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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast w/ MTV Real World Legends Ruthie & Puck Part 2 of 2

Mar. 15, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski, w/guest Noor
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Ruthie, Puck, MTV.com

Derrick Wraps up maybe the best podcast to date with MTV Real World Legends Ruthie & Puck. Make sure you check out part 1 if you missed it. Great stuff for fans new & old.

Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Ruthie
Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV PuckRuthie's MTV Bio:
One of triplets and the only native born Hawaiian in the cast, Ruthie was raised in a foster home by a strict, Filipino family. According to Ruthie, her foster parents favored their biological children and discouraged Ruthie from educating herself. During high school, she enrolled in an "Upward Bound" program that boosted her self-esteem. After high school, she left her foster family and did not contact them again until she enrolled at Rutgers University. Ruthie's goal is to run her own magazine. She has won awards for her freestyle rapping and performs spoken word poetry. She is bisexual and has a girlfriend, Jess, who lives near Honolulu. (Original Bio from 1999 The Real World Hawaii)

Puck's MTV Bio:
Puck is a San Francisco bicycle messenger who was born and raised in the Bay Area and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. At 25-years-old, he has reached the pinnacle of his career as a bike messenger and is widely known in and around the city. Puck calls his life "harsh," and takes at least one good spill on his bike every week. Always stirring things up, Puck's hobby is racing Soap Boxes. (Original Bio from 1993 The Real World San Francisco)

Thanks for tuning in, and check out Derrick's New YouTube Channel.

This is Part 2 of 2.

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Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV

Derrick Kosinski Podcast
  Ruthie & Puck Part 2 of 2

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