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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Godfathers of Comedy" Comes To Showtime

January 25, 2010
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Godfathers of Comedy, talent network, inc.
Rocky LaPorte, the hilarious comedian talent network, inc. has worked with for years, is a part of Showtime's Godfathers of Comedy, premiering Saturday, January 29 at 9pm.

Director Rocco Urbisci (who directed and produced many of George Carlin's HBO comedy specials) and producer Neal Marshall (who has produced numerous Showtime stand-up comedy specials) are behind this special that binds together five Italian-American comedians.

Source: pdangelo.com
I did a laid-back interview with Rocky to find out more about the Godfathers of Comedy:

What is the Godfathers of Comedy all about?
About three years ago, Rocky did an Italian show at the Montreal Comedy Festival. After it was so well-received, Rocky thought, "why not do something here?"

Rocky LaPorte Godfathers of Comedy
Rocky LaPorte
Along with John Caponera, Paul D'Angelo, Frank Santorelli, and Willie Fratto, Rocky performed two sold out shows in one night, both to standing ovations, at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles, IL. This footage, along with interviews conducted in Hermosa Beach, CA at the Hermosa Beach Comedy & Magic Club, became the Godfathers of Comedy.

They pitched the footage to Showtime, but Rocky was under the impression that the network passed. It sat on the shelf for three years. This was until a friend of Rocky's insisted he try again. But why try again, Rocky thought, when the head of Showtime already passed on it? Come to find, the head of Showtime had never seen it. A young assistant had been the one who shelved it, and when the head of Showtime finally saw it, he loved it and wanted to air it.

How was The Godfathers of Comedy different from other gigs?
"The Godfathers of Comedy is about five goofy Italian guys and how they look at the world. But it's like The Sopranos; you don't have to be Italian to get it or like it, it's just funny."

Source: pdangelo.com
Was there any competition felt among the five guys?
"Not at all. We're all friends; we're all happy to do it together. We're all making fun of the guy onstage while we're backstage."

Do you have a set-plan for what jokes/stories you're going to tell, or do you feel out the audience before you know exactly what you're going to deliver?
"I think most guys have a planned-out set they like to do and throw some new stuff in the middle somewhere between bits that you know will work. And sometimes if something happens before you go up in the room you can address it or make fun of it." And when the topic of hecklers came up, Rocky said, "mace works best."

Akin to other comedy films, Godfathers of Comedy deserves massive success. As Rocky says, "We're like the Blue Collar guys, but more smartful." So, don't miss it. Rocky alone will be worth it!

For more information about the Godfathers of Comedy, go here.

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