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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/ Abe, Laurel & Cara Maria | MTV the Challenge: Rivals

Aug 11, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Abe, Laurel & Cara Maria of MTV the Challenge: Rivals
Produced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com

"A Ride Through The Jungle"
MTV Challenge Abe MTV Challenge Laurel, Cara MariaRemember when C.T. snapped and told Cara Maria,"You're boyfriend's a punk!! You can tell him I said it?!" Well,we've told him and we have a response. Abe starts off the podcast by telling us what adventure he's on now and what he thinks about C.T.'s recent rivals comment. On top of that,Cara Maria and Abe sound like they might be getting into a little argument because of it. Once again,the drama continues and the challenge gaps are filled in. We continue the show hearing what's been on Cara Maria's mind and find out why people continue to attack her. Laurel dominates as she does every challenge and BLASTS everyone in our final segment. Team Ultimate Challenge Radio

- Laurel on Twitter (@LaurelStucky)
- Cara Maria on Twitter (@MissCaraMaria)
- Derrick Kosinki's Twitter (@DerrickMTV)

-Abe responds to C.T.'s "You a Punk" comment
-Laurel's Relationship with C.T.
-Jenn and her "Cronies"
-Cara Maria's strengths and weaknesses
-Being on the other side of "The Jenn"
-Kicking and Slapping
-Pittsbugh's Boxing Promo
-Cara Maria blasts Wes
-Laurel blasts "The Gang"/Super Alliance

"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski Podcast, Ultimate Challenge Radio, MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  "A Ride Through The Jungle" Podcast (Rated PG-13 for Language)

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If you were trapped in a FIRE,who would you want to come and save you
A. Wes = 4%
B. C.T. = 51%
C. Abe = 22%
D. Johnny = 7%
E. Leroy = 23%


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Anonymous said...

I like Laurel and Cara Maria but could they stop saying "like" in every other sentence?

Oh and Abram is quite the hypocrite. He doesn't watch the show but he'll participate in the show. If you think it's a low point in civilization I'd say being on it is worse than watching it at home...

I do understand what he's saying because there is a great deal of senseless drama and embarrassing behavior but don't act like you're so far above it when you were on the show.

Danielle said...

So much respect for Laurel after last night's episode. Sticking up for a person who she previously hated. Also, big props to Cara for standing up to Jenn and trying to admit when she's wrong. SN: Laurel calling Wes "fire crotch" was the funniest thing i've ever seen on a challenge!

Clara said...

About the podcast poll question, I would want Kenny to come and save me!!!!

Kara said...

Favorite parts of the podcast: Pretty much every part where things were explained that didn't get shown on camera or were shown in a different light. It's always cool to hear the actual first-person portrayal of what happened as opposed to what a bunch of producers choose to air on television. I also thought it was very interesting and surprising that C.T. and Cara Maria actually see each other around pretty often! Boston is a beautiful city, and I'm jealous. How about them B's taking that cup this year?! My boys.

Anyways, I kind of wanted to touch on something that wasn't really brought very much in this podcast. I feel like the whole Paula-Laurel incident isn't being taken as seriously as it should be. Yes, Paula was "poking" at Laurel and teaming up on Cara Maria before the whole altercation on the couch, but calling someone out for a disease like anorexia is just... completely out of line. Everyone says things that they don't mean in the heat of the moment, but for Laurel to not seem to be any bit of sorry about it bums me out to the core. I have a lot of respect for Laurel in these challenges, but when things like that come out of someone's mouth, it makes it really hard to hold that respect. I feel like it was a huge slap in the face to not only Paula, an anorexia survivor, but girls out there living with the disease every day. What about girls with anorexia that watch the show? How do you think that feels? I don't know. Maybe talking about it and bringing it back up is just a waste of time, but I don't really understand why it was just brushed under the rug like it was. Like it was said, an apology isn't needed if the person's not sorry. I just hope that Laurel acknowledges how many girls actually watch this show and look up to her and that saying things like that is hurtful and ignorant, to not only people on the show, but to people who view it as well.

