves and cold, stagnant water that surrounds us at this time of year. They provide food for the soil that will come alive again in the spring. Dead material does have its benefits. Think of what we celebrate at this time of year - Halloween! …"

Read and watch the video on Sun in Scorpio: Transform or... for more insight on Read The Stars.

The final topic - Jupiter-Pluto Power - covers important dates this week and weekly horoscopes:
"It's time for the Jupiter-Pluto trine again. As I said at the last occasion of this pattern in the sky in July of this year (see this video), when Jupiter and Pluto make a triangle in the sky, we are faced with our own personal empowerment, and the issue of how we will use our personal power. This theme will drive most of our activity this week. We're also just settling in to the time of the sun in Scorpio, when we are faced with issues such as our own mortality and the consequences of all our actions. Will we have the fortitude to follow through with our plans, especially if they will reveal just how much courage we have (or do not possess)?..."

Jupiter, Pluto, Astrology, Read The Stars, Judi Vitale, Pittsburgh

Important Dates:
Sunday October 23, 2:30 PM - Sun entered Scorpio.
Wednesday October 26, 3:56 PM - new moon.
Friday October 28, 12:46 PM - Jupiter Trine Pluto
Friday October 28, 9:42 PM - Sun opposite Jupiter
Friday October 28, 11:09 PM - Sun sextile Pluto

Read more of This Week: Jupiter-Pluto Power! on Read The Stars.  

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