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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast "The Lost Tape" w/ Tim Koskuba

September 13, 2011
"Ultimate Challenge Radio" 
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/Guest Tim Koskuba @KO_Skuba
Produced By - Frank Murgia @ talent network news 

"The Lost Podcast"

Derrick Kosinski Podcast Tim KoskubaIn this cast I am interviewed by Tim Koskuba @KO_Skuba, the same guy who interviewed Jonny "Bones" Jones 2 years ago and predicted Mr.Bones' UFC Light Heavy Weight Championship.                    

This podcast was recorded in March of 2011. I've been waiting for the right time to release it as Real World:Back to Las Vegas and The Challenge: Rivals had stolen the spotlight. This Interview couldn't come with more ironic magic. Just the other day, one of my challenge cast mates decided to personally tweet me and embellish about a dance we once had in The Duel.

In this interview, a question about Wes comes up and I, in return, finally express my true thoughts about this guy. At the same time, the same guy who has interviewed and predicted a future championship for Jonny "Bones" Jones interviews me and asks me the tough questions. Jon Jones will be defending his title for the 1st time vs. "Rampage" Jackson, 2 weeks from now.

This interview actually went on for about 2 hours and we lost audio after 58:58. This interview starts off a little slow as Tim Koskuba @KO_Skuba and I get a feel for each other.  Around 16 minutes we hear about how the podcast came about, how Kenny got involved, questions surrounding Wes, my favorite Challenge, the challenge and steroids, the challenge and marriage, my son and his potential thoughts. We soon get cut off by the ghost that tends to appear on the podcast at times. I guess the rest just wasn't meant to be at this point and time.

Another solid pod. Big thanks to "TKO" Tim KOskuba for making this possible. Hope everyone enjoys an inside look from my point of view.

Tim Koskuba on Twitter (@KO_Skuba)
Derrick Kosinski on Twitter (@DerrickMTV)

Thanks to our good Twitter friend @ChallengeFacts for continued support and once again another great new 'Ultimate Challenge Radio" logo. Follow him Folks.

Derrick Kosinski Podcast Ultimate Challenge Radio Podcast

- Derrick and Tim get acquainted
- Evoultion of Ultimate Challenge Radio
- How Kenny got involved
- C.T.'s Interview
- Ruthie and Puck's Podcast
- Gauntlet 2: A Spiritual Journey
- Abe and Cutthroat
- Tyler and Timmy Eliminations
- Wes Breakdown
- The Challenge and Marriage
- The Challenge and Steroids
- My son's potential thoughts about his daddy
- The Ruins 
-Never Winning

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "The Lost Tape" (Rated PG-13 for Language)

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Thanks to Facebook friend Kimani Kya for the YouTube parody of Wes vs Derrick.

Tim has been watching the MTV Challenges since "The Inferno 2" in 2005. On top of being a Challenge-aholic & a part-time student, he also has hosted several MMA/UFC podcasts and blogged for websites such as "Headkicklegend.com" and "Liverkick.com".  He's interviewed such MMA fighters such as; UFC champion, Jon Jones, #1 lightweight contender, Gray Maynard, and top 10 fighters: Phil Davis and Ben Henderson. Currently, he hosts "Talking Tough" on Joeshowradio.com every Monday night at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT.

TIM's Interview with UFC Light Heavy Weight Champion Jonny "Bones" Jones back in 2009 is below. Tim and his crew make an early prediction that Jon Jones will one day be champ. This is a very interesting listen as Jonny "Bones" had no idea where he would be in a few years. He was fired up and focused on Matt "The Hammer" Hamel. Now, he is defending his title for the 1st time vs. "Rampage" Jackson. Best wishes, a victory, and a safe bout go out to Jonny from Team Ultimate Challenge Radio.

Jon Jones Interview Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6sQjMPARg4
Jon Jones Interview Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_J81VpZWJUw

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Jelloshots408 said...