On a lighter note, I don't think the "Reality Check" name should change! I like it! I think I like it better than "Reality Blast" too. An idea for a new name might be something like, "Your Last Words" or something comedic like "Hammer Time". Fuck, I don't know. Lol.

Anyways, wish I lived anywhere near Pittsburgh. That boxing deal sounds sick. All of my friends are in Philly for This is Hardcore this weekend. All types of cool things happening in Pennsylvania this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love Laurel & Cara Maria. It was so funny how Laurel called Wes a fire crotch. Wes is a punk for picking a fight with a girl.

Anonymous said...

I love them!!!
also I dont really think Laurel was at fault for yelling at Paula. Everyone in the house was being so cruel to Cara, and Laurel just OWNED all of them. wes looked like a scared little boy and paula got what was coming to her

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but it is disappointing that you would have Laurel on again. I know its wrong to talk shit about someone you don't know, but I think Laurel is a two-face, mean, and an overall bad person. She thinks she's the shit because she does well in the challenges. I would like to possibly be on the Challenge one day, but I hope never with the bitch, Laurel.

Anonymous said...

I think this podcast was recorded before the Wes/ColaHead/Cara incident, and the Paula/Laurel thing. Too bad, I would have loved to hear their thoughts on this current episode too.

Anonymous said...

Laurel did nothing wrong. She stuck up for her friend. Paula didn't take a hint and was having so much fun making fun of Cara Maria when Wes started it. As much as I want to support Paula, she has been so flakey on these challenges and her whole agreeing with Wes and acting like he's the funniest thing on the earth was just silly. Wes and Paula both got what was coming, and if Paula wasnt going to shut up with regular insults, Laurel did what was needed to shut her up. I didn't feel bad for her just like she didn't feel bad for Cara Maria who did nothing wrong.

Anonymous said...

Love the podcasts, but this is one i couldn't listen more then 20 minutes of Laurel voice is ANNOYING.

Anonymous said...

Derrick totally missed the opportunity to let Laurel know what Jenn was saying about her on the podcast. Jenn made a huge accusation that it was Laurel who instigated the Jenn/Cara fight by whispering in Jenn's ear that Cara hates her and hyping it up. Not good hosting work, Derrick.

Anonymous said...

Its very obvious that Derrick likes Jenn more then these two.Derrick needs to be more neutral

Anonymous said...

I dont want to say that verbally attacking someone is ok, BUTTTT Wes and paula started it laurel was just defending cara maria and killed them with words.

Anonymous said...

Im so proud of Laurel

Anonymous said...

Laurel is AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

i dont know what it is about derrick lately but hes really starting to annoy me. I think its because its the first time we have ever been on different sides of the arguments. I dont understand how people arent on Caras side

Anonymous said...

Jenn deserved all of those comments. If she hadnet acted like an idiot on national t.v. people would still like her

Anonymous said...

Derrick you need to be nicer to your guests

Anonymous said...

Mr. Derrick Kosinski your making me not like you.

Anonymous said...

I think its really sad that Paula has had a tumultuous past, that being said shes on a reality show, everything shes been through has been put out for the world to see, so she cant really be that upset about laurel saying those things to her

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

paula is a terrible human being

Anonymous said...

I think this whole podcast was a bit of a mess. Advice:
Don't let people talk without giving them a good question - the beginning was horrible - it was like I accidentally overheard my neighbors phone call. We don't really want to know what is Abram doing in his spare time - if you want to talk to him call him privately on the phone. Another thing, get some good questions before podcast, these just looked like laurel and Cara Maria talking what ever they wanted. You can ask your fans to send you some questions, and then you pick, you will see what people want to hear.
Second..this has nothing to do with you Derrick...Cara Maria and Abram - what kind of relationship is that if your only conversations are over the facebook or radio? Get yourself together and talk privately, I kinda felt like voyager listening to you - not a good feeling.
Advice for Cara Maria: I really do like you and you're my favorite along with Roylee, but girl don't talk about some things with your fans...like your relationship with Abram or some other private stuff - you have to keep some things private. And as much as I dislike Jenn.. you shouldn't have mention her private life (her dad) on radio - it's just not right.Hope you take the advice love.
Laurel, Laurel don't know what to think about her yet, except that I was glad someone stood up for Cara but I kinda think if Cara wasn't her partner she would be the worst and the first to bully her.
All I can hear is that Cara has flaws and that is why everyone bully's her...omg she is the person with most humanity there and goodness, and that is what we viewers see and that is why we like her! I really don't see her flaws on TV but I see the flaws of everyone else!!Laurel you have much more flaws than Cara Maria!

