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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/ Kenny & Johnny | MTV Challenge: Rivals | "Choke Holds and Chicken Wings"

July 13, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Guest Kenny & Johnny
Produced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com

"Choke Holds and Chicken Wings"

MTV reality challenge, real world Johnny, Kenny, Derrick, AbeAnother prolific podcast has been entered into the records books,folks. Kohnny and Jenny, I mean Johnny and Kenny return to breakdown episode 3 of "The Challenge: Rivals" in hilarious fashion. Every time these guys step up to do a podcast, they never disappoint. So, if you're a first time listener, congratulations you will have successfully listened to a "Good Podcast." For everyone else who actually takes the time to read my blurbs, welcome to another Elimination Round with Derrick,Kenny, and Johnny. This podcast is filled with fun stories, tremendous insight that you can't get anywhere else, tons of shit talking, and lots of laughter as always. We cover everything from C.T. calling his partner a 140 pound chicken wing to to Paula's power move. Have fun with this one guys, I know I did. Big thanks to Johnny and Kenny for rockin' out and supporting another podcast.

How about that picture in this post of me, Johnny, Kenny and Abe. What's with the scarves and glasses?

Cheers Guys.

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-C.T. and Wes "Stand Off"
-Tough Challenge: Sink or Swim
-Johnny breaking up fights
-The Super Alliance
-Coughing Blood
-Choke Holds
-140lb. Chicken Wings
-The Jungle
-Reality Check Time

"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Kenny & Johnny "Choke Holds and Chicken Wings"

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Anonymous said...

Haha "CT wants to kill me" then he said "he said he wants to eat me" lol Wes is so funny :P and yeah Wes fucks with CT but at least he doesn't pick on women like these 2 do. And damn CT is so sensitive, holy shit, gets pissed of the hand writing thing lol its no surprise he flipped on Wes for so long.

Anonymous said...

Kenny, get real. Wes size had absolutely nothing to do with CT not hitting him. I am 100% sure if Wes was twice CT's size, CT wouldn't be afraid. He hasn't been on a challenge in years, has been through a lot, and just isn't so quick to throw punches. Don't be so jealous just because he is so attractive.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm sure CT is real intimidated to hit a guy who is 5'9" 170 pounds who got knocked out cold by barely bumping his head on the stove on Fresh Meat 2!

Anonymous said...

Johnny, why do you even try to act tough and talk shit about CT? You know you're a little pussy boy compared to him and that 1-on-1 in anything, he would hand you your ass on a silver platter whether it be on a challenge or not. A gay guy who listens to ballet music and does high kicks put up more of a fight against him in a head-to-head event than you did you little bitch.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kenny's girlfriend on the show?

Anonymous said...

CT's fatality would be bash someone's head on a barrell.

Anonymous said...

I seriously cannot stand these cocky bastards. Someone take them off of TV please, I am sick of looking at them.

The Dude Abides said...

Derrick let JB rip CT which is totally fine, but EVERY time JB is on a podcast it's Derrick job to just beat the shit out of JB for letting CT completely destroy him in the Infern. Funniest shit I have ever seen on a Challenge and needs to be brought up everytime JB opens his mouth on a Podcast!

Brandon said...

Hey Derrick,

My name's Brandon. Very cool podcast, been following the challenge since the first Battle of Sexes in 2003. Not sure you read these comments, but I wanted to express my thoughts on this one in particular. Like most people, when I watch these challenges I want to see the drama and hear the dumb shit people say. Like you, I find CT very entertaining, in fact I would say he is the most entertaining part about these shows. When he's on the challenge it makes it that much better. I mean come on, he's gotta be the coolest dude in challenge history! Let's break it down real quick…He says the coolest and funniest stuff. All the chics want him, and for the most part all the dudes fear him. He's like Conan the Barbarian, but instead he's the Boston Barbarian!

