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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/ Tyler | MTV the Challenge: Rivals

Aug 17, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Tyler of MTV the Challenge: Rivals
Produced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com


We've got the CutThroat M.V.P. and the only guy who has faced C.T. in an elimination round twice,besides Johnny Bananas. It's so interesting to see Johnny and Tyler go against C.T. again after they faced him in the last challenge. The irony never ceases to amaze me on these shows. If you really wanna hear juicy Real World/Challenge gossip,this is the podcast you want to be listening to. Tyler definitely has the inside scoop and gives an explanation about some of these characters like no other guest has given us. I feel lucky to be able release this stuff. Tyler joins us just a few days after The Rivals Reunion Show. We tease the Reunion and talk about the highest rated Challenge Episode since "The Duel 2." Congrats to Bunim-Murray and a big "Cheers" to many more challenges.

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-CutThroat M.V.P.
-Rivals Reunion Show Teaser
-Going against C.T. AGAIN
-Johnny's "Loud-Mouth"
-Zombies in the Night
-Cara Maria,Paula,Laurel,
-Pouring pop on peoples heads
-Wes playing everyone like a violin
-Tyler vs. Team Rookie
-Reality Check at The Reunion

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Derrick Kosinski Podcast
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Anonymous said...

Derrick, your voice is always so loud compared to your guest's. Just FYI

Elisabetta said...

Does Tyler not know this is a game? I love Tyler, but it really annoys me when he starts talking bad about Wes. I mean this is Game, of course Wes is going to talk people in to keeping him and Kenny safe. It amazes me that people get so mad over it. And Wes deserves to be there, Kenny has done nothing to contribute to the team. Wes has to do everything by himself. He has won a challenge, and gone into two eliminations, and won!!!. I am tired of hearing so much negativity towards Wes. It is a GAME, he is there to win money! Every one on the show takes it so personally

Elisabetta said...

and... I dont see the big deal about pouring coke on someone. Its not like he poured bleach on her, its not like he spit on her, and its not like he hit her. IT'S COKE. everyone in the house had a food fight and Wes poured Coke on her, and now he is viewed as the bad guy? oh and Johnny threw a water bottle at Cara Maria's head, but no one seems to notice that...

Anonymous said...

A climber to compete with and possibly beat Alton. That would be crazy to see.

Anonymous said...

This podcast was GREAT. One of the most informative on here. Tyler gave a great interview. And Derrick actually did a good job interviewing this time.

I kind of buy what Tyler was saying about Cara Maria though. I think she may be a sweet girl and I know everyone wants to take her side because they all root for the underdog, but I think there is something to her being fake. Her own boyfriend thinks she's fake. She seems to just want attention probably because she never got it in high school.

I like that Tyler admitted that Wes and Paula were wrong too, not just Laurel. And it was nice to hear the background of what was going on with the voting because on tv it just looks like Tyler is whining and we don't see what Wes was up to.

Anonymous said...

Elisabetta, you are just in love with Wes. You're a Wes groupie. The guy is a slimebag and he was wrong for pouring something on Cara Maria to begin with. They weren't even cool to the point where it was a joke. He did it to be mean. Stop making excuses for him. He's a slimeball who even throws his best friends under the bus on the shows.

Anonymous said...

Wow someone needs to ask Cara Maria about what Tyler says she does with guys off Craig List. That's creepy and weird and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

just started the podcast, a couple of minutes in. just have to say this for what ever reason it bother me and you do it all the time. we are listeners, we arent viewers.

Anonymous said...

conspiracy theory here, but it really looked like the final challenge was rigged to have ct get the slowest time and leroy the fastest.

ElisaBetta said...

I do agree with Tyler that CM was laughing at the beginning when Wes poured the coke on her, it seems like she was debating on laughing or making a big deal about, but when Paula told her: you're wet and look stupid and started to laugh at her i think that's what tipped her off! I don't know just an opinion!

Anonymous said...


We can all hear you very loud & clear but your guests are always more difficult to hear, especially on this podcast.

Anonymous said...

First Derrick now CT, Tyler's on an elimination hot streak.

Anonymous said...

Tyler's years are wayyy off. RWKW was less than 8 years ago Gauntlet 3 was later than '06. His hiatus was only 1.5 years.

Anonymous said...

I loveee Rachel! But when Derrick said he was gonna have an open Lesbian, I really thought it was gonna be Ev.

Anonymous said...