Such a great podcast! Keep em coming D. Glad this one was finally aired

Anonymous said...

What a little faggot you've become Derrick. This was taped befoe your pdcast with him? Just shows your a snake little bitch.

Brian said...

I've been watching these shows since Inferno 2 as well I am a challenge-aholic I think I can take on anyone in a challenge trivia question

Randy Bears fan! said...

Derrick and Abram were always my favorite competitors and then I became to really like Wes now it's hard to defend the stupid shit he says but at the same time every single podcast some how his name is mentioned. I think it's pretty sad I've always thought you were a cool person mostly because I'm a chicago sports lover and you are aswell. I'm just disappointed you had to team up with douche bags in order to win challenges. Your true colors showed on the ruins by basically admitting you had to do what JEK wanted you to do. Abram > you

Anonymous said...

Remember that Wes puts on a persona for the cameras. He is the kind of person that the audience either loves or hates as Tim said and those people are great for TV. Without villains you have no heroes. A challenge with people who you don't root for or against may be a good competition but it wouldn't be good television. Wes regardless of how you feel about him as a person creates good television.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, get over it! And this was recorded before the twitter argument?! You had a whole segment on him. You clearly talk shit about him, and when he was on you acted like his bff. You dont know for 100% that he's on steroids so you cant say that. If you hate him just stop talking about him! You nitpick at all his quotes its no surprise you freak about 1 stupid cocky tweet where is he was just stating a fact. I didnt see CT, Kenny and whoever else get all worked up. You're obsessed with him god damn! And the original reasons you listed for not liking him were stupid, like he lied about not being on the ruins?! Who gives a shit? And he called you dumb, like come on, worse has happened and so what if he's manipulative its a tv show. Jesus this shit is getting pathetic. And the only reason him and Ev lost in FM2 was not because Kenny is so great it was because Kenny and LAUREL won everything, everyone else had a partner that dragged them down.

Anonymous said...

he was 185 and put on weight to the point he was 215, gtfo. the guy who told you he was on steroids told you because he was pissed at him, if the guy was cool wiht him it would be more credible even though its not very credible either way.

how many questions did you get to? did you get to 5, im not sure you even did in an hour.

Anonymous said...

you can't get over that one line wes said a few yrs ago. u started the twitter war by flipping out over a jab about beating u and also others on duel 1. but he was defending himself for all the rivals trash he got. he mentioend u and others he beat on duel 1. u flipped out over it and went with fu and all that and mentioned steroids.He had a right to say that because u honestly talk so much shit on every podcast about him, if people try to defend him you get mad. get over it dude, you both are very immature.

Anonymous said...

u can dish it but can't take it..you can talk shit on every podcast about wes , he mentions he beat you on the duel 1, and you FLIP THE F OUT. grow up bro

Anonymous said...

he even implies tyler is a lot bigger when he lost to him. did everyone who beat you take steroids?? good excuse

Anonymous said...

I think both of them are being real dumb about this crap. The pro-Wes and pro-Derrick people have to try to be objective and realize that neither of them are innocent and there have been some low blows said by both parties. It's not all Derrick's fault and it's not all Wes's. They should just fight and get it over with.

Anonymous said...

i remember on the duel you said there was nothing you rather get in a duel, you had been practicing and know how to move around. wes on the ohter hand never wrestled and did not want a pole wrestle and still went into it and beat you. now years later you were out of shape and fat. just own up to it man, you lost. wes was better than you.

Sandie88 said...

Damn.. The drama!! Save some of it for the next show ok.

Anonymous said...