I've been following your podcast for several months and on numerous occasions I have heard several guests say in their own words CT isn't a Top contender. Listen, if all of you challenge dudes were called "warriors" CT would be the ULTIMATE WARRIOR! But what makes the ultimate warrior? According to guys like Johnny, it's winning the big final challenge at the end, and he's right to some degree. But we are talking about the best PLAYER here not the best TEAM. You gotta take all things into consideration when it comes to being the best and not just the final. CT has consistently dominated the competition on all these shows. He has never been eliminated by another cast member other then when his fist collapses their face. Brad didn't beat him in the Duel, CT devastated him and then lost on what is probably called the most absurd technicality in challenge history! All that aside let me tell you why CT is the best. . When you have a group of what is considered the "Top Dawgs" (Wes, Kenny, Johnny and Evan) conspiring to get rid of you, because they know they can't win in the end if you're there to me says you're the best. Plain and simple, when you are feared in competition it's because you are the best. How many times has Johnny won a challenge without having Kenny Evan or you there Derrick? I'll tell ya, not a fucking one! Kenny needs them there to win a challenge, and johnny can't even make it to the final without you guys, HAHA! SWEET BURN! Johnny can say whatever he wants about CT to get him through the day, but in the end you are now like Adam King when it comes to the challenge. Just another guy CT dominated on national television.

Although this Joker Johnny spoiled it for us and pretty much told us that CT doesn't make it to the final I am willing to bet money that there is no way Evan and Needledickmiah eliminate him. If Ct and his sidekick don't make it to the final they will make it to the end right before the final.

Now onto the CT/WES fight. Johnny and Kenny you two are insane for sure! Listen, there is no way, not even for one second that Wes "punked" out CT in their verbal outing. First off CT was fully aware of what Wes was trying to do. As soon as CT jumped in his face Wes was terrified for sure. Literally terrified. Also, If this freckled face cartoon literally believes his own shit he's lost for sure, cause DAMN! But the challenge needs Wes. It makes for a better game and i love it when he's there.

Anyways I have said way too much and I apologize, but I enjoy the podcast and look forward to more of them!


Anonymous said...

I used to like these podcasts, but they have become so biased. Johnny and Kenny talk so much shit about others, but only on the podcast. They are cowards. And what is with Derrick's hate towards Wes? Johnny and Kenny are much worse but Derrick never says a bad word about them. And I agree about possible spoilers, you need to be more careful about them.

Anonymous said...

@7/14, 3:50, I think Derrick doesn't like Wes because he thought Wes was on steroids when Wes beat him on Duel 1.

@7/13, 3:36, I was wondering that too because Kenny says "I went downstairs after the fight and my girlfriend says..."

The Dude Abides said...

Kenny's girlfriend was watching the show on TV with him idiots

Anonymous said...

To the above, I think Kenny meant his girlfriend (not on these challenges) said that as they were watching the show. And I also think Derrick doesn't like Wes because he was trying to throw challenges on The Ruins. And pretty much the reason a lot don't like him... he can't keep his mouth shut.

Aida said...

This was a great podcast. I enjoyed ALMOST every minute of it. The homophobic shit Bananas said really pissed me off though, even as a straight girl. Doesn't this guy think that LGBT people have enough to deal with? Come on, man. They can only get married in a couple states, and are killed in religious states like Nigeria, and corrective rape of lesbians. If you want to make fun of the guy, go ahead, but don't take it to the level that you end up offending millions of people. If the only weapon of choice you have is his sexuality, you're just being an asshole. Just based off of the show, I think that Johnny is a funny guy, but when it comes to the point that you have a soon-to-be 11th grader lecturing you on homophobia, it's time to start thinking about what you're saying. Oh, and don't even get me started on the sheer misogyny that comes out of the mouths of Johnny, and sometimes Kenny & Evan.

On a lighter note, my favourite part of the podcast was when Johnny was telling the story about Sarah doing the handwriting analysis. I listened to that like, 5 times. Hilarious shit.

Anonymous said...

Derrick really has a lot of hate for Wes. I know a lot of the competitors don't like Wes but Derrick has a big hate towards him and I know for sure it has to do with the fact that when they were in an elimination round, Wes took him out. They try and make it out to be that Wes is not a good competitor but he really is because if he wasn't they wouldn't even care of what he said and their plans wouldn't directly coincide with eliminating him, he would have just been like Davis, Tyree, and others that truly do suck as competitors which no one pays attention to and cares about.

Anonymous said...

Derrick's continued backhanded bashing of Wes & Ev really sticks out at this point. Either get them on the podcast with you so they can share their side of the story or stop bringing it up.

