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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/Kenny Santucci and MTV the Challenge: Rivals Winner Paula

Aug 31, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Kenny Santucci & Paula of MTV the Challenge: Rivals
Produced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com

MTV Challenge Rivals Winner Paula, Derrick Kosinski Podcast, Kenny Santucci"Fight 'Til The End"

This season of The Challenge:Rivals may officially be over, but the analysis, interviews, and story telling keeps on truckin here at Ultimate Challenge Radio (#UCR). Competitors have won, lost, cried, bled, and even fought to the very end just to take home the experience and nothing else. With a set-on-fire "Rivals Reunion Show" approaching and "The Shit You Didn't See" episode around the corner, what could be more appealing than a "Challenge Awards Show." That's right!! We at Ultimate Challenge Radio will not disappoint and you the fans will be put in a voting frenzy to crown the winners as you did with "Challenge Madness" back in March. Kenny and Paula join Derrick on this podcast to break down the last fighting episode of Rivals, The Finale. Once again, sit back, enjoy, and laugh a little.


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-Paula's 1st Challenge Win Ever!!!
-Kenny's 2nd Place Finish
-Wes' Setback
-Kenny's Heroics
-Battling Anorexia
-The Finale-Start to Finish
-Challenge Awards Coming Soon

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "Fight 'Til The End" (Rated PG-13 for Language)

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Anonymous said...

Kenny forgot about Gauntlet 3

Anonymous said...

Paula contradicted herself and made no sense when she said that it takes both parts of a team to win, then she says Landon dragged Carley through the final and that's how they won.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Paula. She is such an annoying bitch. Laurel wasn't wrong for attacking Paula she was wrong for how far she took it.

While Wes did cost Kenny $25,000 he also won him $25,000 because if Kenny had to go 1 on 1 in the rope climb jungle he would have lost to anyone except for maybe Mike.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Paula's best friend Johnny call Kellyanne an anorexic b*tch on the island? She never got mad over that?

Anonymous said...

Paula and Laurel teammates on a Rivals 2?
Even though they do not get along that would be a kick ass team.

Anonymous said...

I wish this podcast was just Kenny. Damn I can't stand Paula. I could rewatch Laurel going off on her all day long.

Mara said...

Paula is stupid. Kenny is funny. Still love Lauren.

Anonymous said...

Kenny shut up, Wes did carry you through the challenge, u fell off the hamock, you didnt grab the bar at zip line thing and u sucked on the rope challenge, ya any1 can climb a rope better than u, so therefore if u were on ur own u would have lost! If Wes wasnt on ur side he would have gone home? Ya right he could beat ur ass in a jungle,be more grateful, Kennys talking as if he got himself through the whole challenge. the final challenge is important but getting there is more important, wtf is the point of being good at finals if you cant fucking get there? And ya as if you would get rid of Evelyn, just like how it was so easy to get rid of her in the island! And calling her ugly is real nice, she's prettier than his bff Paula. Ev and Wes owned the whole house on FM2, if he didnt have Laurel he would ave been gone! And Paula you saying it's a team thing then you say Landon carried Carly and that's why they won? wtf, that makes no sense not to mention Kennys saying he carried Wes thro the final, so which one is it? a team or individual race? And no Kenny didnt have the final word in shit, Wes voted for Camilla and Kenny couldnt say shit and Wes always did all the talking. At least when Wes came on here and sounded respectful and made sense, he may sometimes act like a douche on the show but he's decent in real life, Kenny sounds like a retard all the time. Not to sound rude but you both sound like delusional dumbasses.

Anonymous said...

I love Paula. She is really and very open with who she is! I don't understand why people hate on her so much. Laurel is a disgusting person.

Anonymous said...

Paula is hilarious! I'm TEAMPAULA all the way. She totally deserved to win this one. She worked so hard and everyone needs to lay off of her. You people who think what laurel said was okay are just as bad as you think paula is.

Anonymous said...