BringBackAlton said...

-laurel berates big EZ over his weight
-wes berates cara maria over her horse
-laurel berates paula over her weight
-CT berates wes over who knows what
-jen berates everyone
-mandi bereates laurel over CT
-laurel berates mandi over CT

objectively speaking, they all come off looking like pretty horrible human beings.

Anonymous said...

these podcasts used to be good

Anonymous said...

I love them both <3

Derrick your rude

Anonymous said...

of course abe doesn't care what ct said, what is he going to do. CT would put him in his back PAWKETTT

Anonymous said...

^^ I don't know. Abram is probably the one person that's more insane than CT. CT may have the brawn, but Abram is a creative crazy person when he wants to be. It would be an epic fight. LOL

Anonymous said...

I gotta ride for my nigga Wes. Derrick and all these other guys ain't got shit on Wes. Abe and CT are okay. Derrick, Johnny, Kenny, Evan are all whack. If we say 72 guys have competed on a challenge here's how I'd rank them:

1. Wes
2a. CT
2b. Abe
2c. Alton
2d. Darrell
5. The Miz
6. Leroy
7. Ty
8. Mike Mike

31. Ryan Kehoe

45. Chet

58. Nick Brown

69. Evan
70. Kenny
71. Derrick
72. Johnny

Anonymous said...

Seems like Wes is writing anonymous messages in the comments section... Now the thought of Wes being called a "nigga" by ANYONE is what astounds me the most. Nigga? Um, no. Fire crotch? More likely.

Anonymous said...

If anything Derick was too nice to them. He wasn't rude at all, Cara and her fans play the victim constantly and laurel is seriously just a lunatic.

Anonymous said...

Damn I love Laurel. Watching her completely OWN Wes and Paula was a thing of beauty. Paula plays the victim every friggen challenge and sits back and picks on people while being protected by the "mob". She can dish it out but can't take it at all. Wes is such a useless, ugly little ginger. If Kenny wasn't his partner he would have been the first one off Rivals.

Anonymous said...

Laurel and Kara Maria are the hottest girls on this show so I liked them immeditely just for that, but this past episode just cemented my love

Anonymous said...

I know Derrick said for u and Cara not to read the comments Laurel, but its obvious u like CT still. U know u like him, he is ur perfect match. So he has a g/f at the moment. Tell him how u feel, dont not talk. u guys can talk as friends, and if he is ever single in the future u can be there. Do u think they are gonna get married? He seems to really open up to u, and vice versa. Go for it!!


ANyone in my way is getting Flattened CHOOO CHOOO

Tila said...

First of all I love that Cara refers to Tyler and them as "Paula and the mean girls". Made me chuckle.

Also, I think that people are being too hard on Derrick. He was doing a pretty good job of keeping it neutral.. and i think that a lot of people are misinterpreting his sense of humor as being mean, but then i didnt watch jenn's podcast. I was pretty entertained the whole time and I like how it's not too serious and everyone can just vent.

I agree with the person that said that they were a fan of Cara and Leeroy. They both seem pretty down to earth. Im starting to come around to Laurel and Kenny. We all know that they're superior athletically but it's nice to see that they can show some compassion. I think that Cara is bringing out the best of Laurel.

Im gonna say that it was a pretty epic concept that the producers came up with and im sure that even they didnt see some of these rivals turning into friends. Kinda nice that everyone can take something from someone they dislike once they get to know them better.

