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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/ Wes & Nehemiah | MTV Real World & Challenge Rivals

July 15, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Guest Wes & Nehemiah
Produced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com

"The Manipulation Machine"
Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Challenge Wes NehemiahDerrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Challenge Wes NehemiahWe've heard from the rookies Leroy and Mike Mike. We've gotten a chance to see the approach of the all-star alliance Johnny,Kenny,and Evan. Now, we get to listen into an interview coming from a different angle. Everyone knows that Wes and Nehemiah began their friendship collecting numbers for "The Groupie Drawer" on Real World:Austin.So...one would think this another group of guys trying to win another Challenge together,right?? On this podcast,you'll get a feel for this friendship. Is Wes looking out for Nehemiah's best interests or is he just one of Wes' unworthy employees as former housemate Danny seemed to be on Fresh Meat 2?? Has Wes manipulated his "friend" to stand on the front lines against C.T. for Wes' own safety?? You be the judge. This is another solid podcast filled with tons of information you can't get anywhere else. We fill in the blanks and add on to the story. Hope you guys enjoy.Thank again for listening

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-Wes' Twitter
-History of Wes and Nehemiah
-Derrick and Wes talk Pole Wrestle from The Duel 1
-Nehemiah agreeing to go against C.T.??
-Wes justifying Nehemiah's potential Jungle
-Trust in the Game
-What's going on in Wes' head
-Wes' 24 hour "Stand-Off" with C.T.
-Wes' cocky comments
-Wes' Top 5 Competitors
-Theresa and Wes
-Cock blocking C.T.
-Nehemiah Reality Checks Evan
-Wes Reality Checks Laurel

"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski Podcast, Ultimate Challenge Radio, MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Wes & Nehemiah "The Manipulation Machine"

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How does this Interview make Wes look?
A. This interview makes Wes look much better than he does on T.V. = 63%
B. This interview makes Wes look like more of a douche bag. = 15%
C. This Interview makes Wes look like a superior being. = 9%
D. This Interview doesn't change what I think about Wes. I'll explain in the comments box. = 11%

Poll Results as of 2pm est July 21
A. This interview makes Wes look much better than he does on T.V. = 65%
B. This interview makes Wes look like more of a douche bag. = 14%
C. This Interview makes Wes look like a superior being. = 8%
D. This Interview doesn't change what I think about Wes. I'll explain in comments box. = 12%


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Anonymous said...

Omg so Wes isn't always a cocky bastard lol? Yeah its obvious its editing and all for the cameraslol he even sat and listned to CT just for the cameras, I am just surprised he didn't talk shit about Kenny/Johnny cause all they do is talk shit about Wes, anyways he's real down to earth : ) o and Evan is a quitter.

Holly said...

i absolutely love wes. i have been re-watching his past challenges, and he had to put up with a lot of shit from kenny, evan, johnny, johanna, etc.. and he handled it very well. i think he seems like a great guy. yah he's gettin a little cocky, but he should be. he is clearly doing better than kenny. kenny's cockiness is unwarranted right now. plus, you can tell wes in being funny and having fun making comments about himself. kenny is dead serious about himself being amazing. it's stupid. wes is superior to kenny.

Anonymous said...

Wes vs Derrick on the Duel was the best elimination round ever.

Anonymous said...

Wes sounds like a cool dude. It's good to hear he has things going on outside of the challenges.

Kenny's always talking about how great kenny is, be it on the shows or on the podcasts and doesn't get called out for it. Double standard? What entitles Kenny to act a certain way but not Wes? Both have won challenges and been top competitors for awhile...

jchiara13 said...

Okay so I have never been a fan of Wes, since I usually root for the people he's completely against like Kenny and Johnny, but I have never hated him. The only thing I can say that I truely dislike about the guy is his cockiness. Like really... His body is sculpted by zeus?! Haha I actually enjoyed listening to this podcast to see the other side of the challenges, since most of the people who have been on here before have been apart if the JEK alliance at one point. I just can't believe how respectful Wes was of Johnny and Kenny. I mean he said that he has nothing bad to say about them and even put them in his list of top competitors!! Im pretty sure this challenge doesn't even have any rivals left on it anymore! Now if only Kenny could find his mojo, then Kenny & Wes would be without a doubt the beat duo on the show. By the way Derrick, was Nehemiah even on this podcast?! Haha Wes barely let him get in two words! Once again, this was another great podcast! Keep them coming =]
P.s. Is having a kid like having a puppy that eventually learns how to talk?! Haha hilarious!

Talent Network, Inc. said...

Yes folks the old school baby face pictures of Wes, Neh and Derrick are intentional just to add some stupid quirkiness to the show.

