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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, July 8, 2011

Read The Stars | Casey Anthony Trial, Our Sensitivity, and Tips for Feeling Secure

July 8, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Read The Stars

This week, Astrologer Judi Vitale delves into the biggest news of the week - the Casey Anthony trial - and why we may have reacted to it in the way we did:

Read The Stars, Astrology, Pittsburgh, Judi Vitale

"At 12:17 AM Eastern time on July 4th, Venus moved into the sign of Cancer. As you've probably heard by now, Cancer's soft and protective nature is based on emotions. Watching the news of July 5th - namely the Casey Anthony Verdict - it's easy to see this well-spring of feeling erupt - just after the eclipse in Cancer we had on Friday July 1. Without Cancer's influence for those few days, we may have felt less than warm and loving toward others. Maybe we had to be with family and didn't really want to be. Or, in the case of what we were exposed to every time a television screen came into view, we were confronted with the possibility of an improbable situation - a young woman on trial for killing her then- two year old daughter three years ago. We were told that in order for her to be convicted, the prosecution would have to provide solid evidence. We watched the defense team sling around as much mud and trash as possible, planting that "reasonable doubt" in the fertile soil of a weak demonstration of solid evidence and definitive testimony from the state's side. And on July 5th at 2:17 PM EDT, when the verdict came down, many people erupted into a show of emotion, grief and outrage. How did she get away with it? How could she get away with it? Then there were others who believed the system worked exactly the way it's supposed to, and they seemed to feel they'd rather live where the system erred on behalf of the defendant rather than unfairly jailing the innocent. To a degree, both sides are correct in their thinking. I'm not here to say who was "more" right or wrong, but I can't help but point out the emotional display that at this writing is still unfolding everywhere I look. All the actions and reactions I've seen today have one thing in common: they seem to stem more from the emotions rather than the rational mind."

For more, check out Read The Stars' Venus in Cancer: Ultra-Sensitive Sensibilities and Casey Anthony

In another Read The Stars story, Judi explains the eclipse in Cancer that occurs in the beginning of July, and what that means for us:

"Cancer is all about ties to the past, nurturing, motherhood - and infantile tendencies that make us want to curl up and crawl back into the womb. When the sun in Cancer is eclipsed, we lose some of these tendencies, and are left with the cruel knowledge that we really are, after all is said and done, very alone.
The task for this eclipse is to be "okay" with that. Sure, we are alone, but we are also connected not just to "mother," "tradition," "family," or even "baby." We are being challenged to define ourselves for who we are rather than which tribe we belong to. It's about making choices to be around certain people rather than sticking close to them by default. Depending on your sign, you'll feel this sensation in different areas of your life, but the theme will be the same. None of us is ever really "secure" until we learn to rely on ourselves!"

Judi then goes sign-by-sign to let us know how to navigate through "eclipse time."

Check it out on Read The Stars Eclipse in Cancer: How Secure are you, Really?

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