Paula is my favorite and I really enjoyed this podcast. The reunion is going to be a shitshow. Can't fucking wait. D your podcasts are the best. Keep em coming. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Funny i didnt see Paula getting upset at Johnny when he called other girls aneroxic bitches on the island. In fact I recall her quite adamantly standing up for Johnny's behavior.

Laura may have destroyed the shit out of that hag Paula, but she wasnt the one that started it. If Paula had kept her mouth shut and not got into an argument between WES and Laura, as Laura specifically told her to two times, she wouldnt have gotten destroyed.

Anonymous said...

Paula sure doesn't know about the history of these challenges does she? Saying RR would have no chance? I'd say Abe, Darrel, Derrek, Mark Long, Theo, Jodi, Rachel is a pretty damn good team.

Anonymous said...

The argument that Laura went over the line is Bullshit... they both were engaging in insults.

If person A insults person B by saying F-U bitch, person A isnt the victim because the other person responds with a better/greater insult that causes tears.

And Paula, anorexia is a disease, but so is obesity, alcoholics, drug abuse, halitosis among others you yourself have made fun of! One of which you made a jape at in this very podcast.

Lastly please dont compare your anorexia to cancer. Anorexia is not even close to being in the same league as Cancer nor are they in any way comparable in terms of cause, effect and sheer cost of human lives. Comparing the two is just trivializing the millions of human lives lost to Cancer.

T said...

So happy for Paula! Though it took her so damn long, she won the biggest and baddest challenge this show has ever had. Laurel attacks people below the belt, which probably implies she doesn't know how to defend herself properly or form coherent arguments. I can't respect her for not being repentant about her unwarranted attack on Paula. Wes and Kenny shouldn't be mad at each other, Kenny wouldn't have made it to the final if it weren't for Wes, Wes punked out in the final. they both had shortcoming and both took turns carrying their team.

Anonymous said...

When you start insulting someone and someone responds with worst insults, that doesnt make you right, innocent or the victim - it just makes you look stupid.

Anonymous said...

If Ev and Wes were partners, and Kenny and Paula were partners..Hands down it goes to Wes and Ev.

Paula and Kenny sure can talk shit.

Anonymous said...

These podcast really make the episodes more interesting. It's great to have the cast "fill in the blanks," as Derrick says. I look forward to the podcast as much as the episodes each week.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, since she finally won, this will be Paula's last challenge. She's unbearable to watch. I believe one of the reasons the older (and they really are OLDER)dislike the Fresh Meat 2 girls is because they get more attention from the fans and attract better ratings. And, funny, if people have to ask if you are anorexic, then you're doing it wrong Paula! Paula doesn't look like she's missed any meals, so Paula shouldn't give Maria Menounos crap about not knowing if she really was anorexic. And Paula saying "hasn't seen been watching all the shows I've been on?" Well, that's the point, Paula, most people ignore you when you are on, because you are such a pain to watch. Not wishing any ill on you, Paula, but please get off MTV and stop ruining these shows for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Paula sucks and is full of shit. If she really thinks she didnt do anything to Cara Marie, why the fuck did she apologize on the aftershow?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. See how Paula is disliked? They didn't invited her to the reality event in Vegas. They make her fly herself. What a clinger. Give it up, walnuts.

Anonymous said...

Paula is the classless bitch, not Laurel.

I know the camera adds ten pounds, but there's no way anyone would ever call Paula "tiny." Paula is anything but "tiny."

I don't think Paula has anorexia, I think she's a hypochondriac that believes she has anorexia.
How do you say you have anorexia if you're still huge as Paula looks?

Anonymous said...

Surrounded by strangers that thought people that have anorexia looked smaller in size, not beached whales like Paula.

Go check into a mental hospital, Walnuts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, jeez, shut up, Paula and let Kenny talk to Derrick!!! Enough of this chick! It's like hearing nails on a chalk board.

Anonymous said...