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that he complimented those guys, he clearly doesn't listen to the podcasts and doesn't go on twitter, if only he knew how much shit these douche bags talk about him. Wes is too nice.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast. Derrick your hosting skills are improving a lot as well.

Anonymous said...

could you find an older picture of wes and nehemiah lol. honestly if i was on the show d-day would have been option number 2, if ct and adam or ty and brandon got last place they would be going up against each other with out question in the jungle from day 1, guess that never had a chance to come to fruition with kenny botching the mini challenges.
Also you guys are lucky alot of these people dont know how to play the game, with you wes in the jungle and with out a vote brandon should have rallied ct and leroy, they would have had the majority vote of the guys, rookie girls would have been 4, all they need was one more team to throw evan and nehemiah in against you. im sure caitlin would have been on board so thats a split, if they get literally one more person its a lock. im sure it could have been done and a new majority would have been formed.

Anonymous said...

derrick.. i like you, but i don't know why wes came on your podcast, since you are clearly just making fun of him.. and you obviously agree with johnny and kenny all the time. and on your twitter, you just retweet people makin shit of him.. i feel like if you are gonna podcast, you gotta play devil's advocate.. can't be so biased.

Anonymous said...

Wes is much more mature than Derrick, Kenny or Johnny. He could have talked shit about Kenny and his mediocre performance on this challenge but he didn't.
Derrick and Johnny/Kenny seem like those mean high school girls that love to talk trash about other people.

Anonymous said...

I would've like to have heard the name of Wes' ice cream shop in KC...

Anonymous said...

this is his place: http://www.mochi-yo.com/

krystal said...

So Happy you had Wes on the podcast! I use to love him on real world..then watched the challenges and i just hated him! I thought he started getting a big head..but by the sounds of it its more so just the editing

Oooh n i was thinking i wonder if Evan was the one that hooked up with Camilla, n had a GF back home. Remeber the newbies said it on the podcast but didnt say names and they said it was a vet. I know everyone was thinking Johnny, because they hooked up before. so was i...BUT Nehemiah was kinda strange about why Evan wanted to leave and said he couldn't really talk about it or didnt want to. Then Wes was going on saying Evan wanted to go back to his girlfriend who he really missed and loved very much...just seemed like he was really laying it on thick

Anonymous said...

Evan would have fucked Nehemiah up if it came to that. fuck that guy

Anonymous said...

Wes is not as bad as mtv portrays him. I think he is really good material for tv. Nehemiah is a bit boring, but still he's a vet...and mtv needs to find more interesting people!!!!

BTW: I think Evan hooked up with Camila!!!

Helena said...

Did Wes just say "where they're not feeding us, letting us talk on the phone..."


Anonymous said...

Wes forgot Landon, cannot be MORE well rounded than landon, brute strength, stamina, may lack a little agility on puzzles, but he is pretty smart. He is the most well rounded.

Kenny, he's more physicality than agility, or puzzle logic...
the rest, pretty on key.

Anonymous said...

My top 5 challenge competitors:

Theo Vonkurnatowski
Darrell Taylor
Chris "CT" Tamburello
Mike Mizanin
Landon Lueck

Honorable mentions:

Evan Starkman
Derrick Kosinski
Wes Bergman

Marty Stachura said...

Oh yeah, besides my top competitors a couple suggestions for future podcasts:

1. Derrick you should have Mike the Miz and Wes on together. See if you can figure out which one is more pompous.

2. Talk with Bill Simmons and the reality T.V. czar, Dave Jacoby. They have started their own reality T.V. fantasy league.


Krystal said...

I think the girls should also be in the top 5 list

1. Evan
2. Kenny
3. Derrick
5. Ct...if you all didnt seem to hate him so much he would make it far..HES AWSOME!!! him and jen are my favorites
just they havent won more then Evan And Kenny because for some reason as mean as kenny and Evan are to ppl they ALWAYS control the house :)
And of course Evan is one of the TOP hottest guys on the show him and CT!!!

Anonymous said...

This podcast made me love Wes even more. The first real world that I saw was Real World Austin, and ever since I have loved Wes. I love everything about him. He handles things very well. MTV makes him look like a bad person, but I can tell that he is not. He has had to deal with a lot of crap on these shows, and it really pisses me off when people talk bad about him. I could go on all day about how much I like him. he is my all time favorite. I love him

JJobbe said...

Wes saying Landon isn't that good is absurd. Wes you can only dream of being as good as Landon. Landon has 3 wins while doing only 4 shows. He doesn't need a social game cause he's so freaking athletic. Imagine if he would do 20 shows like everybody else he'd have like 15 wins but thats cool cause he's got a real job.

Anonymous said...

wes is ugly