George said...

Well, that was awkward. It's obvious that Derrick dislikes Cara Maria for whatever reason and he was getting pissed at her over the dumbest shit. You shouldn't say you're scared before a challenge? Haha, who the fuck cares?

And the whole 'were you making a joke about the Miz by saying he was awesome?' thing. So hilariously awkward.

Haha you should re-name this Ultimate Uncomfortable Radio With Derrick Kosinki.


One: I'm in full support of Team Black over here, and it was my impression that Derrick DID treat his guest very well. I don't know what some people are talking about. Stop being overly critical and chill out.

Two: Cara was not playing the victim, SHE WAS. AND FOR TWO STRAIGHT EPISODES. Seriously, a few people need to look up the definition of this word because they sound seriously confused.

Three: Laurel is awesome, straight forward and a good team player/partner. Yes, she was harsh with Paula and did throw a few low blows. Laurel herself knows it. Sadly, it's very hard for me (and a bunch of other people) to sympathize with these people who had were totally crossing the line themselves before the roles turned. Cry me a river now.

Four: As far as Jenn goes, she wanted to keep the Adam thing in the down low, but it totally happen! That's why she freaked out. In the words of Adam King himself "if you’re willing to get that upset about it, there must be some truth to it." Read his blog.

Five: If Adam Royer got kicked out for the Ty bitch slap, then Jenn's kicks and taps should've counted too! LOL A bunch of people have said she did kick her. The "it wasn't serious enough" is getting old.

Six: Good job Derrick and thank you for the podcasts. Very nice message at the end of this one. I'm going to sleep now. Keep it fun, guys.

Anonymous said...

May I just state the obvious and say that Abram is the most intense person I've ever seen?! That is all. WOW.

Anonymous said...

Paula always plays the victim. in the words of susie meester at some point you have to wonder if its you or EVERYBODY else.

Love Cara and Laurel

Derrick your not being a neutral host

Anonymous said...

They should have done this podcast after Ep 8, CM is a little over emotional, she said the whole Wes thing will be easy to pick a side for, like he poured coke on her, big deal, Sarah got piss water on her. And idk if she told everyone about the whole horse issue maybe they didnt know. And the Paula/Laurel stuff went a little too far, she was yelling at Wes then goes off on Paula, all she did to Wes was chase him with coke but went nuts on Paula, Paula wasnt innocent but still calm down.I dont even know why CM was crying, I dont think I would have if some one poured coke on me.

Anonymous said...

props to laurel for sticking up for cara maria. the past two episodes people have been bullying cara maria, acting like they're five years old. so laurel had enough of people acting like that and acting immature...so she lashed out on them. maybe she said things she shouldn't be they all deserved being treated the way they were treating cara maria. and for them all to turn around and call laurel a bad person further proves how immature and childish they are.

Anonymous said...

i just wanna say i have always loved wes and paula.. and this last episode made me look at them very differently. so disappointed. and i never used to like laurel until now.

Anonymous said...

Derrick doesn't know how to properly interview people and he just asks stupid questions. He doesn't go in deep and can't form a sentence.

Anonymous said...

Please learn how to interview people Derrick and stop saying UM. Why aren't these podacsts given by someone who can speak?

Anonymous said...

The person who said Derrick can't interview is right. Everyone coming in runs the show and he just keeps saying "You know". He didn't ask Laurel if she was secretly on Jenn's said. There are so many people who would be great interviewers for this, like Mike Mike or anyone else.

CT said...

YEA ABE, still cried , because right now i am in the gym "WORKING OUT" WITH cara mary. we are doing some special cardio, then some ju-jitsu, some squads when i can see that delicious ass, then i going to bench press her from behind and in front WOW what a work out. ABE you are a TRemendo cabron te insulto y luEgo Kara naria conmigo se va . LITTLE PUNK

Malibu SB said...

So First off, Great Job Derrick!! I think you do a really good job at keeping things neutral even though we all know you are better friends with Jenn.

