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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, June 3, 2011

Read The Stars | Monthly Horoscopes and Celebrity Predictions

June 3, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Read The Stars

Local astrologer Judi Vitale's website, ReadTheStars.com, brings the complex idea of astrology accessibly down to earth. A major aspect of Read The Stars are the daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes.
Read The Stars, Judi Vitale, Pittsburgh, Astrology
 Here is a sneak peak of the monthly horoscope for June:

Important Days:
New Moon is on June 1 Your Job: Start something new! (It's an eclipse, so that something new might even get started for you.)
June 1: New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Gemini.
June 2: Mercury moves into Gemini, bringing the gift of easy, fast and insightful communication.
June 3: Neptune will station to retrograde.
June 4: Jupiter will enter Taurus.
June 9: Venus will enter Gemini
June 12: Saturn will station to direct motion.
June 15: Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.
June 16: Mercury will enter Cancer, leading to a more feeling-based way of remembering and communicating.
June 20th: Mars will enter Gemini.
June 21: The sun will enter Cancer and it will be the Summer Solstice.

Check out your horoscope for the month of June on Read The Stars here.

A recent article featured on Read The Stars centers around the current controversy surrounding Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver:

"Even when people say that Maria has become a "shadow of herself" and how aspects of this marriage, particularly Arnold's infidelities, have "wrecked her," don't believe it. Schwarzenagger is a very strong individual, to be sure, but Shriver is no slouch, either. He's a Leo - bold, brave, dramatic and prone to pounding his chest. She is a Scorpio - equally strong, but in a quiet way, usually preferring to operate from behind the scenes. Both of them have very strong connections between these powerful positions for the sun and the planet of power itself, Pluto."

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Schriver, Read The Stars, Judi Vitale, Pittsburgh, Astrology

Interestingly, Judi got the prediction of hearing more about the story on May 17th (the day the news of the child hit). We'll all have to wait and see what might happen when the next eclipse occurs on June 15th, which Judi touches on in the article.

Check out "Maria and Arnold - a Sun-Pluto Story" on Read The Stars to read the whole article.

Visit Read The Stars daily for horoscopes, stories and more!

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