So Cara was laughing at the beginning of the soda pouring? Then why did she cry about it later? Come on girl, you never heard of a food fight? And I find it funny how people are so stupid that they believe/do whatever he says, then go and blame him for it. No you're all just idiots.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elisabetta a.k.a crazy Wes fan,

here's just 1 Wes quote from a prior podcast (Mark Long & Brandon)..

Wes: "I feel like I am a member of an exclusive club but everyone in it is beneath me... (Wes goes on to tell Derrick how he doesn't know how that past quote could've come outta his mouth)...but if you think about it Derrick, we are in that club and I am better."

Anonymous said...

CT and Adam won two missions and so did Leroy's team wtf is Tyler talking about.

brent said...

Johnny threw a bottle at Laurel, not Cara Maria

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm a fan of Kenny's, the only thing I hope for the final is that Kenny/Wes are in a position to win and Wes causes them to lose/gases out, just to shut these Wes lovers up.

Bula said...

I have to say that I was pretty disappointed in Tyler and I lost a lot of respect for him the last episode. It seems like he's getting a big ego, and he's feeling entitled to a free ride bc he's a vet. This podcast helped to clear a couple of things up, but I feel like most of it was just excuses.

The thing that bothers me the most on this show is how people can't stay out of other people's fights. I can understand if you have a legitamate point to add, but all this "he's my friend so i'm gonna defend him" bs is ignorant. So let me get this straight.. bc he's your friend, hes always right? Sorry but I've never had any respect for Paula. By ganging up on Cara u just made Wes and evry1 else involved look weak bc he can't fight the battle THAT HE STARTED by himself.

I understand that everyone is drunk but I think the reason that the viewers get so fired up is that we hold people like Tyler and Derrick to a higher standard. So when someone like Johnny throws a bottle we're like whatever he's an ass. But when Tyler is jumping into arguments that hes ignorant about and whining about being in an elimination round.. we get irritated, bc honestly we thot u were better.

I wish they'd bring back Landon tho. That kid is a class act (and not too hard to look at lol)

Anonymous said...

I like Landon too but I feel like he's not the guy that they're going to call initially because of the reasons you listed as to why you like him. He's mature, calm, quiet, classy, and plays the game like an athlete not a game show contestant. They want the obnoxious people who do slimy stuff. Derrick wasn't on the initial cast list for Cutthroat probably for that reason...the guy has the heart of a lion, but that's what you watch professional athletes for, not reality show contestants. How else would we explain Shauvon getting the initial invite, but not Derrick?
Even Kenny on this challenge...he hasn't brought much to the table in terms of drama, has seriously toned down the "Mr. Beautiful" routine and, if anything, he's been one of the peacemakers during the fights. That's not want Bunim Murray and MTV want or expect out of him.
(To the above poster...I'm not disagreeing with anything you said...just venting about how I felt about this stuff and your Landon comment set me off b/c I agree with it...at least the class act portion because I don't swing that way).

Anonymous said...

These podcasts need Ev. Forget Rachel, get everyone's favorite Challenge lesbian.

Anonymous said...

I love tyler and I think he is real. Yes he can be a little dramatic but he's grown up a lot since his season. KeyWest was my favorite season so of course I love Paula,Johnny, and Tyler. But Laurel's wrong about what she said to Paula and Tyler is right you don't make fun of someone's illness. It isn't right. Watching Paula on her season and now watching her is amazing how much she has grown and thats why I can't believe Laurel would even try to bring her back there. (Got off topic a little but I wanted to say that)
But I think what Tyler said about CaraMaria was true. You can tell by the way she acts over twitter/ustream/formspring that there is something we don't see on t.v. We don't know the real her and I think her true colors with show. She isn't as innocent as we all think. I think she deserves some of the shit that has happen to her in the house. Noone deserves the coke thing though because its just immature and I don't even know why he did that. But it seemed like Cara thought it was funny but then decided to make it a big deal so she would get sympathy. She loves to play victim.

Also most podcasts with Derrick and just one another person have been awkward but this one was very good. Good Job Derrick and Happy belated birthday (:

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with what Laurel said to Paula. The only reason it's getting so much attention is because once again Paula is playing the victim. On The Island Johnny called Kelly Anne an anorexic bitch and no cared AT ALL. Kelly Anne had also suffered from eating disorders in the past but she was able to hold her own with Johnny. Tyler is friends with Jenn and that's all I need to know about him. As someone who was at the reunion taping let's just say Jenn was a complete hot mess and that's putting it lightly. Tyler jumping in to defend her was laughable.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry call me a bad person but I thought it was hilarious when Johnny threw the water bottle at Laurel. I was laughing out loud because it is just something Johnny would do. You all can say whatever to me but I thought it was funny.

