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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | MTV Cutthroat | w/Brad | Ep.10 Finale Analysis

Dec. 16, 2010
Posted By - Frank Murgia/talent network news
Hosted By - Derrick Kosinski, w/guest Brad
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Brad, MTV.com, @ChallengeFacts

Derrick gets the exclusive first words from Brad (pictured) right after the final episode of Cutthroat in which he and his wife and red teammate Tori finished victoriously. Brad talks about the season and competing with his wife, Tori almost having to leave the challenge to go back to her job and the lie hidden by MTV,  the knocks against him not going into a gulag and competing with Derrick over the years in many challenges.

Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Cutthroat BradBrad's MTV.com Bio
Brad returns to the game as a happily married man, alongside his wife and fellow competitor, Tori. This time around, Brad has a clear goal in mind, explaining, "I feel more grounded than I've ever felt on a Challenge. I'm just looking forward to giving it everything I have and seeing if I can go home with a big check." Despite his love for the game, this fan favorite fron Real Word San Diego has actually never won a Challenge. Will Cutthroat finally be Brad's first victory?

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- Abe interview -- we hope
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- 'What's Eating Bananas' Christmas Edition
- Twitter guest @ChallengeFacts discusses the Challenge Hall of Fame
- Derrick & Kenny and a special guest reveal the Unofficial 1st Challenge Hall of Fame Class

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"The Best Damn Podcast on Ultimate Challenge Radio"
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Derrick Kosinski MTV Podcast, Best Damn Podcast

Derrick Kosinski Podcast MTV Cutthroat, Kenny Santucci
Derrick Kosinski Podcast
MTV Cutthroat | w/Brad | Episode 10 Analysis

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Anonymous said...

prediction for 1st hof bid, no one who started on fresh meat or later we got mark "the god father" which is an easy choice, pretty sure mike the miz will be one, timmy is another one who should be on there, trying to think of the old school vets, eric, dan, jaime, maybe theo. think its a little harder to choose after those first 3, maybe abram, darrell, or alton. derrick im pretty sure you are on the list but imo you should be in the 2nd bid, there were a feew challenges before your time with multiple winners who prob wont be on it. 2nd bid should be like you, landon, abe and darell if not on the first, prob brad, ct if he could get a win. 3rd bid throw kenny, johnny, evan, wes in there.

Crystal said...

I have been a fan of Brad since RW San Diego. Audience can tell that he is a good-hearted person. We wish you the best BRAD! I wish you the best.