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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Derrick Kosinski Podcast | MTV's Fresh Meat 2 | Syrus Interview

May 13, 2010
Source Credits - Derrick Kosinski, Syrus, Photos - mtv.com, buddytv.com
Topic Tags - MTV, Fresh Meat 2, Reality TV, Entertainment News, TV News
Story and Interview by - Frank Murgia/talent network news, Derrick Kosinski


Another bonus episode this week as MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge Veteran Derrick Kosinski dialed up his good friend and MTV reality show pioneer Syrus who is doing great thing in communities around the country and still making it happen on and off the screen.  Want to be on a reality show? Syrus gives you the recipe that is appealing to casting directors. You can check out his casting web site www.OxyCasting.com.

Derrick and Syrus Interview (Part 1 of 2)
Talking points include: (12 minutes)
- Rasta Scream
- Working with Eminem
- Being a Video Game Character
- Playing in the ABA for the Hollywood Fame
PLAY Derrick-Syrus-Intv. Part 1 of 2

Derrick and Syrus Interview (Part 2 of 2)
Talking points include: (10 minutes)
- Burger King 'Next Best Move' Tour
- Syrus and Miley Cyrus
- Derrick vs. Syrus on 'The Gauntlet 2' (Mad Respect)
- The Recipe for a Good Reality Cast Member
PLAY Derrick-Syrus-Intv. Part 2 of 2

Who is Syrus?
One of the more recognizable characters from MTV's Real World franchise, Syrus appeared in the Boston edition of the program. At the time of the airing, the Real World Boston episodes were the highest rated in the franchise's history. Since its original airing, the Boston episodes have been rerun twice per year, providing Syrus with additional, consistent exposure.

Syrus starred on MTV's highly anticipated challenge titled " Gauntlet 2 " fall of 05 . Syrus also appeared on MTV's Real World Road Rules The Inferno Challenge. This challenge shared the number one spot with the Real World San Deigo in 2004.

He also was a part of MTV's Real World Road Rules Battle of the Sexes Challenge in 2003. In 2000 he was a key member of the winning team in MTV's Real World Road Rules Extreme Challenge. In leading his team to victory Syrus demonstrated his leadership, athletic (NCAA basketball scholarship recipient), educational and conflict resolution skills. Syrus's outgoing personality and ability to ad-lib made him one of the more memorable cast members on the show, which reruns approximately twice per year on MTV.

Burger King "NEXT BEST MOVE"
Basketball, Community, Culture

The Next Best Move is coming to your neighborhood to find the unsung heroes who are making a difference in the community. Whether you volunteer at a community center, help a friend in need, or do your part to keep your community on top, we want to know! Upload a photo and tell us your story. We’re keeping count to see which city has the most community support, so tell all your friends to represent! More at the Web Site

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Syrus and Burger King's "Next Best Move

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