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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, October 21, 2011

Read The Stars | Gaddafi and Gene Simmons

October 21, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Read The Stars

In this week's Read The Stars' featured article, astrologer Judi Vitale touches on the death of Gaddafi and what this means in this astrological world…

Gaddafi, Death
Credit: SydneyMorningHerald.com
"The erratic energy of the planet Uranus takes no prisoners, as we've seen time and again this year. From the time it moved into Aries on March 11, we've seen ups, downs, earthquakes and meltdowns. It's been a rough ride, especially if you happen to reside in Libya. While people in the US Occupy Wall Street over college loans, people in Egypt are still waiting for the military to hand over the government. And now that Gaddafi is dead, what will happen next?

In this video, I point out what the current Uranus cycle means to our world, and how it reflects back to a different time in history. There's no doubt we don't like what we've got. But...what will we put up in its place? That's what remains to be seen. With titanic planetary forces engaged in battle, we still have choices, but there is so much to be overcome…"

Read the article and watch the accompanying video on Read The Stars' Gaddafi Dead? Uranus Takes No Prisoners.

In another featured Read The Stars article,
Judi delves into the recent wedding between Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed:

Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed, Wedding
Credit: Inquisitr.com
"The Gene Simmons-Shannon Tweed wedding is loaded with astrology's symbolism.

What, you may ask, makes a couple come to the decision to have a wedding, some two children and 28 years after their first date? Astrology's answer is simple: Saturn. Any time I hear a news story that involves a process that takes "around thirty years," my ears perk up. And okay, I also have to confess that one of my most guilty pleasures is watching (DVR'ed versions) of "Gene Simmons' Family Jewels." I didn't know how it happened to become one of two or three shows I bother to watch, but of course there's an astrology connection there too. My Midheaven, like Gene's, is in Capricorn - I share in common with him the idea that my art is nothing if I can't get it out into the public where it can be appreciated!

Gene's and Shannon's wedding will surely be made very public as it's televised and documented as part of their reality show…I felt particularly compelled to comment on the astrology of their relationship and what's brought them to this point. 

First, let's look at the two of them as a couple…"

Read the full article - Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed Marry, OR: The Demon weds the Bunny - here.

Visit Read The Stars for your weekly insight into the astrological world.

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