I love how Derrick keeps forgetting Paula was at the Tough Mudder. Shows how forgettable she is to the other cast members.
Derrick steered the conversation back to the final, asked Kenny a question, Paula chimed in and it was total crickets...ha ha. Derrick just totally ignored what Paula said resumed talking to Kenny.

Anonymous said...

Laurel aka Larry, is a fake he-she bitch..Paula is a better competitor and social player than Larry will ever be..tell that ugly BIg Foot to go back to the forest and never go on your podcast or tv again...more Paula...she's amazing and I'm glad Jen put Larry in his place...Paula #1 ya ya.

Anonymous said...

Its so annoying how they talk so much shit about Laurel and how she attacked Paula and Big Easy.

Laurel has made it very clear that she only attacks and digs and people when they f*** with her. Big easy was rude to laurel and made fun of her acne and Paula started to make snarky comments!!!


DONT start sh** unless your prepared to deal with the consequences.

Anonymous said...

Kenny talked so much shit here but on the reunion he looked all buddy buddy with Wes, real typical. Took the "high road" ya right then you come here and say shit where he cant defend himself, if you say you've tried to bury the hatchet then wtf you digging it up here? Wes sounded like he moved on from the beef on his podcast. And according to Ev she said she has an issue with Derrick cause he talks shit about her. Which is true if you listen to the one with Robin. Kenny would not be able to get rid of Ev, Kenny cant even take Wes in a jungle, and no Pula was lucky to be with Ev not the other way round.Hell Paula dragged Ev down a bit, the hammock one, she swam slower than her in the 2nd swimming challenge, Ev won the ladder 1 and she jumped way farther in the 1st challenge even tho they DQd. And as some one said before if it was Ev/Wes vs Paula/Kenny in a jungle my moneys on Ev/Wes.

Anonymous said...

Have to confess I haven't listened to this podcast and don't intend to, but from the comments it's apparent Paula is still on her pity party. I'd like to point out Paula didn't start crying until Tyler came to her defense about Laurel insulting Paula for anorexia. Then Paula turned on the water works to play up the oh-so-innocent victim tormented and bullied, as she jumped on the bandwagon of the bunch who had been verbally bullying Cara Maria.

I believe Cara Maria is a water fountain herself (c'mon CT's dogging on Abram doesn't deserve tears). But she, unlike Paula, was harassed and bullied. Big difference. Cara Maria can pull the victim card.

Paula does it to deflect her offense (in gloating over another person's humiliation) while drawing sympathy from her defender. She lives on her insecurities.

Technically, anorexia is a disorder and not a disease. As others have pointed out, anorexia is nowhere equivalent to cancer which requires toxic drugs and/or surgery for treatment. Anorexia is more a self-esteem, perception issue, which Paula extended into getting boob implants. Shall we call her boob job a disease, too?

I highly doubt anorexia is even a concept in many countries where heavier weight is preferred. Yes, anorexia can be fatal with chronic starving but it's all self-induced unlike true diseases. I would not even liken anorexia to mental disorders that may be from birth like bipolar disorder, chronic depression and such.

Hopefully she'll live up to her words of retiring from the Challenge and take Johnny with her.

MJ Graham said...

I don't like to be punched in the face. This is why I don't practice the sport of boxing. Most people who don't like to be scrutinized generally avoid going on television and especially on reality television.

Having heard, seen and read a fair bit about Laurel's attacks on both Big EZ and Paula I can't help but feel as though in both instances they were generally fair.

Big EZ had already been responsible for losing a challenge final due to this size. A rational individual would've realized the gravity of their situation (literally) and done what was necessary to correct it. The author of this post has been both skinny, overweight, overweight again and skinny again. If you want to lose weight it is a very straightforward process: you wake up in the morning and run windsprints or do a circuit of push-ups, pull-ups and the like then break the fast (breakfast).

