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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, March 21, 2011

MTV Real World, Road Rules, Fresh Meat Challenge Madness Bracket

Mar. 21, 2011
By - Derrick Kosinski
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Frank Murgia, Twitter.com/ChallengeFacts, MTV.com

View the Inaugural Winner and Final Bracket of the "Challenge Madness: Total Elimination" tournament. http://bit.ly/mtvbracketfinal

Welcome to "Challenge Madness: Total Elimination." This is the 1st ever "Fantasy Challenge Bracket" (We Think).  In honor of March Madness and the NCAA Tournament, we decided to create a bracket of our own and make March Madness even more powerful than it already is. This will become fun, especially if you are like me and your bracket is already in shamble...thanks St. John's. This gives you another chance to get involved, redeem yourself and grab bragging rights against your friends.

Competitors from The Real World, Road Rules, and Fresh Meat have been seeded and selected to their 1st round match-ups. There are 64 players. There are 4 Regions labeled Gauntlet, Inferno, Gulag, and Exile. Guys and Girls were randomly selected in each region and seeded.  If you have any problems feel free to voice your opinion to our committee here on Talent Network News or at YouTube.com/DerrickKosinskiTV  I feel like there will be some beef with the seeds. Ultimately, you the FANS choose who wins, loses, goes home, or survives. You have the loudest voice. Your opinion is the only one that matters. I hope everyone enjoys this and has fun with it. I will be giving a weekly analysis of the match ups to give you guys a better idea of who you might want to or might not want to keep around in the tournament on my You Tube Channel.

A gigantic thank you to our good Twitter friend @ChallengeFacts for creating a great looking bracket as well as assisting on the selection committee. Follow him for great info and facts for all of these shows.

Hope you guys have fun with this and at least get a laugh out of it.

Vote here tell your friends. Fill out your brackets and check in with us.



This bracket challenge is not an official MTV certified or approved tournament. For amusement only.

Click Bracket to View and download to play along at home
to Download - Click on Photo then Right click on photo to save to your computer, print, fill out, enjoy.

MTV Real World Road Rules Fresh Meat Bracket March Madness Derrick Kosinski Podcast

Round 1 Voting Ended Wednesday, March 23 at Midnight


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mike said...

Love the bracket...biggest upset according the seeding would be Timmy over Wes. If you wanted to win a team based competition Timmy wins. If you're going off individual performance Wes wins with ease.

brent said...

it totally depends on type of challenge they're doing, especailly for a matchup like noor vs miz.

625271a8-5446-11e0-b741-000bcdcb5194 said...

Where is Emily (RR2) and Ellen (The Quest). They were one of the strongest girls on challenge history.

Why is Noor ranked so high? He hasn't done jack! Even Evan who only wins challenges by sucking up to everybody and manipulation is ranked so high.

Chauncey B. said...

Hey, Derrick this is a dope idea! What's funny is me and my friends did a RR/RW style bracket also but it's for the Women of RR/RW from past seasons. If you don't mind check it out here when you get the chance: http://mrrenaissanceman.blogspot.com/2011/03/1-3-svetlana-rw-key-west-mtvsvetlanas.html

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I'd love to see a lot of these match ups for real on the show. It would definitely be interesting. Jillian and Noor are definitely the sleepers. Also Paula could give the girls some trouble as an 11 seed.

Anonymous said...

This is only legit if Alton wins. No one ever could touch him.

Anonymous said...

Where is Kit?

Anonymous said...

The Miz as a 10 seed? Is this serious? Best 5 season prime in the game. Like Pedro in '99, just pure dominance.

Anonymous said...

Kit was never on a Challenge -CF

Špela said...

just wanted to say that i love you dereck&johnny&kenny&evan! you are the best! <3

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS!!!. They should really do this for an ACTUAL challenge. Get the fans involved, would really spice up the challenges. They need something new, the last few have been snoozers...especially without the best vets that made this show.
<3 KENNY & <3 EVAN

Anonymous said...

Great idea but some terrible seedings that favor the newer casts over the Vets.

How is the Miz seeded 10th, never lost an elimination battle, made it to the finals in every challenge he did but one where they had a vote off. And has won 2 back when they did them once a year not twice. I mean come on Brandon, nehemiah, Noor, Kenny, Even, Johnny, Tyler and Frank all above a man main eventing WM lol. Miz got hosed he's a 3 seed at worst lol.

On the women's side coral a 14, YIKES! I know she was always over rated but wow and a Julie a 3. Veronica is getting no love either didnt she win like 3 or 4 of these things. Ruthie might of had teh greatest female performance other than Rachels Duel 2 when she did battle of the sexes and shes a 7.

Way to much love for the casts that came after Gauntlet 2 IMO. Granted its just for fun, im just stirring the pot a little.

Anonymous said...

Just like in the Big Dance the #8/#9 match-ups are always the best ones to watch.

Anonymous said...

veronica should be wayyyy higher. veronica, rachel, tina are the all stars for girls in my opinion

Anonymous said...

Relax about the seeds. It specifically says the seedings were chosen at random. Random, means that there was no rhyme or reason to the seedings.

Anonymous said...

The seeding wasn't chosen at random the region they're in was chosen at random.

Talent Network, Inc. said...

Check out Chanucey B's the cool Sexy women of Rw/Rr bracket also. Good stuff.


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