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February, 08, 2012


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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/Kenny & Johnny | Fan Mail-Part 2 of 2

May 21, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski, Kenny Santucci, Johnny Bananas
Source Credits - MTV.com

Part 2 of 2
MTV Derrick Kenny JohnnyThe boys are back in town, back by popular demand, back for another Championship Round of "Ultimate Challenge Radio." Johnny Bananas "The Bananza," Kenny "The King" Santucci, and host of Ultimate Challenge Radio "The Detonator" Derrick Kosinski gear up to answer the most interesting Fan Mail and Twitter questions we could get our hands on. This podcast is Specially dedicated to you guys-our viewers,our fans,our buddies.

We wanna extend a big Thank You for supporting Ultimate Challenge Radio and making it a success in it's short time of existence. As always, sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy.

Team Ultimate Challenge Radio

Fan Podcast-Part 2-TALKING POINTS
- The Best/Worst Manipulators in the Game
- Kenny and Evan showering together
- People we would like to see on a Challenge
- Challenge Teams broken down by cities
- Weirdest Challenge Hook-ups
- Which Real World season would we like to have been on
- Casting "The Duel 3"
- "Reality Check" for someone on Real World:Las Vegas

"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Part 2 of 2 | Fan Mail Podcast - May 21

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[listen] Derrick Kosinski Podcast | w/Kenny & Johnny | Fan Mail-Part 1 of 2

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Anonymous said...

Johnny is AMAZING on these podcasts. Amazing. He really keeps it going. Podcasts with him on here are the best. Keep Johnny coming on these please.

Anonymous said...

Johnny is an idiot, the whole best manipulator thing, Evelyn doesnt need you to win. You backed her in a corner so she sent herself home? were on the same team you retard wtf is he talking about?? And she was winning and couldve thrown every challenge and wouldve fucked your asses over. But she said she would rather let Kelly Anne have a chance at winning instead.

n said...

Great podcast guys. I completely agree with the first comment, JB may say «dude» a whole lot but he's one entertaining guy.

Corey said...

I loved the geography part!

Anonymous said...

Veronica was best old school manipulator hands down.