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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/ Jonna & Jasmine | MTV Real World & Challenge Rivals

July 5, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Guest Jonna & Jasmine
Produced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com

"Rookies Don't Back Down"

MTV Jonna, Jasmine, Real World, Rivals, Derrick Kosinski PodcastMTV Jonna, Jasmine, Real World, Rivals, Derrick Kosinski PodcastThe lone Female Rookie Team of Jonna and Jasmine are in the House!!  And just like episode 2 of The Challenge: Rivals, the girls come out guns blazin on the podcast. Jonna and Jasmine clearly let us know that they aren't backing down from anybody. On this podcast, we get a great inside look at what it's like to be a rookie. There's lots of learning going on for the rookies and a ton of target practice for the vets. The rookies are usually sitting ducks, but on this particular Challenge the rookies from both sides have already come out with a win. So,who's really trouble?? Hear who Jonna and Jasmine are calling out. This is just another podcast jam-packed with information you've always wanted to know. So,once again, sit back, relax, grab a drink and learn what a challenge is all about...especially for a rookie. Happy belated 4th of July from Team Ultimate Challenge Radio.


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-What it's like being a Rookie
-Why the Cat Fight with Camila
-A banned cast member: UCR Exclusive
-Insight on Adam R and Ty...fight
-Is Ty really...?? Jonna and Jasmine weigh in
-Drinking Alter-Ego's-Rasheeda (Jasmine) and Kaneesha (Kenny)
-Teaser: Preview to Next Week
-The Name Game
-Clearing up "The Tyrie Thing"
-Best Reality Check Finale Ever

"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski Podcast, Ultimate Challenge Radio, MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Jonna & Jasmine "Rookies Don't Back Down"

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Anonymous said...

So uhh....is Jhnny the mystery vet that hooked up with Camilla?? :P

Anonymous said...

Why is Emily blacklisted from the show?

Toxic Rainbow said...

@3:02 Yep I thought the same thing. My moneys on Bananas being the one scared his girlfriend was gonna find out about him smashing Camilla.

Anonymous said...

um...camilla did not sleep her way thru. she performed very well so wat the hell is jonna talking about. and jonna got mad bc she got a name wrong. big deal. get over it. she probably didnt remember her bc of one week.

Anonymous said...

Why is Emily blacklisted from the show?

Anonymous said...

I think Emily was blacklisted because she was giving spoilers about the show.

Anonymous said...

PS: This is EMILEE not Emily. Don't get them mixed up. Cancun Emilee is blacklisted. DC Emily is just fine.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jasmine's reality check to Ty had me laughing my butt off. Oh that was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Camilla DID know who Jonna was because Camilla was stalking the RW Cancun cast. Camilla WISHES she had been on a RW season, instead of a drunk whore that won a wet T-shirt contest during Spring Break.

Anonymous said...

Late in listening to this podcast with Jonna and Jasmine, but I'd like to comment on Jonna and Jasmine's spilling the beans (albeit anonymously) about one of the veterans boinking Camilla. The guesses I've seen have cited Johnny. Several weeks and episodes later, I think the unidentified veteran seems more to be Evan.

He threw himself into the Jungle which his fellow cohorts claim was from his missing his girlfriend. Hmmmm, Evan has been in these 6-week stints before so he knows the "sacrifice" - something that never bothered him before (I assume he's had a girlfriend during previous Challenges). Further, from the shows, Evan appeared most in love with Kenny (that's who Evan's girlfriend should be jealous of).

Cara Maria also vaguely, vaguely mentioned that it wasn't necessarily Evan's pining for his girlfriend that led to his giving up.

Finally, there was a scene with Johnny and Evan trying to persuade Camilla and Theresa to not throw in the towel. Johnny and Evan are the likely "boys" Jonna was alluding to as the ones threatening her.

If I remember correctly of the reunion shows and ones with deleted scenes, Evan was often among those in (drunken) hookups with the female contestants. So, he's not above the sexual orgies.

Of course, it's all speculation.