Seriously you're saying he was 215? Are you kidding me? We all saw Wes on the Duel and he was not fucking over 200 pounds, I'd believe that if you were talking about big Easy or CT. And the last thing he wanted was pole wrestle, that was ur best option, imagine if they made u swim. And you werent "fat", Evan is fat, Eric is fat, you just werent as strong. Just admit you lost fair and square not make excuses 5 yrs later,and if u did come unprepared thats ur own fault. and dont try acting all hard now saying you're going to kick his ass when he already beat you, thats like Adam saying he's going to kick CT's ass. Ridiculous. And you sound crazy with you're weird hate for Wes, its not like he punched you in the face or slept with your ex. you've been trashing him for months if not years, I would be mad too if I was him, especially cuz he looked like a sucker when he came on. the guy had no clue u were so 2faced.

Sandie88 said...

oh by the way I have to say. The people writing calling derric and his wife names b/c of this whole wes thing.. Get a life! Stop taking it so personal. Seeing as it has nothing to do with you. These people have not personally harmed you in any way so simmer down.

Anonymous said...

its like u had him on the podcast just to make him look like a fool. let it go it was a while ago. u have a family and a kid, priorities man! trying to get attention to get on challenges is pretty weak. Wes is an idiot too, but at least he apologizes and takes accountability

Anonymous said...

You all know that Derrick doesn't HAVE to be objective when it comes to Wes right? You're reacting like he shouldn't say a word against someone he doesn't like. That's like listening to the BS report and whining when Simmons talks shit on the Yankees or the Lakers or watching the O'Reilly factor and complaining that Bill isn't being nice enough to Obama. It's not a news report, it's a podcast with a bias towards who the host of the show likes and doesn't like. You have the option not to listen if you don't want to.

Anonymous said...

^...that is fine if he wants to rip wes every single podcast. than don't go on a rampage when he says something that is fact on twitter. Either be able to dish it and take it, or don't try at all. he clearly isn't objective on a lot of stuff. no one asks him to be, doesn't mean i take his side when he can't handle criticism.

Anonymous said...

basically he can talk shit all day about wes, but if wes says one thing, he goes "see I TOLD YOU HE WAS A DBAG SEE EVERYONE" even though he thought they were cool. He prob just took a shot on his original tweet bc he finally listened to the podcasts. long story short, have little respect for either of em

Anonymous said...

to the above post, i think derrick thinks he can say anything about wes bc he deserves it, but if wes retaliates, he is an asshole just like derrick has been tryign to say. so basically wes can't win. these two tweeting for thousands to see about affairs and steroids is SIMPLY PITIFUL. i am not going to support this behavior by listening to his podcasts. i listened to half of this one to see what he said about wes, that's it. so way to be children wes and derrick.

Anonymous said...

Wes:"I dont call out CT cause he says everything to my face,Derrick likes to be a gossip queen"
Derrick:"Whose gossiping Wes!?"

ummm....well judging by this podcast I think that might be u Derrick. Especially since this was recorded months ago. So did you release this podcast to make yourself look better or worse? Gees Derrick this is unhealthy, you eat, breath, sleep, Wes. Wonder if he thinks about u this much? Dont think so cause he seemed very oblivious about your beef with him when he came on, but I guess he now knows it, you had it coming Derrick, u dish it but cant take it. He said 1 thing and u flip out, when all along you've been hating on him since 4ever.

Anonymous said...

I bet the little hobbit got mad because Wes said he was an idiot, which he is. Derrick has the vocabulary of a 12 year old, can't articulate his thoughts for shit, and is socially awkward as fuck. Why do you think he needs Kenny and Johnny to co-host with him all the time? How about you go out and get a job you little weeble. Do something with your life other than podcast and try to think how you can be on the next challenge. Why do you think he's been on nine f'ing challenges? He does nothing with his life.

Anonymous said...

Derrick is an idiot. Remember The Ruins? The Challengers got their first win in a Challenge because Derrick spent forever trying to read and comprehend a freaking sign, allowing Cohutta to pass him. Then in the Final on the puzzle Kenny told him to go away because he was so stupid he was no help whatsoever.