As far as the whole Cara Maria thing, I say so what she cried, for no apparent reason Wes went on attack mode and decided to pick on her... I use to really be Team Wes cause he had a backbone and even if everyone was against him he didn't seem to let it phase him, but he's the hypocrite cause on the Ruins he was all for defending his girl and evelyn when guys came at them wrong but then he does the same thing to Cara Maria and just because he's saying "I don't Like you" in a calm voice doesn't mean shit in my opinion. Plus he poured soda all over her in a white dress, that's just so disrespectful and uncalled for.

Now as for Laurel going in on Paula at first I was all for it, cause Paula needed a taste of her own medicine, but the comment about her anorexia wasn't necessary, regardless, I still didn't feel bad for Paula when she cried. I felt bad after watching the aftershow cause you could see it still bothered her.

anyways Kudos to Cara Maria and Laurel.. It's so true what they said about everyone going with flow and following the crowd instead of saying how they really feel, and you always see that happening on the Challenges, for ONCE I'd love to see someone say F*ck that, like Evelyn did on the Island before she took Johnny's key...

and as for your poll question, I would choose Kenny and his handsome face, for obvious reasons

Anonymous said...

To the person above, wasn't it Kenny and Johnny yelling at CT in the club on the last episode? Ya it was. You sound like a child. Derrick has said the elimination round against Wes was one of his favorites. So why would he hate Wes because he one, when it was one of his favorite elimination rounds? He doesn't like the way Wes plays the game. Some people are so immature talking shit about people they don't even know. Grow up.

I think the things people said about Jen are fucked up. Whether you like her or not, you don't say fucked up shit like that about someone. Everyone talks about what a terrible person she is...you at you people talking about her. The things you guys said is a lot worse then anything I have ever heard her say.

I like Cara, I think she is a good competitor. Still not a huge Laurel fan though.

Derrick great podcast, can't wait to hear to next one!

Anonymous said...

How can someone put Wes and LeeRoy on the same level?! Even Wes himself has said that he takes on a persona for the shows. How can you call that "real"? Sounds like someone is being blinded by love. It happens to the best of us.

Anonymous said...

I like Cara but, Am I the only only one that feels bad for CT when Cara is continuously saying he's on drugs? I mean that's crossing the line, in my opinion, Does anyone agree? I do like that Laurel finally defends him and tells her he was just mad that day. I think CT needs to get do another podcast, the second half of his other one was hilarious, and I listened to him live on unregularradio.com and he was funny as hell and never bad mouthed any of the other cast members. My favorite part was when he mentioned he always had a "big head" and "big teeth" and for the longest was picked on by family members but was always the loudest in his family no matter what and stood up to them, which resulted in them beating him up. He even did a short impression of the way he talked with his big teeth, That was like the realest thing ever, loved it!

Derrick your a great host, I love that you actually let your guests talk and vent about everything instead of overpowering them with your voice, your great! I hope you read this, and do another podcast with CT. You, CT, and Mark Long together would be amazing.

Lois said...

I want to be saved by Kenny!!

Anonymous said...

i love cara and laurel. jenn *thumbs down* mandi's okay. also laurel has a nice ass

Anonymous said...

LOL at people taking my support of my nigga Wes so damn personally. Nothing personal, it's a TV SHOW. If I ride 4 Wes and my nigga LeRoy and you don't like dem den don't get so personally affronted by it. I ain't insulting you or Derrick or anybody. I just like Wes better.

Is it a rule I have to be a fan of Derrick to listen to his podcasts? I like Wes and Abe and CT and other guys and like to hear them speak on da podcast. Doesn't mean I don't think Derrick-Johnny-Kenny-Evan all are overrated and not as good as they think.

STAND UP 4 WES and haters gonna hate but I don't give a fuck. Wes is my nigga 4 life!


Anonymous said...

"To the person above, wasn't it Kenny and Johnny yelling at CT in the club on the last episode? Ya it was. You sound like a child. "
No YOU like a child. You didn't even watch the episode right. Kenny and Johnny were talking shit on Wes to ADAM BEHIND CT'S BACK. CT overheard and then went and confronted them.

