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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Godfathers of Comedy" Hold Their Own On Showtime

February 10, 2011
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - talent network, inc.

Godfathers of Comedy begins around a table: wine, food, conversation. We then see a bit of the backstage action (as we will throughout the special), before the camera hones in on the stage and the comedy.

First up is Willie Fratto.

Source: DesMoinesRegister.com
Willie’s Highlights:
- Talk of the nuns at his Catholic school (“nunchucks” come from nuns, Willie says).
- Willie wants a new job. His requirements: “I can only work about a half hour a day…I gotta be able to drink on the job.”
- “All I can think of is how you get down to one tooth.”

Next up is my personal favorite, Rocky LaPorte, who has a hilarious and unique delivery and never fails to make me laugh.

Rocky’s Highlights:
- “I remember one time I brought my report card home. I go, “Hey Pop, I got a B in Reading!” He goes, “That’s a D, you idiot.”
- “I go, ‘make love?’ We’ll burst into flames, what the hell are you talking about?...‘Make love.’ We’ll start a grease fire, you idiot.”
- “It looks like Hitler sticking his head out the window.”
- “Sometimes they don’t even have the right sex. I go, ‘Do you know a Mike Smith?’ He goes, ‘I know a Denise Smith.’ I go, ‘Oh yeah – that’s the guy.’

The third comedian to take the stage is Paul D’Angelo.

Source: pdangelo.com
Paul’s Highlights:
- His Desert Storm video game addiction.
- “I never had the urge to live in a Yellow Submarine…I never shot the Sheriff, the Deputy.”
- “We’re the ones that need an ice-cream truck! That’s why I’m going to drive a Cocktail Wagon.”

Then comes John Caponera. I like John’s delivery. He has an interesting way of making something funny that shouldn’t necessarily be so.

Source: johncaponera.com
John’s Highlights:
- “That’s my opener…Is it funny, is it not funny – I don’t care. I’m like that. I live on the edge. I’m a thrill seeker.”
- “I had kids way too late,” which paves the way for his impression of being an old man at Little League games.
- Talk of not being able to get away with “baby talk” anywhere else.

Last up is Frank Santorelli, a rare breed, having been both a defensive tackle and main player in "Fiddler in the Roof."

Source: pdangelo.com
Frank’s highlights:
- I grew fond of his customary “oh yeah,” after a statement that may or may not be hard to believe.
- Growing up in an Italian family, “Kinda strange…my mother taught me how to shave.”
- “You mess with me, I’ll be your worst nightmare,” said while putting on chapstick and drinking out of his “crazy straw” (which is far too big for his cup and looks completely awkward when drank out of).

Godfathers of Comedy is definitely worth a watch, with stand up sets by five different men with five distinct styles. The special follows an interesting format and the endearing introduction/interview with each comedian brings a new element to the person standing onstage, holding the microphone. It’s hard to root against someone once you’ve seen his baby pictures.

The backstage banter was one of the most endearing aspects of the special and, though not a huge part, it is still an integral feature behind the idea of Godfathers of Comedy. The epitome of the backstage banter and poking fun that occurred: “Don’t laugh. He is going to see this later and think we liked it.”

Watch Godfathers of Comedy to finish the thoughts/quotes I’ve started here and see the Italian/American comedy for yourself. Let us know what you think, and what stands out for you.

Check out The Godfathers of Comedy on Showtime for more information, including the next airtimes.

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Anonymous said...

I must agree that Rocky LaPorte is my personal favorite too! A must see !