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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, August 1, 2011

Read The Stars | August Horoscopes and The Road to Joomla

August 1, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Read The Stars

In this week's featured ReadTheStars.com article, local Astrologer Judi Vitale breaks down the month of August, outlining the important dates, so we all know what to look for in the upcoming days:


"Slow, easy, strrrrrr-etch-ing out those precious summer days... That's the way we roll in August, and that will be truer than ever this year. The reason why this August is likely to have an especially draggy feel about it is Mercury will be retrograde from August 2 - 26. Nothing seems to make time move like molasses the way Mercury Retrograde does! This time it will start off in the first degree of Virgo, and then move on back through Leo. Check ReadTheStars frequently for updates. They'll be posted in articles as well as in your daily horoscopes. Venus will travel with the sun through Leo until august 21, and Mars will be hanging out in emotive Cancer for most of the month. The new and full moons this month seem to be reversed, but they're not. The full moon on August 13 will be the culmination of the July 30 new moon, and it will be in Aquarius, Leo's opposite sign. We'll be finding out how well we are doing as we strive to define who we are and brings out the best in ourselves as individuals so we can serve the rest of humanity. A noble goal, indeed, and one that will probably take more than one try... 

There are a few days that could be interesting this month…"

For more, read your Monthly Horoscope Overview for August 2011, watch the accompanying video and check out a sign-by-sign breakdown of the month on Read The Stars.

In another article, Judi Vitale discusses her Read The Stars' site move from WordPress to Joomla and the pros and cons of the exact date of the move (July 26th).

Joomla, read the stars, Pittsburgh, Judi Vitale

"I really like Joomla for posting articles and horoscopes. It's easy, flexible and far more elegant than the system we were using before. In case you're wondering, yes of course I looked at the day I planned to make the changeover a permanent thing. I chose Tuesday July 26th, because the moon was in Gemini and it would be in a nice little triangular wave of harmony with Saturn. I was looking for facility and structure for a communications project, so all that made sense.

However, there are a few caveats to the suitability of Tuesday the 26th. One was the approaching Mercury retrograde. Mercury is in a condition astrologers call "the shadow," where it's occupying space today that it will revisit during the retrograde period that begins August 2-3. The other involved another event that was connected to the web site conversion, and the way it seemed to unfold under the void of course moon.

Wouldn't you want to respond right away if a major radio station wanted to interview you about your book and website, even if the request came in while you were on vacation in Maine, about to go kayaking? Then you'll understand why, even though the moon was void of course, I borrowed my Maine Guide's computer in her kayak shop to respond "yes" to such a request. I also mistakenly indicated I would be available during a time period when the moon would be void of course, and lo and behold, when the media specialist wrote back with an appointed time, it was right at the end of the void of course period.

Embarrassed to say "Oh gee I don't talk to people when the moon is void of course," I shrugged with the pure faith that all things happen just as they are supposed to - and so it would work out just fine…"

Did it work out just fine? Read the full On the Road to Joomla: Practicing What I Preach on Read the Stars to find out.

Check out Read The Stars daily.

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