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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Winner Crowned | MTV Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat "Challenge Madness" Bracket

Apr. 7, 2011
By - Derrick Kosinski
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Frank Murgia, Twitter.com/ChallengeFacts, MTV.com

It's all over folks. A winner has been crowned in the Inaugural "Challenge Madness: Total Elimination" tournament. This one shinning moment belongs to Landon originally from MTV'S Real World Philadelphia He ousted arguably the toughest female competitor in challenge history. Two #1 Seeds faced off in a battle that saw voting back and forth early and close at the halfway point but in the end Lando 'the Commando' proved once again to be one of the best to ever play the game.

Championship Matchup MTV Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat "Challenge Madness" Bracket

Championship Matchup MTV Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat "Challenge Madness" Bracket

This has been wildly popular tourney and thanks again to all of the great fans and friends who participated in spreading the love. We will do it again next year with some new faces and new seedings and maybe a twist or two.

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MTV Challenge Bracket Tournament, Derrick Kosisnki

About "Challenge Madness: Total Elimination"
Competitors from The Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat have been seeded and selected to their 1st round match-ups. There are 64 players. There are 4 Regions labeled Gauntlet, Inferno, Gulag, and Exile. Guys and Girls were randomly selected in each region and seeded. If you have any problems feel free to voice your opinion to our committee here on Talent Network News or at YouTube.com/DerrickKosinskiTV

Disclaimer: This bracket challenge is not an official MTV certified or approved tournament. For amusement only.

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brent said...

Landon's a beast, no doubt

JJobbe said...

Landon is the best I heard he got a new job and is getting married. Thats cool, but his fans really want to see him on at least one more challenge. Preferably the duel 3. Think about it Lando.

james said...

Landon deserves it! He's a great competitor.

I'm shocked to see that Susie made it so far. She's not a strong competitor.

Weird that Johanna beat Tonya. Tonya's a hella strong competitor (besides The Ruins).

I don't get how Kenny beat Abe.

Laurel made it mad far and she hasn't even won a challenge! SMH!

Anonymous said...

a podcast with Lando would be awesome Diesel!

Anonymous said...

wish my man CT would've won, but landons pretty good too.

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