I want to clarify that I don't think ill of Big EZ as a fellow human but if he was a teammate of mine in an athletic competition I think pointing out his weight and motivation as potential downfalls is fair. As for the attractiveness points that Laurel made, that is a horse of a different color. If Big EZ had indeed been rude prior then I can understand without condoning why the comments were made. That being said attractiveness is subjective and acknowledging as much is something only the adults among us can do.

Moving to Paula: As a contributor to Caramaria's breakdown you simply cannot claim immunity. You certainly can claim that you were drunk and made a poor decision but in driving another human to tears you fundamentally open yourself up to criticism. Furthermore in being on a reality television show it is subtextually understood that people will be given license to scrutizine one's self.

Without having been present for these moments the author of this post openly acknowledges that he is commenting from a distance. This being acknowledged he would like to posit that from what he's seen Laurel's main problem is that she is tall, honest, the proud owner of a spine, comfortable in her own skin and attractive for it.

Anonymous said...

Laura may have taken it to another level, but Paula was the one who started it by first bullying CaraMarie and then compounding her mistake by mocking Laura instead of minding her own business.

Anonymous said...

OMG, she is so annoying. She deserved exactly what she got, dont dish it out if you can take it. you just got it handed back to you RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. Quit your whining already. oh yea... RETIRE

Anonymous said...

Derrick, if you read this:

I know you do this podcast for free (and for the fans). I believe you missed a great opportunity of having an awesome podcast.
I don't think that the anorexia-topic should have been discussed because it wasn't a big part of the whole Challenge. This is not Real World. Then, half of the podcast was the discussion about the final mission. It was interesting, but you could have used the time for several other points.

I also think that you could be a bit tougher on your guests. Paula wasn't really innocent. Kenny underperformed the whole season. You didn't really address these topics.

Ann said...

Somebody tell me where I can find Jenn because I want to punch that bitch.
Paula shut up and let Kenny talk.
I want a podcast with Evelyn she is the classiest girl in this challenges

Anonymous said...

I'm getting sick of seeing the same obnoxious alliance of Kenny, Johnny,& Evan with their lackeys like Paula that hand em' free votes that they'll screw over if they need to. Let's see how Kenny does when his best friends, that are on the same challenge every challenge, aren't there to give him a free ride.

Joan said...

In response to the last comment: To be fair kenny was alone on fresh meat II and he got second place. Evan was alone on the duel II and he won.
Bananas and Derrick never went to a final without their buddies...

Anonymous said...

kenny wasnt alone on fresh meat 2, having sarahs team, paulas team, jillians team, and kind of ryan and jenn is not going into it alone. he had darrell too until he screwed him over week 1. wes and evelyn played the game better and picked up all the votes in the house not in kennys alliance and owned that house and if not for laurel being with kenny he would have been in the elimination every week sending his own alliance home or going home.

evan alligned himself with mark and brad and he had paula, diem etc so he wasnt alone either.

Anonymous said...

Just a reminder to Paula..get off TV. You're still WALNUTS! Go check yourself voluntarily into a mental institution and never come out.
You are the most unlikable person to ever appear on MTV, and that's including the teen moms and the Jersey Shore cast.
Get off my TV, Paula, and stay gone.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say, once again, thanks to Derrick for doing these podcasts. They're really entertaining and they really give a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges.
Having said that, please, no more Paula, ever.

Joan said...

When I said that kenny and evan were alone I was refering without their usual "alliance". They aligned with other teams because thats what you need to do to win, but if you remember they werent on their comfort zone like in challenges where they were with their usual alliance. On the Duel II a lot of people wanted Evan out and the same thing with Kenny on Fresh Meat. They still did a good game without their usual buddies.

Phwoar said...

I keep coming back to see if Evelyn's going to be on the next one. lol

I think the next podcast should be Wes and Ev.

Anonymous said...

Haven't Ev, Kenny and Derrick won challenges together before? I can think of two. Kenny and Ev practically won the Gauntlet 3 together.

Anonymous said...

