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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Warped Experience: A Day to Remember

July 8, 2010
Posted By: Emma 


Even if it was close to 100 degrees outside, there was no shortage of people at Warped Tour 2010. Thousands of people came out to see fifty plus bands perform. Surrounded by music, music lovers, and skinny jeans galore, I was pretty much in heaven…a sublimely hot heaven, but heaven none-the-less. If you’ve never experienced a Warped Tour, I’d definitely recommend it. You’re introduced to so many new bands; you’re able to meet so many different people, including such band members; it’s a cool atmosphere; there are multiple stages and bands to choose to watch and listen to at any given time.

The All-American Rejects were awesome; the show was way too short for my liking (they’re all 30 minutes, of course, but I didn’t want this show to end). Tyson Ritter, the lead singer, was in quite a sexy mood, which I don't mind because if there's a word to associate with Tyson Ritter, it is "sexy." He was also raising money for Haiti at his merchandising tent, so he's sexy and thoughtful...what a combination. In all seriousness, The All-American Rejects are great, and their music is worth checking out, and if they ever come anywhere near you - Warped Tour or not - be sure to check them out; they're worth it.
My friend Natassia and Tyson Ritter
One of the noteworthy performances was from You Me At Six, a British band who are number one in the UK. During their performance, they kept the crowd engaged, and eventually there was a semi-attempt to start a mosh pit during one of the songs. I was able to meet them at their merchandising tent and they were nice enough to take a picture and sign autographs.

You Me At Six performing...
Speaking of merchandising tents, these are worth the price of the Warped Tour ticket in themselves. The band signings and meet and greets are, in a word, surreal. Each band goes to their merchandising tent at some time throughout the day. During this time, fans line up to meet bands, take pictures, and, if you’re lucky, have a lengthy conversation.

I discovered new music from bands like Breathe Carolina, Hollywood Heartthrob, The Young Modern, I See Stars, Pierce The Veil, Confide, We The Kings, Bring Me The Horizon, and so many more. I regret not taking enough pictures, but I don't even think I was thinking straight for the majority of the day: too much heat and too much intimidation with the bands, but they were definitely all friendly enough.

Warped Tour is a day-long event, and it comes as no surprise that the events don’t end when the last show wraps up. My friend and I were invited to the backstage barbecue, which starts around 9pm. There are drinks: the more you tip, the stronger the drink; let’s say you ask for a vodka/cranberry and you tip $4; your drink will be entirely vodka and a splash of cranberry. There’s food: it’s $5 for various barbecue type food. There’s music and camaraderie and it felt cliquey at first, but people started to mingle and blend together as time wore on and more people started showing up. For me, it was a once in a lifetime experience to have all of these bands in one place and be right in the middle of it. I’d like to say I took advantage of it, but I was way too intimidated to really do anything – there were far too many talented and good-looking guys in one place. It was a very chill atmosphere though. Everyone I was introduced to was nice, humble, and willing to be introduced and shake my hand. And what I found endearing was that everyone seems to get along really well; they support each other. They were talking about how they did during the day and so on. Anyone I talked to was interested in who I liked on tour, and recommended bands to me, always hyping up their friends and their favorites.

I learned some random things about Warped Tour from talking to various band members: first, bands pick their times out of a hat; they only learn when they’re going to play at 9am that morning. That means that if they party too hard the night before, they may have to play at 11am the next morning, and there’s nothing they can do about it. There’s not much sleep to be had overall on The Warped Tour, but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? And as a fan, if you like music and a good time, then don’t let a Warped Tour experience pass you by.

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