But on aside note kenny has been pretty boring this season:( He always has really funny interviews and shit and he hasn't been shown much. He has def matured a lot and I think he has just grown up because he has a really serious girlfriend now and doesn't really give a shit about the drama anymore. I still love Mr beautiful though :)

Anonymous said...

If people think that it was okay for Laurel to say something about Paula's eating disorder are on crack. Noone I mean NOONE should make fun of someone's illness. I don't give a shit who it is, it shouldn't happen.

Honestly have people seen Paula's season and see what she went through. She doesn't play the victim by any means. I guess KellyAnne is a stronger person than Paula then because if I were Paula, I would have cried to.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, you people are ridiculous. He poured it on her to be cruel, not as part of a food fight. And also, Cara said that Tyler was chewing his food, spitting it into his hand and throwing it at her.

He's a pathetic, drama queen burnt Yam looking asshole.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Derrick for not trashing Cara Maria. The only people that say anything negative about Cara Maria are the people who bullied her this entire season and look bad so they want to try to make themselves look better by saying "there's so much we don't see with her." I don't buy it.

Tyler is the meanest, bitchiest girl on these challenges. I hope he doesn't come back.

Erica J said...

i can understand Tyler's point that it was a joke about the whole pouring pop on Cara Maria, Wes thing. but here's by beef with that: it was a joke at first but when Wes realized he had crossed the line with Cara Maria, he started talking abut how much he hates her and was being really mean- it was the words he said! that hits close to home with me, because i have been bullied growing up- remember the flour babies we had to do? yep, threw right on my head - i was drenched in freaking flour! and i laugh about it now even and guess what? i laughed about it then- how could you not laugh it off?

im sorry but Paula is wrong- i would have been really offended if I was Cara Maria when Paula was being mean to me in Wes's defense. Paula is wrong!!! I know i have some skeletons in my closet and if anyone tried to throw it in my face after i was making fun about someone and bullying them- I think i probably deserve
paula "people know where they can go with me" so what about where you can go with other people? dont cross that line if your not ready to hear it back!!! i like Paula, but she was wrong

if I was you tyler, i would have probably been freaking out about the piano!!

Anonymous said...

Like that person said about Kelly Anne. A GROWN ASS MAN called her an anorexic bitch but that's okay? It only would be horrible if Kelly Anne had cried about it? Hypocrites...

Paula and Tyler need to never come back on a challenge, pleaaaaseeee.

Erica J said...

is it true that johnny bananas is suing hbo because of johnny banana's on entourage??? WE NEED ANSWERS!

Anonymous said...

you people are so annoying. you all always bring shit up years ago about what johnny did on the island. were talking about rivals here. not the island.

Anonymous said...

Team wes alll the wayyyy!! Ya he shouldn't have poured the soda on Cara Maria but he did and she laughed about it like if they were just playing around. Then she wants to cry about it. Make up your mind. Sure everyone's quick to start calling Wes an asshole, right away cause everyone loves to hate on Wes. How about when Evan, Johnny and Kenny use to pick on Tonya and Marie in the past challenges to the point were they would be crying. Then they are assholes too. Prob. Even bigger assholes because they would do it often. I think everyone has their favorite castmate so they are going to stick up for the ones they like and are going to put down the ones they don't. As for me I'm TEAM WES allll the wayyy. Or like all his haters like to call him TEAM FIRE CROTCH <3

Bula said...

Well most shows have the good guys and the bad guys. Except that this one is full of people that hate eachother. For the next one I would like to see them mix it up and throw in some people that we like to root for. It's pretty crazy when Laurel is the viewers choice.. People like Landon, Derrick, Alton, Emily.. they're so likeable and good competators. I know its not professional sports but who wants to watch a bunch of shmucks like Shauvon and Kaitlyn do anything athletic. They're just annoying. I get what you're saying tho.

Even tho I can't stand Wes, He's at least entertaining and athletic, I'll give him that. I'm not saying he shouldn't be on the show, I'm saying that people shouldn't fill this kid's head with the illusion that he's ever been right about anything.

Anonymous said...

^^^ I meant to say Tonya and Katie not Tonya and Marie oops

Lana said...

I want the classiest woman on the house on this podcast Evelyn. She has been really mature! Love her

Anonymous said...

