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February, 08, 2012


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Friday, June 4, 2010

"Our Lady of Perpetual Tone" Pittsburgh-Based Music Web Site Launches. Hello and Welcome

June 4, 2010
Posted By - Frank Murgia
Source Credits - Jesse Marshall, Our Lady of Perpetual Tone
Topic Tags - Music News


Our Lady of Perpetual Tone is a new, Pittsburgh-based website that covers all things music. The blog specifically focuses on new indie music, song reviews, throwback tracks, poetry from favorites such as Kerouac and Bukowski, and features daily clips for your listening pleasure. The site is also developing a plan to give local photographers and musicians a chance to showcase their goods on the site, and plans to integrate pieces from local Artists in their design.

The site is update several times a day, so be sure to bookmark it for a quick look into the indie music world throughout your day. "Our Lady of Perpetual Tone"

New Music Friday: Summer Holiday

I’m really excited about this week’s new music selection. It comes to us from Gemini’s May 25th release entitled Wild Nothing. Jack Tatum, the man behind Gemini, composed the essence of summer in musical form with the single, appropriately titled, Summer Holiday.

The brassy guitar leads the way as the verses and chorus take you on a car ride in 90 degree weather with the windows down and the wind in your face. The song, despite the teenage heartbreak theme, should perk up your ears and simply make you feel good.

After two listens, I couldn’t get this track out of my head. It’s been repeating quite some time. The song plugs along like a car on a rural road trip, no stops, and despite some softer points, it hardly slows down. Tatum’s vocals on the chorus add a great dynamic to the song. While I don’t believe this accompanying video is official, it adds a great element to the song as well.

Wild Nothing is a great album with some good counterpart tracks, but nothing can top Summer Holiday. Enjoy this New Music Friday.

Web Site: Our Lady of Perpetual Tone

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