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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sky Rocket Coaster Opens at Kennywood Today

June 29, 2010
Posted By - Lauren
Source Credits - talent network, inc., Kennywood

Who doesn't love Kennywood? If you grew up in Pittsburgh, you grew up with Kennywood. School picnics, family reunions, nationality days and other events brings us to Kennywood every year - it's a Pittsburgh tradition! Even Hollywood has used Kennywood in their films, the latest being Adventureland released in 2009, starring Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Stewart.

Photo courtesy of Kennywood.com

Today marks another milestone in Kennywood's 112-year history; the unveiling of a new roller coaster called 'Sky Rocket'. Sky Rocket shoots you out of the station at 50mph, and goes straight up and over, before dropping you at a 90-degree angle and propelling you into corkscrews, sharp turns, and more drops along the way. I personally cannot wait to get to Kennywood this summer to ride Sky Rocket, as I'm sure you all are doing the same!

Kennywood is open May through October, with plenty of opportunities to make multiple visits. Happy Summer everyone!!

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