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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/ Robin & Katie | MTV Real World & Challenge Vets

June 27, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Guest Robin & KatieProduced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com

Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Robin HibbardDerrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Katie DoyleWelcome back to another fantabulous podcast circus. We are all over the place on this one. We've got Real World:San Diego alum Robin Hibbard with us and Katie Doyle from Road Rules:B.C. (Before Christ). Just kidding. That's a joke. Between the 3 of us,we've been on about 30 challenges. Robin was eliminated 1st on this season with her partner Aneesa. Katie was originally casted for this challenge, but turned it down. Didn't Katie say she was retired?? Well, we're gonna find out whether or not either one of them will be back. The answer is pretty surprising. On top of that, you guys are going to know what Robin and Aneesa's elimination does for the rest of teams-who it helps and who it hurts. And, trust me ,that's not it. Robin's son even makes a cameo. Enjoy this one guys. It's a fun one.

#TeamDerrick #UltimateChallengeRadio #TeamUCR

-Katie's Rivals
-Trishelle's Possible Return
-Robin's Enemies
-What Robin and Aneesa's Departure means for the rest of the Teams
-Evelyn and Robin's Friendship
-Why Robin and Aneesa went in
-The 1st Challenge and 1st Elimination Round-Katie and Robin retired??
-What the hell Robin was trying to say before she got voted in
-Reality Check Time

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Derrick Kosinski Podcast, Ultimate Challenge Radio, MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
"Robin & Katie Podcast"

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Anonymous said...

Not sure I understand the complaining about Evelyn on this podcast...

I've heard a lot of people on these shows (and I feel Derrick has been one of them) who embrace people who love the competition and stay away from the politics of the game. Now they mock Evelyn for wanting a tough match and ignoring the social politics?

I don't know, I just am not sure I'm following what was so wrong about Evelyn wanting to go in against a strong team. As far as I'm concerned, Evelyn sitting Robin down to explain her vote makes her seem more respectful about it.

Anonymous said...

Ok Derrick, way to not lead the questions,if Ev takes out a strong team it will scare the rest and she wanted to get physical. I don't get whats Robin's problem , it's a game her and Ev are not bffs like her and Wes or her and Kelly Anne. Of course Ev will side with the dick heads this season because Wes is partnered with Kenny, and Paula is friends with Kenny/Johnny etc. And she told her to her face so it's not like it was a shady move. Plus I think her and Laurel are probably voting the same way and as if Robin did win as if she would side with JEK over Adam/CT.

Anonymous said...

wait that wasn't clear, what I meant was.
*if Robin didn't go in as if she would side with JEK over Adam/CT.

Anonymous said...

No Derrick was saying that he doesnt like how Evelyn told robin and Aneesa that she was friends with them and she really liked them and the only reason she was sending them in was because they were good competition. He thought that if Evelyn really saw them as friends she would have wanted them in the finals with her. You dont take money away from your friends and ruin their chances of going into the finals

Thats why Evan and Kenny always get so far because they want to take each other to the finals and they would never choose to go into an elimination against each other because they wouldnt want to take away the others chances of winning

Anonymous said...

Yeah and everyone gives Kenny and Evan crap for sticking with each other and screwing other people over. But when Evelyn takes friendship and alliances out of the equation and just makes a strategic move, she gets hell for it? It doesn't make sense... Robin just sounds very bitter about the whole thing. They lost fair and square as far as I'm concerned... it's not like Evelyn promised her the finals or anything.

Anonymous said...

how do you have robin on and not ask her about the Danimal?

Anonymous said...

I don't see the big issue here. Evelyn is friendly with Robin but they were never best friends. It was Derrick that implied that Evelyn was saying they were great friends. Afaik Derrick wasn't there during the conversation. At least Evelyn talked to Robin about it. Derrick is the one that acts like he is friends with people, but then votes how Kenny and Johnny tell him to. He has got no backbone and should not judge other people.

cj said...

derrick you're a fucking beast man, hope you go back and do another challenge.


sad to see you go.

jeff said...

derrick love that podcast man. you should try to get some more older cast in the podcast like ibis because shes smoking and someothers.

keep up the good work boss

Challenger said...

Good podcast "D." How about trying to get the likes of Road Rulers Darrell and Rachel on a podcast since their the best male and female to ever to a challenge. I swear they would kill everyone if MTV decided to cast them both for a Duel 3.

Anonymous said...