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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Delta Sky Magazine Recognizes Pittsburgh

June 15, 2010
By Emma Venezie 
Source Credits - "People. Progress. Pittsburgh." By Christine O'Toole. Delta Sky Magazine 
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In Delta Sky Magazine’s June 2010’s issue, Pittsburgh garners some immense recognition. Aside from noting the city’s “innovation” and its “most livable city in the nation” praise, the writer of the article, Christine O’Toole, focuses on the benefits of working in the city of Pittsburgh. Lower unemployment levels than competing markets and managing to grow through a recession are simple enough reasons to hold Pittsburgh in high esteem; but O’Toole breaks down the success of Pittsburgh into four neighborhoods: Lawrenceville, East Liberty, the North Shore, and the South Side.

Let’s begin with O’Toole’s sight-seeing within Lawrenceville and its “talented technology.” Major Lawrenceville landmarks include the National Robotics Engineering Center, a unit of Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Institute, which focuses on making functional, reliable, and cost-effective robotics systems. The center has more than 100 employees designing robots that live, navigate, and maneuver outdoors. These robots, it is believed, will be extensively used within the decade.

Another major Lawrenceville landmark is the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). In its new $625 million location, at 1.5 million square feet, this hospital has one of the largest pediatric transplant programs in the world as well as advanced immunosuppressant therapies that prevent organ rejection. With a team of nearly 5,000, Children’s is the first pediatric hospital to fully implement an electronic records system. Connecting through a digital database protects against mistakes and links every detail of a patient’s records, from medications to allergies. Only ½ of 1 percent of U.S. hospitals have managed to do this, further documenting the quality and innovation of Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC.

Aside from these two huge landmarks, O’Toole notes that Lawrenceville is filled with design-conscious companies and young independent retailers, restaurants, condos, and apartments.

The next neighborhood O’Toole examines is

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East Liberty with its “math and science boom.” This area is home to Hillman Cancer Center, where patients with advanced disease receive extended high-level care. At Hillman Cancer Center, research from the University Of Pittsburgh Cancer Center Institute and UPMC’s clinical programs are integrated and come together in the center’s research program and specialty care centers. The Center receives $200 million in funding from the Pittsburgh Cancer Center Institute, making it 11th nationwide. The Center continues to research every day, including DNA repair, new means of detecting cancer, new treatments for advanced melanoma, etc., and is the nation’s first center for environmental oncology, which attempts to understand the avoidable causes of cancer.

The East Liberty business district has a retail and office district named Bakery Square which will have the next important landmark moving there this summer: Google’s Pittsburgh offices. The director of Google’s Pittsburgh Office, Andrew Moore, says Bakery Square is the perfect location because of its “personality” and “culture.”

Aside from the rich history and interesting engineering in East Liberty, O’Toole observes other interesting sights including the Kelly-Strayhorn Theater, named for two East Liberty natives, Gene Kelley and composer Billy Strayhorn, and new hotels and cafes opening right near it.

The next neighborhood O’Toole explores is the North Shore and “sustainable exports,” citing this as containing the city’s best views. Major landmarks include the Alcoa headquarters on the Allegheny River. Alcoa, with 900 employees on the North Shore and 59,000 employees around the world, is the world’s leading producer of aluminum. With a 120-year history, Alcoa is helping to create new recycling ideas for Pittsburgh, focusing on renewable energy. A leisurely walk away from Alcoa is PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, with a beautiful view of the downtown skyline and Heinz Field, home of the revered Steelers. The North Shore is also home to the (Pittsburgh native) Andy Warhol Museum, the world’s largest single-artist collection. Other museums are scattered around the area including the Carnegie Science Center. Another interesting place to note is the Pittsburgh Technology Center, an old “brownfield” that now connects with downtown via a recreational path. Commuting on paths such as these is a daily thing for many, another benefit of Pittsburgh. There are a number of outdoor things to do in the city, particularly along the riverside; it’s all about taking advantage of it.

The final neighborhood O’Toole investigates is the South Side and “design.” Aside from the well-known night life, the SouthSide Works is now a $300 million retail and office complex surrounded by an old neighborhood feel. A major landmark to point out is MAYA Design, which was named as one of Fortune Small Business’ best small workplaces of 2009. MAYA works with companies such as Whirlpool, Panasonic, and American Eagle Outfitters to reconnect major companies with their customers. MAYA takes advanced technology and makes it easier to use. MAYA has been in the South Side for twenty years, and seems intent on staying put, citing the “lively local community” and “good food” as two major selling points of the area.

Of course, O’Toole notes that there’s more to the resiliency of Pittsburgh. Aside from the city’s advancement in technology, the cooperation between government and industry is essential. Simply enough, Pittsburgh is thriving and worth every mention and piece of recognition.

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Chris said...

Many thanks for linking to my Delta Sky story. You might want to correct the references to my last name. It's O'Toole, not O'Connor (though all those Irish names do sound alike).

Frank Murgia said...

Hi Chris!

Thank you so much for noticing that and thank you for a great article!