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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/ Laurel & Evan MTV Challenge Rivals

June 23, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski w/ Guest Laurel & EvanProduced By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Source Credits - MTV.com

MTV Challenge Rivals Derrick Kosinski Podcast Laurel
MTV Challenge Rivals Derrick Kosinski Podcast EvanThe Challenge: Rivals premiered last night and I've got two of the big dogs covering the beginning!! Evan got his start on Fresh Meat and has continuously proved his dominance over the years as arguably being the best competitor to play the game. There's no question that Laurel is the best new girl to hit challenge scene,the question is,is she better than Evelyn? It appeared that Laurel won the first battle by getting a chance to see Evelyn and Paula in The Jungle. I'm interested to see how big this rivalry will get. We cover everything from Adam and Ty's fight to C.T.'s pregnancy comment to Laurel and Big EZ's continuous bickering. We've got it all. Sit back and get ready for another really funny podcast.


Ultimate Challenge Radio

-Distaste for Evan and Laurel's Teammates
-C.T. intimidating??
-All the DQ's??
-The Big Fight
-Why break up the fight??
-Mandi's a Dodo Bird
-Robin's last challenge?
-Tons more...

"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski Podcast, Ultimate Challenge Radio, MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
"Laurel & Evan Talk Rivals Premiere"

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Anonymous said...

Ok you know what sucks, the fact that there is no dailies, thats total fucking horse shit especially for this challenge! biggest upset since the vets loosing on G3 fucking crap! ps CT has the best body ever, it would be worth it to watch this show just to look at CT, Evan you would get confused with a pregnant woman.

Anonymous said...

Laurel is so annoying. I wish she would shut up.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the part of the episode where Ty fell. How far into it is it.

Anonymous said...

The more I hear Laurel. The more I hate Laurel.

LonMonique♥ said...

Did Laurel hook up with CT???? maaannn i thought he was going to hook up with Mandi and she would fall for him like Diem..

Anonymous said...

CT hook-ups with Mandi and Laurel but Mandi also hookups with Wes in the pool.

Anonymous said...

Laurel is so fucking annoying. She talks like she knows everything and has never actually won a challenge. She always comes off as a bitch and there's a reason for that.

Anonymous said...

Laurel is such a bitch. They should stop casting her on the show, she is so annoying. You really get the sense that a lot of people on the shows don't really like her at all.

Anonymous said...

Laurel IS fuckin annoying. Make fun of yourself once in a while, beaatch. It's good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

Ew, she can't even pick a girl to be BFF's with? Being down with the guys doesn't make you cooler, brah.

Anonymous said...

lovesss laurel, everyone else is just jealous.

Anonymous said...

Wow, if it was just Evan on this podcast it would be dope. He should have had Johnny and Evan on the podcast. Derrick and Evan are at least funny Laurel isn't at all funny. I found myself listening to this literally muting Laurel in my head and cracking up at the hilarious shit Evan said.

Anonymous said...

FUCK Laurel!!! That is all.

Anonymous said...

JEK jealous of CT. Derrick hates on him alwasy too...THe dustin impression was halarious by evan

Anonymous said...

Nobody is jealous of CT and nobody hates on him. CT is a fucking moron. He is arguably the strongest guy to ever be on a challenge and has never one, you can't act as if that doesn't have something to do with his poor intellect. Derrick hates on him because CT did a podcast with Derrick and said some things he regretted saying and then he threatened Derrick into editing the podcast to make him look good. NOBODY likes CT but Laurel, and she is just as unbearable and unpopular as he is. She has also never won a challenge.

Econ1260MetZ said...

How the fuck do you know that Ct asked Derrick to edit out some of the things he said on his interview? Not trying to be a prick but how do you know that for sure?I didn't think he said anything wrong but hey enlighten me! PS this podcast was mad funny and Laurel has a BIG crush on CT

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...

Nobody is jealous of CT and nobody hates on him. CT is a fucking moron. He is arguably the strongest guy to ever be on a challenge and has never one, you can't act as if that doesn't have something to do with his poor intellect."

...Seriously???? Lmao you are hating on CT's intellect and in the same sentence and you wrote "one".

Anonymous said...

Seriously, Laurel needs to just STFU, crawl under a rock and stay there forever. She is such a hypocritical, nasty bitch without a soul or brains for that matter. She's not worthy of being a podcast guest. She should of been a blow job and swallowed.