Wes and CT talked man-to-man, face-to-face. GROW UP lil child, why you gotta hate on my nigga Wes so much???

Anonymous said...

Change reality check to That Just Happened so after the guest calls someone out they say THAT JUST HAPPENED

Elisabetta said...

ha ha to THAT JUST HAPPENED! i like that!

I don't know if a lot of people knows that if you watch the show ON DEMAND they have bonus clips at the end of it..like there's one where Kenny (I think) put a bug into Johnny's short to the amusement of CT! Another one is an extended version of Laurel playing with the monkey. on another one there's Brandon and Nehemiah rapping while Camila dances on a table (and it looks like they're saying something about her and Johnny doing the "dirt")
and the sweetest one to me with Laurel and CT just lounging and she's very very sweet to him!

Anywho I liked this podcast! It's funny how Laurel calls CM out on some BS but you can tell she's not mean about it. I really like how their relationship evolved.

Elisabetta said...

To CM, (and Laurel if you read this pass it on):

For many, the intention of defending Jenn on this podcast it's pretty clear, the way you phrase it/explain it may have opened a whole new can of warms for Jenn. A way you could have said it would be something like :" u know i got to know jenn a little better and i found out things she had through go in life that might have shaped her in the way she reacts to people so I'm understanding her a little better".
But the way you said it made clear of a detail that I personally don't know if it's public or not. If Jenn already mentioned it during her tv shows then you're in the clear, but if she didn't want it to be known then you might have some serious problems and I wouldn't blame it on Jenn this time around...you should be a little more careful how you say things sometimes, unintentionally might still cause some problems!
It's just thinking it a little bit more but still saying what you mean to say!

You're both good people and Jenn is too somewhere like Laurel says sometimes you see only the bad of people and the editing doesn't help us either!But there is! I'm sure of it!

Anonymous said...

Um, why are people going after Derrick? He always gives his opinion. He told Mandi that sometimes she'd have to just deal with going in against people.

Derrick is probably the nicest, most liked person from the challenges.

Anonymous said...

"I like Cara but, Am I the only only one that feels bad for CT when Cara is continuously saying he's on drugs? I mean that's crossing the line, in my opinion, Does anyone agree? I do like that Laurel finally defends him and tells her he was just mad that day. I think CT needs to get do another podcast, the second half of his other one was hilarious, and I listened to him live on unregularradio.com and he was funny as hell and never bad mouthed any of the other cast members."
Did you listen to the other CT podcast that Derrick did it was the most mumbling piece of crap interview on a podcast ever. You could not hear a thing CT said and he wanted most of it edited so it took weeks to release. Also Kenny, Cara, Johnny, and so on have said CT was a "drug user" so really what is he going to come on here and say I am not a drug user. Like I really want to hear his explanation why they say that and it is like when girls say that it is a "rumor" that I slept with __________ it is true 95% of the time.

Anonymous said...


"...Am I the only only one that feels bad for CT when Cara is continuously saying he's on drugs? I mean that's crossing the line, in my opinion, Does anyone agree?..."


Is it me or are ppl somehow not aware of


I believe it was on Brandon's podcast and Adam's blog where Sarah, Adam and Johnny all said CT was in a crazed mood going into that club because of it. To sum up, Sarah had a bunch of ppl write the same sentence and thru her analysis, she was able to describe the person & name them. She was crazy accurate & CT's was dsecribed as that of a psycho. I could understand (not justify) how it put him back to square one with all he was trying to accomplish in changing his ways this season.


