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February, 08, 2012


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Saturday, April 2, 2011

ROUND 5 Voting | MTV Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat "Challenge Madness" Bracket | FINAL 4

April. 02, 2011
By - Frank Murgia, talent network, news
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Frank Murgia, Twitter.com/ChallengeFacts, MTV.com

View the Inaugural Winner and Final Bracket of the "Challenge Madness: Total Elimination" tournament. http://bit.ly/mtvbracketfinal

The Elite 8 featured big time battles with big time results sure to rattle the cages of rabid fans.

Landon who battled C.T. to the late hours in an earlier round was back and forth as well with The Miz. There must have been over 25 lead changes in the 2+ days of voting but in the end Landon doesn't take the WWE title but keeps his hopes alive for the bracket madness title prevailing by a little over 200 votes. In the other male match-up, friends, cast mates and podcast partners Kenny and Derrick stepped in to the inferno for what proved to be a close battle throughout only to see Kenny to pull away late for the win. As usual Derrick left the Inferno black, blue and bruised giving Kenny all he could handle.

On the ladies side of the bracket EV had some trouble early with Susie but proved to be way too much winning easily without a sweat. In a battle of old vs new, the legend Road Ruler Rachel stepped in to the Gulag to face the new bully on the block Laurel Stucky. Bruising, brawling and hot all at the same time, Laurel legged out the victory in the final minutes by a mere 67 votes. As the years pass this is the battle that will go in to the vault as the brawl that started it all in the ladies region of this inaugural 'Challenge Madness: Total Elimination' tournament.

On to Round 5 to determine who faces off in the championship final challenge on Tuesday. The new updated bracket and voting polls are posted below. Vote more than once and tell your friends then come back and vote again. Epic match-ups dominated by Fresh Meat competitors - Landon vs. Kenny and Evelyn vs. Laurel. Who will be the Final 2. It's up to you.

A note to all of the comments predicting the fix was in for Derrick to win his own tournament -- We do it right and we do it real here. The fans have all of the power and we thank you all for your fantastic participation and word of mouth. Keep it going for the final week of match-ups.

Thanks to our good Twitter friend @ChallengeFacts for creating our great looking bracket. Follow him for great info and facts for all of these shows.

** Vote here tell your friends, spread the word. Forward, Facebook and Tweet our shortened link. http://bit.ly/mtvbracket5

Disclaimer: This bracket challenge is not an official MTV certified or approved tournament. For amusement only.

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JJobbe said...

Landon is a better athlete, Kenny plays the game smarter. Landon is really nice, Kenny has more fans.

I'm betting on Lando Commando to come through.

Anonymous said...

I still think Derrick should have been in the final! But Landon is the better athlete, fresh meat all over again. Landon Wins!

Anonymous said...

Come on CHALLENGE FANS... This whole thing started from RW & RR, REAL ppl who put in REAL work to be here!! Don't let these fresh meats win this thing!! F@ck Kenny... Vote LANDON all day!!! RW!! Heck yeah!!

Anonymous said...

Come on ppl!!!!! Forget about Kenny, I know he's a handsome looking dude but he's "fresh meat" this whole game started because of our RW&RR's!!! Don't let this guy win... Landon is a unstoppable machine!! LET"S GO LANDON!!

Anonymous said...


TheChallenger said...

Besides Landon, the remaining final four is a joke. It should be Landon Vs. Alton for guys and Rachel Vs either Coral or Susie for the girls. Anyways I can understand Ev and Laurel being in the final, but Kenny never should've made it past round one. The guy isn't even a top 25 male challenger. He just relies on his so called pretty looks and jokes to make it to the end all the time.

erodwhtboygreat1 said...

Kenny probably sits on here voting for himself all day probably has his sack monkey johnny voting for him 4 the win too

Anonymous said...

Why are people hating on Kenny. As for the girls I for sure thought it was going to be Susie and Laurel.

Tev said...

I'm surprised Kenny made it this far, but then again, I really think a lot of the brawn was in the upper half of the men's draw.

Landon and Ev all the way, but imho Ev should definitely have been facing off against Rachel, not Laurel.