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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ROUND 4 Voting | MTV Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat "Challenge Madness" Bracket

Mar. 23, 2011
By - Derrick Kosinski
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Frank Murgia, Twitter.com/ChallengeFacts, MTV.com

View the Inaugural Winner and Final Bracket of the "Challenge Madness: Total Elimination" tournament. http://bit.ly/mtvbracketfinal

On to Round 4 to determine the Final 4 best challenge competitors. The sweet 16 consisted of three close match-ups of Susie edging put Coral, Rachel beating Jenn who was on her heels for 2 days and Derrick pulling away late to comfortably beat Alton. Landon handled C.T. fairly easily as did Kenny, Laurel and EV.

Challenge Bracket Elite Eight Match-Ups

The new updated bracket and voting polls are posted below. Go get it and have fun. Vote more that once and tell your friends. As you will see there are some flat out amazing match-ups once again. This is going to be tough and will go down to the wire no doubt. Who will go to the Final 4. It's up to you.

Derrick wants to know if Kenny Santucci wants any of this but whoopin' as they face-off in the Elite 8.

Kickin' Some But
This is another bad ass opportunity I got to do once in my life. I'll never forget it. This was in front a crowd in Argentina. They chanted "Gordo," which means "Fat" in Spanish, as I pummeled my opponent. http://www.youtube.com/user/DerrickKosinskiTV

Click Bracket to View, Print and Download to Play Along at Home
(Click on Photo then Right click on photo to save to your computer, print, fill out, enjoy.)

About "Challenge Madness: Total Elimination"
Competitors from The Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat have been seeded and selected to their 1st round match-ups. There are 64 players. There are 4 Regions labeled Gauntlet, Inferno, Gulag, and Exile. Guys and Girls were randomly selected in each region and seeded.  If you have any problems feel free to voice your opinion to our committee here on Talent Network News or at YouTube.com/DerrickKosinskiTV  

Disclaimer: This bracket challenge is not an official MTV certified or approved tournament. For amusement only.

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Anonymous said...

What?!?! How can Rachel beat out Jenn. I am so upset because two of my favorites are going against each other( Kenny and Derrick) :(

Anonymous said...

HA, Derrick beat Alton, that's cute. This really is a fantasy bracket.

Anonymous said...

Landon can't beat C.T.

JJobbe said...

Kenny is smart, funny, and has a lot of powerful friends thats how he makes it to the end. But he is not a supreme athlete not even a top 10.

Derrick is good but Alton I think should have won.

Landon beating CT i'm cool with that. Landon would beat him in endurance, climbing, or puzzles. Even if it were physical CT would probably do something dumb and DQ like he always does.

erodwhtboygreat1 said...

wow is the only person voting for this crap named derrick i mean come on beating alton never, and kenny beating abe wtf abe would toss kenny around and ct would crush landon in anything physical only thing landon has on ct is hes smarte, im guessing derrick gonna go against kenny in the mens final since its his podcast. what a joke

Anonymous said...

It's just a fantasy bracket for fun and Derrick is not even a #1 seed. People are probably voting more as a popularity contest more than thinking of an actual head to head challenge. Head to head is the better way to approach it when voting I agree. You have the power in your hands to vote as many times as you want. Have at it.

Anonymous said...

Landon/CT should've been the final and I agree with what was said earlier, I definitely see Landon beating CT in something that was long distance. Heck even head-to-head, Landon's not a small guy and also has an extensive wrestling background to go along with his tremendous athleticism.

I just LOL hard at CT being out when people like Kenny, Miz, and Derrick are left. He's done multiple challenges with all three and was the clear, dominant presence on all of those shows while those guys were barely noticable as competitors outside of being included on the show's opening credits. He was deserving of way more than a #4 seed, especially considering he was seeded lower than Darrell and Evan.

sweetcheese_12 said...

I just read that your supposed to vote on who would beat one another in a challenge I didn't even know that was the purpose even though it makes sense. Rachel probably could beat Jenn, but I LOVE JENN, she better be on the next challenge, actually make that both Rachel and Jenn on the next season(didn't they date on a season?)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sure Derrick could really beat Alton. Come on! That's just ridiculous! An dThe Miz beating Challenge King Darrell? Give me a break! Is it really a surprise that the guy organizing this whole thing is beating out way better competitors? What a joke!

Anonymous said...

It's a popularity contest people! Chillout! I like em all, is my favourite show on earth, my favourite is Frank.