Anonymous said...

just thought i would pitch my ideas here, im bored and dont have anything better to do so im writing an entire thesis here. i saw on a twitter feed on mtv people were discussing what the next challenge should be, i dont use twitter or i would have wrote something there.

first off the way rivals was set up and cast was very poor imo. challenges are usually better when the game isnt so cut and dry. i believe it was johnny who said on one of these podcasts that no deliberation took more then 5 minutes the entire time and everyone knew who was going in and when. it felt the same way for the viewer from my stand point, we knew how things were going to shake down politically in the house, there were a few moments were things could have got dicey with a couple of good elimation rounds but still poor set up imo. the vote was locked up from start to finish.

cut throat was one of the more genius ideas for a challenge structure imo, 3 teams and the 2 losing teams each week sending in a guy and girl each elimination. pretty much every single person saw an elimination round, some multiple. everyones backs are up against the wall and need to win the challenge each week. also a team bank account so all these challenges have meaning.

the 3 challenges being discussed to be used as the next one were the duel 3, the island 2, and the ruins 2. if its the island the structure of the game needs to be changed, it just wasnt that good imo. i think the ruins and the duel could be very good with the right cast. ruins would probably have to be vets instead of champs vs rookies because there just isnt enough girl champions still relevant in the challenge world.
im assuming duel 3 would come before the ruins 2 because the duel 2 was before the ruins. heres my idea for a cast, not just factoring in who is the best competitors but including in my thinking how the politics would shape up and what people with past relationshops would clash and make a good show. i left some people out due to being unsure they would be willing to do another show

male competitors-
mark(i know he adamantly wants on another duel)

derrick(your podcast, we know you arent going out with out a fight and if you want in there should be a place for you)

evan(i think he should be on being the last winner but if he doesnt want on there are tons of choices, darrell would be a good one if he would do another show.)

ct, abram, tyler, johnny, wes, nehemiah, brandon, noor, ty, leroy, dustin

female competitors-
rachel(won the last one, hopefully she would do another)

jenn(she says she retired but if not she would be an obvious candidate for the show)


Anonymous said...

looks like the rest of my post got cut off

i also had theresa,emily,camilla

Anonymous said...

i obviously forgot some people, i whipped the list together fairly quick. sarah rice for one, i cant have a hypothetical show without her.

Anonymous said...

"........Did you listen to the other CT podcast that Derrick did it was the most mumbling piece of crap interview on a podcast.......... "

I actually did listen to the other podcast, the second half was hilarious! The first half wasn't because he had a wall up, he didn't want to come on and have them make him look stupid, but in the end/second half, he eased up and was funny, "Kenny your jokes are corny like my deuce." Admit it, that's funny! He was messing with him to, because he said "I'm only messing with you."

I think he should do one with Mark Long and Derrick because he actually talks to them a bit, aside from the show, I think he'll open up to them more then Kenny. The LIVE stream on unregularradio.com with CT was funny and unedited and he still didn't bad mouth anyone.

Cara only said he does drugs on this podcast never before, I don't think she meant it, but it still was messed up, that's how rumors start. I also don't think Kenny really believes he does drugs since they don't hangout with each other outside of the show, that's just Kenny being Kenny, he says things about Johnny and Evan that doesn't make it true.

Also, if he did do drugs on the show I think MTV would have found out and filmed it, they would have used that as a storyline in an instant. I also think everyone would be talking about it more. They can't even get out of the house, so where would he get it? and I doubt he packed it since you can't just take drugs from the u.s to Costa Rica.

To sum this up in short words, I highly doubt CT was doing drugs and I'm just saying for her to say that was crossing the line, that's how rumors start, I love cara, but that was mean and I'm glad Laurel stuck up for him.

Anonymous said...

I think CM refer to that night in specific, the night he went off on her for the Jenn thing when it didn't had anything to do with him at all. As they said, that same night, he went after Jonna too, and apparently was mad on the bus ride. Plus, saying someone seemed like they were on something IS an expression that means someone was not acting like himself. It can be taken literally or figuratively.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious Derrick doesn't like Cara Maria when he was talking about her putting Jenn's relationship on blast with Adam saying, "Cara..we haven't seen it" Uhh..Kenny and Johnny have commented on it too.

And you know what? Jenn you are on reality tv so if you're sleeping with a fellow contestant, your business will be on blast, what do you expect? And you called out Jasmine hooking up with Tyrie when she has a boyfriend back home. You're all about calling out other people's hookups you hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Cara Maria, why did you bring up CT texting you unless you wanted to make Abram jealous? It's obvious she was doing that.