That said, Johnny & Kenny are hilarious, and this is yet another podcast where the host got in the way of the flow of it. You'd think Derrick would have more to offer than 15 minutes of ums and yeahs and repeating what the other guys say.

Anonymous said...

its called tough love, you treat them rough you get the muff. hahah wise words.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Derrick does seem to hate Wes and if it's because of the duel then that's pretty lame, he beat him fair and square and apparently it took like 20 mins! Also Laurel has nothing on Evelyn, Ev would smoke her ass in anything, Laurel has been on 3 challenges so far and hasn't won, Ev won her 2nd, should have won the 3rd and won her 4th and hopefully will get a 3rd win on rivals.

Burritobanger said...

Derrick I think you're doing a great job on the podcast! After I watch the show,which by the way is my FAV, I wonder what the cast thinks about the show and how it was edited; you do a great job of answering those questions. Its fun to hear two of the funniest guys on the give their input, I would really love to hear from the top girls like Paula and Laurel. Keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

Kenny and Wes showed on last week's episode that yellow is the perfect color to represent them on this challenge.

You both like to run your mouth off about how you're superior to everybody and how you're not intimidated by CT, but the instant reality strikes you that you might have to go toe-to-toe with the guy, you turtle up. You guys could've stepped up and put your money where your mouth was last week and took CT & Adam into the jungle and proved to everybody that you're the great athletes you claim to be...but you chose to settle for an inferior team to preserve your stay on the show. You would rather have your pals serve as the sacrificial lambs instead.

I'm also pretty sure that if Evan/Nehemiah or Johnny/Tyler end up going into a jungle with CT/Adam and beating them that Kenny will be running his mouth off at will on these podcasts as if he were the one who stepped into the jungle and took down CT himself.

Anonymous said...

I am really sick of hearing Kenny and Johnny constantly talk badly about CT. The guy deserves some empathy. He recently lost his brother and is trying to change. I also think Kenny should not have called him a "juiced up junkie" that's a bit much.
I am sick of Kenny and Johnny. They are arrogant, homophobic, and shit talkers. CT would destroy both of them....as would Katelyn for that matter.

Anonymous said...

JB, Kenny, and Evan make challenges worth watching and even better on the podcast =)

braiden45 said...

Kenny and johnny are hilarious lol

Anonymous said...

The handwriting analysis story was hilarious. "Who the fuck is #4??"

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandon, great breakdown of the real dynamics among the gruesome threesome with their mass hysteria about CT and who is really the better (arguably best) Challenge competitor. But your logic is wasted on them when they would rather roll in their smug f-fest with each other.

I loved when TJ called Kenny out in one elimination round, saying Kenny won't be able to skate by on his friends. What a smackdown. TJ is one hell of a straight-shooter.

The three douches may pat each other on the ass that they are this brilliant strategist but there's hardly anything masterful in their scheming. They rely solely on a simple majority formed from their friendships with each other and the peripheral lemmings. They can thank Bunim Murray for the casting in their favor. When their built-in alliance is fractured, they don't do well.

Why does BM cater to them anyway? They're not the ratings draw. They should be faulted for the audience draining for the last several Challenge seasons.

Granted the outsiders and rookies ought to band together to oust them but again, BM's casting of those jackasses and their lemmings doesn't foster that kind of voting, especially with the deliberation process of late. Consider how that band already had the numbers in their favor from the get-go in the Rivals. They didn't have to negotiate or promise any deals, as they did in the past among new relations.

If Bunim Murray wants a captivating deliberation than the predictable ones in the Rivals, they need to restrict the pre-existing alliances at the start in casting. Frankly, it's boring when a select few control the nominees. The "old school" Challenges had more interesting nominations. I wouldn't mind Kenny or Evan humbled on his own, but the three-headed gargoyle needs to be locked permanently in a dungeon.

For all of JEK's smack-talk about CT's abusive behaviors, they should shut their mouths and look at themselves, IF they have the attention span beyond their CT fixation for that introspection. I wonder if they dream about CT every night, too.

I've continually heard and read about their misogynist attacks on women. Johnny is the worst. Just heard Jonna on another podcast slapped him with a reality check for his sexist rants. What a marble-mouthed pig. I wish viewers could vote for the banning of certain members. Johnny would win that one by a landslide - manufactured persona or not.