Wes isn't a genius, but he looks like Einstein compared to Derrick. Wes looked pathetic at the end of Rivals, but thanks to Derrick's stupidity and grudge-holding about losing a Duel FIVE YEARS AGO, Wes has now successfully spun public perception in his favor once again.

Good job, Derrick, you MORON!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Derrick is so stupid he just tweeted Knight from RW: New Orleans to ask who the Packers are playing this week. It's called Google, Derrick. Or ESPN. It's a lot faster than waiting for a drunken mess to respond to your tweet.

Anonymous said...

Why is derrick so mad? Is this his plan to get back on TV? It's pretty transparent. Wes called him out the same way derrick has called out his win over abram in a 4 person challenge literally a dozen times.

Wes has always been upfront about his game, whether you like it or not. He may be a scumbag, but at least hes honest about it. Derrick on the other hand has Wes on his podcast, plays nice, and then gossips like a teenage girl later instead of confronting the source. It's pretty sad.

As far as the whole steroids thing goes, I'm sure if derrick could take a drug to grow a few inches or prolong his mtv "career" I'm sure he would. Unless you have some kind of proof, don't go off slandering people.

Anonymous said...

Hey Derrick, nice reasons on why you hate Wes more than Osama Binladen. Cause I was really thinking he actually did something to you, like omfg he called you dumb on the dailes!! Holy shit call the cops and sue him for slander! And to think this was recorded in march, u just proved Wes is right about gossiping, and we all knew u did but wes didnt. what did you keep it in hopes of releasing it when Wes looks bad? And I think its very funny how you wanted to start the shit again after it died down but when Wes retaliates with that tweet about you and committing a certain sin you immeadiatly shut up, when during the 1st argument u were RT shit and kept talking about it for days. Bit off more than you can chew. Dont talk shit about people who have dirt on u retard.

Anonymous said...

^^ Derrick sees that his only chance on getting onto another challenge is to start drama. I can't blame him, but he should be less obvious about it. There are far more interesting people who already have beef with wes. You'd think he'd be focused on his time with his young kid, but priorities are priorities I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Yo D, try to get Evelyn on the podcast. I'd love to hear some of her stories and analysis of some of these challenges. (And don't sweat these Wes fanboys. They just hatin cuz they jealous)

Anonymous said...

"(And don't sweat these Wes fanboys. They just hatin cuz they jealous)"

you think thats why derrick is hating or just the "wes fan boys"

the guy wasnt even big, lol at 215. he looks almost exactly the same on rivals as he does the duel, i thought he looked bigger on the ruins. but no he was just juicing on the duel when he beat you right lol.

Anonymous said...

Ya just because ppl defend a guy when another dude hates on him on every single podcast for no reason must be a "Wes fan boy" it cant be because people just find Derrick's obsession with Wes annoying, like for fucks sake his bffs are Kenny and Johnny, it would sound more reasonable if he wasnt friends with those 2, bringing up dumb quotes when JEK have said much worse sounds retarded. For Derrick to just outright say "he's on steroids" without real proof (as in Wes' piss analyzed by a lab) is just saying that Derrick is jealous and that he spreads rumors, and plz Wes was tiny on the duel. Its too obvious he's still bitter about loosing to him, kinda hard to say oh Wes sucks when you lost to him in 1 of the most physical and fairest eliminations.

Anonymous said...

I used to like Wes. But after The Island I lost respect for him.He gets mad at Johanna and Kenny for what they did. Ok I can see being hurt by that. But than Wes comes on The Ruins with Kellyann. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.Than just seeing his EGO getting so big.Like Wes has won like one challenge. He is annoying. I love Derrick!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Wes because he has this magical ability to make ppl over react as if the world is about to end by barely doing anything. CT, Cara Maria and of course Derrick who has a heart attack every time Wes says anything. He was probably only being nice about kicking your ass when he came on cuz he thought u 2 were cool, but since u hate him more than Hitler theres no reason to be respectful about beating u, god knows u wouldnt give him that same respect.