Lol @Phwoar!

Ev's only on the screen for like two seconds an episode, but I don't know if I could watch a Challenge without Ev. Her Island performance, then her standing up for her bud on Ruins. Love her.

Anonymous said...

ev would be the most winning champion tied with darrell if she didnt quite the ruins most likely and would have been part of the trhee in a row with derrick and kenny, kind of funny. 2 of the 3 they have won ev won and all 3 she was on there team

Anonymous said...

Evelyn is awesome, she would be great guest to have on because she's very level headed. BUT WES?! HECK NO. I'd enough of this guy for this season. I couldn't bare the thought. I'll pass, just like I passed on Tyler's podcast and barely passed on Paula's.

Anonymous said...

Bring CT and Adam! I vote for a gas station/chicken wing podcast! Adam King is one of the greatest, more genuine people on these shows. I really like him.

Anonymous said...

My fantasy teams for RW/RR/FM challenge:
The Miz

"Drunk" Dan

Cara Maria

(Yeah, I didn't put Laurel, suck it.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah get Wes and Evelyn on!!!!! I know Wes acted like a douche on the show but on his podcast he was really chill. And he had a lot to say which was good cause I wana hear all the thought that was behind everything, And Ev is pretty awesome and says it like it is, she needs to come on and rip Kenny a new one for dissing her on this 1.

Anonymous said...

I still don't get how Kenny and Laurel lost Fresh Meat 2. Is Landon just that good? Is it because Kenny made Laurel carry the 80lb bag a lot of the time when none of the other girls did? Landon had to carry everything the whole time and literally push Carley's fat ass up the mountain and he still won. I don't get it. Derrick I need you to get to the bottom of this!

Anonymous said...

As much smack as the JEK jackasses talk about CT picking on guys either smaller than him (which very few are his size anyway) or gay, Johnny and Kenny habitually belittle women as nearly worthless unless they are mindless lemmings to their whims (e.g. Paula and Jenn).

I've heard all of them say that the women on the Challenges are nothing but pathetic, lonely and needy (which may be true). But from the JEK track record, they aren't immune to making out or having sex with those women. Hard to be preachy from the gutter, isn't it?

It's a wonder any of them has a girlfriend when they seem more turned on by all the homoerotic pranks they pull on each other, especially Johnny with repeatedly pulling underwear off of Tyler and Kenny slapping Tyler's naked ass.

Those guys could seriously use industrial strength Windex to clean their mirrors. Then, maybe they'll see a clear reflection of themselves and how they come off. They are too full of themselves to be ripping on CT and the female contestants with a passion.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Landon is just that good. He is the best competitor EVER on these challenges. He dominated nearly every challenge on the Duel 2 and if not for Brads fluke (tho crafty) win in that ring elimination, he would've won the Duel instead of Evan.

Oh and Puala sucks.

Anonymous said...

Ditto on Landon being that good, and especially on Paula sucking...can't stand her.

Lara said...

I wanna marry Landon! A Landon podcast would be awesome!!!
Ev has to do a podcast, she is awesome.

JJobbe said...

Agree with Lara lets get a Landon Podcast. Hes the most athletic, nicest, and best guy in Challenge history.

Anonymous said...

Now what exactly was the point in adding that screenshot of Wes' tweet? Are you trying to start shit? If I wanted to see Wes' tweets I would go check out his twitter.

Anonymous said...

Start shit? Shit had already been started. Wes twitter's is full of it. If the jerk of the challenges is for show, then it seems Wes has taken the show down to Twitter. He's not looking good.

Parker said...

I'm shocked that so many people are defending Laurel. I thought her behaviour was undefendable! She has demonstrated on multiple challenges now, how mean-spirited and callous she is. I can't think of another cast member I've hated more. Even Wes seems like an angel in comparison to Laurel. Mark my workds, this won't be the last time she has to apologize on a reunion special.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how derrick always reminds everyone how he beat abram and posts the youtube yet flips out like a 12 year old girl when wes does it once to him.

