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February, 08, 2012


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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | "Past, Present, and Potential Challenge Hook-Ups" with Mark Long and Chet Cannon

June 19, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski & Mark Long w/ Guest Chet Cannon
Source Credits - MTV.com

Mark Long, MTV, Derrick Kosinski PodcastChet Cannon, MTV, Derrick Kosinski PodcastHere is a podcast that you will definitely not wanna miss!! We've got the only 2 cast members in Real World,Road Rules, and Challenge History to ever go on and host the After show on MTV. Mark Long has hosted the previous 7 After shows (3 Real Worlds, 4 Challenges) and Chet Cannon has currently taken over the reigns with The Real World:Las Vegas. There is so much information packed in this 45 min podcast that it will undoubtedly leave you wanting more. But, have no fear folks, T.J. Lavin is standing in the on deck circle ready to hit another sensational podcast out the park. With this podcast, it feels like "Ultimate Challenge Radio" has reached new heights. For MTV to feel good enough about putting the mic in these 2 guys hands and letting them lead their show, I say the same thing. "Here ya go fellas, take it away," and they did not disappoint. In this very comical podcast Me and the guys cover "Past, Present, and Possible Challenge Hook-Ups" as we can virtually see Wednesday's premier of The Challenge: Rivals.

*Note: at around the 11 minute mark of this podcast Chet and then Mark tell a hookup story but we had to bleep out the names so as not to spoil and upcoming hookup this season. (and also to keep it all good with the folks at MTV) We think the story is still worthy of keeping in the podcast and we will leave it to your imagination.

Enjoy and Cheers, - D


-Chets Ringtone
-Mark's and Chet's challenge fantasy hook up
-Starring Jaime Chung (RW:San Diego) and The Hangover 2
-Sarah's potential challenge love interests
-Paula past and potential future challenge hook ups
-Robin's baby's daddy?
-Derrick's Brandon Hook Up Prediction
-Adam King's unknown hook up
-C.T.'s past and potential future
-The Gay Hook Up

"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
"Past, Present, and Potential Challenge Hook-Ups"

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Anonymous said...

Why did Chet say two trans gender women? Since when was Evelyn trans gender? Just cause a girl is strong then she must be a dude. :/

Anonymous said...

I find these nasty comments about Evelyn on this podcast very rude. Usually its Johnny that says shit about her. Stay classy.

LonMonique♥ said...

I dont find it rude to me its kinda funny coming from CHET.. like pleaseee.. its refreshing to hear ppl saying the stuff that they actually think and not going around...
PS.. a love Chet's explanation on Cathelin's bf hahaha

Anonymous said...

Enough with the transgendered jokes and Evelyn. It's old and definitely not funny -- and it makes you look immature.

Evelyn could break Chet in half...and I'd laugh if she did after listening to this.

Anonymous said...

And the way he said it sounded like he actually believed it and yeah Ev probably could take Chet lol. Id actually like to hear a podcast with Ev but I dont know if she'd wana do it when all they do is talk shit about her. And shes hot as hell so theres nothing manly bout that girl besides her strength.

Anonymous said...

great podcast. thanks mark and chet for the inside scoop.

Anonymous said...

I wish Ev would do a podcast

Talent Network, Inc. said...

hello fans. thanks for the listens and the comments. keep them coming. We shoot them over to Derrick to read. He doesn't get on computer much with his job, wife and baby but he asked us to pass along his thank you for listening and he says he hopes to have Evelyn on the podcast this season. He also apologizes if the podcast goes a bit haywire and off the rails as Chet did with Evelyn. Chet was just being Chet and and trying to move the needle and stir the pot with random outrageous comments.

We are looking forward to a great podcast season for Rivals.

Talent Network News

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