Anonymous said...

Umm to the person talking about CT and drugs. Pretty much everyone on the show knows that CT is a junkie. It's a well known thing. That's the source of his erratic behavior. And no MTV would not show that unless he was openly doing that on the Real World. There are rumors about lots of people on these shows doing drugs. Many of the crazy girls are pill poppers.

Anonymous said...

Duel 3 should have Darrell. He's the only 4 time Challenge Champion (probably would have been 5 if he hadn't been kicked off the Ruins for punching Brad). And he's said the Duel is the one show he'd come back for.

Also think Landon should be there for another Duel as he's another great competitor.

No offense to Kenny or Johnny but they don't match up well in a Duel format, though they could stick around a long time because of politics. IMO the shows are better when they don't have Johnny-Kenny-Evan all together to team up. They were each on their own for Duel 2, Fresh Meat 2, and Cutthroat and that made it more interesting.

I think Evan as defending Champion should be on Duel 3 as well as Wes (the winner of Duel 1). It would be cool if Brad (runner-up of both Duels) could be persuaded to come out of retirement but I don't see it happening.

Darrell-Landon-Wes-Evan-Derrick-CT is a strong cast.Pick the rest from Dunbar, Tyler, Nehemiah, Scott Herman really seems to want to do a Challenge, Ty, Brandon, Easy, Noor, LeRoy, maybe Knight from New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

After last episode I'm in love with Laurel.

Anonymous said...

Wes lost to Cuhutta, that's embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

There is no shame in losing to cohutta, he is a decent competitor and it wasn't like he lost something with strength. He lost at getting a rope untied. The guy has won a ton of elimination rounds, you just sound like a hater. Give the guy respect he is one of the best competitors clearly

shelby said...

ive always loved laurel since she was partnered up with kenny ! yea she told big easy off but she was drunk and i do believe she was sry and paula had that coming for along time hey if you cant dish it you shouldnt be on tv but cara everyone was ganging up on her and like i said before i dont like how the guys can talk shit and be mean ;like kenny,evan,and ct and you love them like i do too but when laurel says what she says when shes mad shes a evil bitch just for being real and getting hott headed think about it does that really sound that bad!! and i enjoyed this interview man that was a wierd moment between abe and cara when he hung up lmao!!! someones jelious !! go team black and as much as i dislike wes i love kenny i want to see him win

Anonymous said...

Laurels the best girl on the challenge

Paula had it coming

Cara Maria is cute as a button

Jenn is a Hypocrite

Derrick is awesome

Anonymous said...


My Two Cents said...

Derrick has been in the main alliance in these shows but for the people saying Derrick needs to be more neutral I think he does a really good job by not sounding biased towards any kind of group. And for the guy who made that list of challengers no matter how much you may not like Johnny Evan Kenny or Derrick they are all really good competitors; I think Evan still is but CT said it best he looks pregnant. But if Evan can compete like he did on the Duel 2 he has potential to be the top dog as CT likes to call himself.

Anonymous said...

I think its terrible that CM kept insinuating that CT was on drugs. She had no proof. I lost respect for her.

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe Wes lost to Cohutta. And Mandi our lasted him. He hasn't done well in years.

Anonymous said...

Wow even Abe called out CM. If all the challengers call out CM and even Abe does, that means CM must be fake.

Anonymous said...

Because of JEK's repeat accusations that CT is a junkie, which I infer as cocaine as the drug of choice, I've been staring at CT's eyes in the videos (well, besides being transfixed by how piercing and striking blue they are). His eyes were not dilated, an effect of cocaine. Paradoxically enough, Kenny's eyes were often dilated.

To be sure, CT is no choir boy so it's not impossible for him to indulge in drugs. Just the same, neither is Kenny, Johnny, Evan or anybody else in those Challenges except Roy Lee and Mike. But I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, as his using or not doesn't affect me.