Anonymous said...

Paula sucks

Anonymous said...


I've only really cared for analyzing the skill of the dudes on these challenges, so here's a list of 15 competitors for the guys cast:
Lando Commando
Johnny B
Mark Long
C muthaf%ck*n T

Anonymous said...

Since this topic has ventured into the fantasy Challenge cast, I'd like to throw in my 2 cents.

I've checked out the Nielsen ratings for all the episodes of the Rivals season and it's evident that all the drama and fights are over-rated. They don't draw the big audience as much as MTV or the producers like to believe. Instead, the episodes featuring the huge blow-ups were underwhelming in the ratings, even the one with CT and Wes (which I have to admit I did find amusing with CT's hyperbolic and figurative one-liner threats).

The episodes that pulled in the best numbers (besides the premiere) were the much-anticipated head-to-head contest between CT and the members of the revolting JEK band. And the finale was a ratings success. Those results indicate that the viewers are attracted by a good, intense competition (and certainly not walkovers like the teams Wes and Kenny went against or Laurel and Cara Maria against Jonna and Jasmine).

Can you imagine the pay-per-view audience for a match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquaino (sp?)? I haven't been much of a boxing fan since maybe Roy Jones, Jr. but even I would be intrigued by that match-up.

So with all of that said, I hope Bunim Murray will tailor the next Challenge to feature the top "dawgs" - whether of the past, current or potential cast. Enough with the potted plants such as Katelynn, Robin, Jenn, etc.

At least with Katie, she's such a self-aware straight-shooter, she added a necessary antidote to all the political machinations in the games. Plus, she wasn't such a chicken in avoiding the elimination rounds, unlike Jenn. It was actually refreshing to see the old-school cast unafraid to volunteer to go into the elimination (regardless of if that strategy was wise).

Further, spare us of some of the hookups. My tv and eyes could have been spared of the make-out sessions between Mike and Paula or Adam and Jenn. Paula is so revolting and Adam is such a social nerd (which even his BFF, Kenny, described him as), I don't ever need to see them exchanging saliva with anyone.

Well, there is a general consensus who the top competitors are in CT (possibly the best all-around athlete in the Challenge arena), Landon, Alton, Abram, Evan (pre-pregnant phase) and Darrell. But Frank (from Real World Las Vegas) is often over-looked among them. I would argue he's the best competitor because of his unique (relative to the rest of the Challenge cast) combination of smarts and athleticism.

He's not hindered by puzzles, unlike the other top competitors. And he uses that intelligence to come out ahead of guys bigger than he in strength contests (as with MJ in Force Field).

I thought he was a bit of a dork in Real World Las Vegas, but that trait was endearing in Gauntlet 3. To me, he was the most entertaining member in that season.

Anyway, it would be great if Bunim Murray could put all those guys together, even if they increase the incentive in appearance fee for them. As for the girls, BM seems to favor the pretty girls or emotionally unstable ones for the potential melodramatic stories or hookups. But it would be much welcomed to see strong athletes in line with Evelyn, Jillian (another under-rated contestant) and Laurel.

Make it happen please!

Anonymous said...

I wish Paula could have shut up a little bit more and let Kenny speak... I wanted to hear from Kenny and annoying Paula kept talking over him.

Please have Kenny back WITHOUT Paula.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no one wants to hear from Paula any more.
Please redo that last podcast with just Kenny.

Anonymous said...

OMG I dont think I can bare to watch another challenge with Paula on it. I actually wanted her to win because I felt bad for her but damn is she fucking annoying.

RoadRulesFan4Life said...

Derrick love your podcast man! Ive talked to a bunch of people who listen and we all think you need to start bringing back some old time cast members. Lets bring back a TIMMY, OR DARRELL, OR THEO VON or guys like that, who used to dominate and were good entertainment. I would love to listen to those convos!!! Regardless keep it up man!