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February, 08, 2012


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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Derrick Kosinski Podcast w/ Andrew "Panda Hat" Woods/Real World D.C. | Part 1 of 2

Mar. 20, 2011
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski, w/guest Andrew "Panda Hat" Woods/Real World DC
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Andrew "Panda Hat" Woods, MTV.com

I knew my next podcast interview was going to be interesting, but I never thought I was going to hear things that I've never heard before. I expected this interview to be border line weird, and I got much more. I got a really fun and extremely entertaining discussion with a guy who loves to prance around the world with a preppy button-up shirt and an ever so famous... "Panda Hat." You may have seen him get turned down by a few girls on his Real World: D.C. season or you may have seen him get pushed off a side of stairs by his cast mate and "CutThroat" controversy king, Ty.  Not to take the steam away from Andrew "Panda Hat Dude" Woods (pictured) but he lived with a guy who put a plant in Emily's bed on "CutThroat." That was crazy!! Emily was also on Real World: D.C. Me and Andrew talk everything from Episode 2 of Real World: Las Vegas to comic books, his hunger for a "Challenge," an intense experience he had at the gym under the influence of Viagra, adderal, and N.O. Explode, and a bunch of other weird/cool stuff. I guarantee you will enjoy this podcast because you can't buy dialogue like this,folks. Lol. Cheers. Thanks again for tuning in. You guys are the best.

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Derrick Kosinski

This is Part 1 of 2.

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Derrick Kosinski Podcast
Andrew "Panda Hat" Woods Part 1 of 2
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1 comment:

TJ Lavin said...

Derrick- Huge fan man, you're a great guy, but come on- you didn't fight johnny and abe at the same time did you (on the island) ? I could've sworn you and johnny made an alliance before that elimination and abe wanted to leave anyways and it was actually ABE that fought of you and bananas at the same time, and still ended up winning a round despite this. Of course it was amazing you beat johnny head to head because of the size difference, but come on man, you even sounded uncomfortable when Andrew was talking about it in the podcast! lol! but get on another challenge man, i like watching ya!