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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Read The Stars | Michael Vick, Tony Romo, Mars in Leo and the Autumn Equinox

September 23, 2011  
Posted By - Emma Venezie  
Source Credits - Read The Stars

In another football-themed Read The Stars article, astrologer Judi Vitale analyzes what's going on in the NFL:

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"No doubt about it. Sometimes, football hurts, and even the strongest and most feared players are prone to injuries. In Week 2, there were a couple of big QBs who were seeing stars by the end of their respective games. Michael Vick, QB for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Tony Romo, the Cowboys' long-time QB, were both on the sidelines for at least part of their games, and they may or may not be playing in Week 3!" 

This Read The Stars feature includes a video that helps "provide a valid method of understanding why bad things happen, and what we might have to do in order to act in harmony with our intent and purpose." Check out Michael Vick and Tony Romo:" Ouchie!" in Week 2 here.

Judi Vitale also discusses
Mars' move into Leo and how the planet and sign influence one another.

Pittsburgh, Judi Vitale, Read The Stars, Astrology, Mars, Leo

"The way a planet's arrival in a sign will affect life on earth depends upon how well the planet gets along with the energy of the planet ruling the new sign. (When we say a planet rules a sign, it means the planet has an affinity and an authority over the sign and any planets or other factors that might enter the sign.) In this case, Mars is a fire planet, and is in fact a "throw-off" of the sun, the planet which "rules" Leo. They get along great. In fact, the influence of the steadily burning sun calms Mars down just enough to make it magnanimous and generous, rather than impulsive and aggressive. For the most part, from now until mid November, we can expect a steadier kind of energy, unless of course you happen to be a Leo. As your Cancer friends will tell you, having Mars in your sign give you "too much" energy, and it's wise to cut down on caffeine and pump up the physical activity to work off the stress. This might be the case also for people who are Taurus, Scorpio or Aquarius…"

Read the rest of the article for a sign-by-sign breakdown of Mars in Leo and watch the accompanying video with Mars in Leo and the Lion's Den - What Will You Do? on Read The Stars.

In this week's final featured article, Judi Vitale delves into the Autumn Equinox...

Pittsburgh, Read the Stars, Equinox, Autumn, Astrology

"You'd also be well-advised to get focused and "on the ball," because this autumn is going to move F-A-S-T. We got a preview of things to come when Pluto went direct on September 16th, and with many of the planets that are retrograde now going direct over the course of the season, we'll have to run our fastest to keep up with changing conditions and what will feel like an uncertain future. We will have to work very hard from September through November to make sure the projects we want to finish have more than just a good start. We may also find ourselves doing far more work than usual, and wondering how we can possibly get it all done. 

The biggest date we have to watch is December 10th…"

Why? And what other dates and/or experiences should we be looking out for? Check it out on Read The Stars' Autumn Equinox "Falls" Upon Us.  

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