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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Darker Twists on Fairytale Favorites

July 22, 2010
Posted By - Emma Venezie
Source Credits - Adam Markovitz, Entertainment Weekly

The eccentric, dark brilliance of Tim Burton seems to have started a trend with his live-action Alice in Wonderland. With Burton's movie grossing over $1 billion worldwide, studios are now ready for darker adaptations of fairytale heroines. As a huge fan of pretty much everything Tim Burton, I'm more than happy about the news. In Entertainment Weekly's July 23 issue, Adam Markovitz previews some of the new twists on classic characters:

The Mermaid and the Prince, 1911, from Wikipedia
The Little Mermaid: Joe Wright (The Soloist) is said to be sticking much closer to the Hans Christian Anderson version of the story, which means a heartbreaking ending as compared to the Disney-fied happily ever after version. I, for one, hope Wright keeps in the Hans Christen Anderson detail that when the mermaid becomes human, she feels as if she's walking on sharp swords every time she takes a step. And, of course, the heartbreaking ending that doesn't include the mermaid ending up with the man she loves, instead sacrificing her life for him.

Cinderella, from listverse.com
Cinderella: Producer Simon Kinberg (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) and writer Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) are said to keen on adding "swashbuckling adventure" and "girl power" to this ageless tale of rags to love. Maybe they'll follow the Grimms' version where the two stepsisters actually cut off parts of their feet to try and fit them into the glass slipper...

Disney version of Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty: I may be the most excited about this one. Tim Burton is said to be in talks to direct what can only be described as a dark and warped version of this story that will come from the viewpoint of the evil sorceress Maleficent. And who will play Maleficent? Only Angelina Jolie. I love the idea of seeing the story through the nemesis' eyes, akin to the Wicked Witch of the West in Wicked.

Snow White, from Tales From The Brothers Grimm
Snow White: Producer Brett Ratner (director of Rush Hour 3) is said to have promised to honor the Brother Grimms' story, which means that the Queen will order a huntsman to kill Snow White and bring back her heart, but when he's unable to, he brings back the heart of a young deer. Regardless, the Queen will cook and eat it, believing she is eating the heart of Snow White. Yum. And then there's the part where the Queen is punished for her wickedness and forced to dance in a pair of heated iron shoes until she falls down dead. Exciting tidbit: the movie will be shot in 3-D.

Little Red Riding Hood, from surlalunefairytales.com
Red Riding Hood: Director of Twilight, Catherine Hardwicke, is said to have asked Amanda Seyfried (Dear John, Mamma Mia) to play the lead role in a gothic style adaptation which will be set in a medieval town. This story is pretty dark in itself, what with a werewolf eating a little girl dressed in a nice, modest red cape, so it probably won't be too hard to bring the gothic element to it.

To read the full Entertainment Weekly article, pick up the July 23rd issue.

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