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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, August 5, 2011

talk hot rods | Hersch's Builder Series Continues with John and Cory Black Podcast

August 5, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - talk hot rods

This week's talk hot rods story finds Hersch catching up with John and Cory Black at the USAir Employee Car Show as talk hot rods' Builder Series Podcasts continue.

On the podcast, Hersch discusses John and Cory Black's '66 mid-engine Corvair, which was the highlight of the USAir Employee Car Show, held on August 2nd. The Corvair will be featured in Hot Rod Magazine later this year after Detroit Editor Bill McGuire did an interview and photo session with John and Cory at a recent Flashlight Drags.

Corvair, Cory Black, John Black, Hersch, Pittsburgh, talk hot rods
The Black's '66 mid-engine Corvair

Check out an excerpt from talk hot rods…

"On August 2nd, I had a chance to go to the 6th annual USAir employee car show at the Pgh. International Airport. There were so many cool hot rods on-hand that I didn't know where to start. Please take a look in the Garage [ 2011 USAir Employee Car Show] to see what I mean. It was a great turnout that raised money for Toys for Tots.

Special thanks to John and Cory Black for the invitation to the show. Their '66 mid-engine Corvair was the highlight of the show and the podcast that we recorded gives us an inside look at the design and fabrication of that hot rod.

This is not the first time that I have seen the Corvair. John and Cory take their car to Beaverun Motorsports Complex in Wampum, PA quite often. They were with us recently at Beaverun and it was such a treat to watch and hear Cory fly through the autocross. I was even more impressed when John ran the Corvair in the Flashlight Drags later in the day. WOW! What a hot rod!

In the podcast you will hear what Cory has planned next for this 400+ hp screamer and you will also hear what his dad has to say about it.

The absolute best part of doing talkhotrods.com is the people I meet. The fact that they become friends is icing on the hot rod cake. John and Cory aren't just father and son, they are hot rod builders that share a common goal: To build the coolest cars and bikes that are possible. The photos give you a good idea of the craftsmanship, but you really have to see and hear this beast in person.

Check out the podcast, photos, and the rest of the story at talk hot rods' Builders Series Continues With John and Cory Black | Listen To The Podcast.

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