Derick what the fuck, make tyler check someone. i dont get why this was supposed to be a good podcast. boringggg

Elise said...

Just wondering...even though Wes is a douchebag while on challenges (yes i know its a game) is he like that in real life?

Mz said...

ROFL at whoever said Tyler and Johnny beat CT. CT got his balls in first before everyone. Even Wes knew the only way to beat CT is via Adam and that's exactly what Johnny and Tyler did.

Anonymous said...

Elisabetta, pouring a coke on a white outfit, like Cara Maria was wearing, ruins the outfit; permanently stained. Why is Wes pouring anything on girls? Isn't Wes pushing 30 years of age? He claims he dislikes Cara Maria because she's immature...like pour a drink on someone's head is the mature thing to do.
I think the reason why Wes, Paula, and the rest of the aging Challenge Veterans dislike Cara Maria is because she gets positive responses from viewers and, therefore, more attention and camera time.
The reason why the ratings for the challenges has been declining is because viewers are tired of seeing the same group of people every time. Less Evan, Johnny, Wes, Kenny, Tyler, Evelyn, Paula, and Jenn ...more Leroy, Cara Maria, Laurel, Brandon...get some people from the last RW:NO cast...or bring back vets we haven't seen in a while, like Coral, I'd love to see Coral again.

F.J said...

Hey Tyler/Derrick,

not everyone reacts the same, assumed way to things like pouring a 2 litre on someone's head. It's called being in shock &/or a laugh off defense mechanism. Here's another reaction disparity - most males don't respond the same way to other male genitalia!

Also, yeah Tyler does take up/defend his friends. Here's another example - At the club, Jenn was in Cara's face grabbing her arms, Tyler knocked Cara's hat right off her head.

Ashley said...

D, you're one of my favorite people in challenge history and I enjoy this podcast, but I have to say that when it comes to hosting sometimes less is more. I like your insights but sometimes you're a little redundant or you'll go off and unintentionally hammer a point to death.

That said, thanks for doing these because it's great to have the cast members clear things up. I think this podcast with Tyler was great. He's one of my favorites on the show and I'm glad that you're providing a forum for discussion of homosexuality.

And finally, please have Kenny back! I'd like to hear what he has to say when all is said and done. One on one would be great because if he's with Johnny it winds up being Johnny who monopolizes the conversation.

JJobbe said...

Hope the next challenge is the duel but make it duel 3 all stars.

They should have a stacked cast like Landon, Alton, Mark, Derrick K, C.T, Evan, and Darrell.

Girls should be Evelyn, Laurel Susie, Kelly Anne, Jodi, Rachel Robinson. Just an idea.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous wrote:
Honestly, I think people like humanity and kindness more than evil and conniving when it comes to "reality."

I agree and would extend that viewpoint to life in general. We love the underdogs, we love heroes and we value the Golden Rules, don't we?

The overwhelming sentiment that I've gathered from blogs and forums about the Challenge: Rivals aligns with you.

Lee Roy, one of the more real and down-to-earth contestants, became the favorite (along with CT, the underdog thanks to the repulsive JEK alliance). His endearing relationship with Mike was a charming story (though I could have done without Mike's make-out sessions with Paula or Adam's with Jenn - triple vomit to piggyback off of Tyler's commentary).

Meanwhile, the Mob was roundly loathed, especially the worst of the jackasses in Johnny. If Mike and Lee Roy weren't still in the finale, I would highly doubt the audience could stomach the competition with just the JEK teams (and not taking into account all that needless puking). I mean, just a minority was rooting for either Johnny/Tyler or Kenny/Wes. Kenny has his fans because they think he's good-looking and funny (mildly amusing to me) but his association with Johnny still makes him a dick.

Is it any coincidence the worst ratings for the Challenge series involved the infestation of the game by the JEK plague? I wish the MTV and the advertising powers that be would recognize that fact. They do not make for good television - CT does.

And I hope they analyze the popular episodes and conclude that the high drama of fights don't necessarily draw in the viewers. Just because Jersey Shore is MTV's most popular series with 8 or 9 million viewers doesn't mean that depravity rules. With a US population of 300 million (don't know the actual number of potential tv viewers), 9 million hardly represents the masses.

Anonymous said...

what Wes did was wrong and down right awful! and Paula added fuel to the fire which was NOT a good idea!!! the whole situation was downright cruel and unacceptable. and yes Johnny thew a waterbottle at Laurel... thats Bananas for ya. anyways this was a very good podcast thanks Tyler and Derrick