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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, May 24, 2010

'Lost' Series Finale theories and thoughts from almost everybody on the internet.

May 24 2010
Source Credits - The Internet, Posted by talent network news.com/frank murgia (Lostafarian)
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Posted by Frank Murgia

Namaste, my lostafarian friends.

It has been quite a ride since September 22nd, 2004. 121.5 hours and 6 seasons later 'Lost' is over and many of us our still lost. The internet is buzzing with a mix of satisfaction, disgust and dizziness at the many thoughts and theories as to the way it ended and what has happened the past six years.  Many folks like myself feel different after sleeping on it and reading the different takes.

Immediately after watching the finale I thought my theory that I have been sticking to was the answer.

(These folks are lost in life not so much lost on an Island and they are ALL dead from the original plane crash.  All we were viewing was them in purgatory seeing flashbacks of of their life and past mistakes then seeing the flash forward of what life would be if they survived the crash and returned home from the Island and the flash sideways/alternate life was the life they could have had if they followed a different path. They were in purgatory waiting to be judged and given a chance to choose a path.)

BUT boom, as I read more this morning and break down what Christian Shepard said to his son Jack at the church it is a different meaning to the end.

Jack has a tender conversation with the man he had clashed with so often before.
"I don't understand," says Jack. "You died."

"Yes, I did."

"Then how are you here right now?"

"How are YOU here?" his father (John Terry) replies.

"I died, too," says Jack, beginning to weep.

"That's OK, son."

And yet it's all real, his father assures him.

"Everything that's ever happened to you is real. All those people in the church, they're all real, too."

"They're all dead?" Jack asks.

"Everyone dies sometime, kiddo," his father replies gently.

HERE are a two very similar fan postings on the 'Lost' Facebook fan page.
Lost Facebook fan writes..
I am confused why people are saying they were dead all along. I guess I thought it was pretty clear in the end that they were all dead in the "alternate timeline." But the regular timeline, which included the original Oceanic crash, life on the island, coming back to the island, skipping through time, etc...THAT was th...e all real. Christian Shephard said that all the people in the church were dead, "some before [Jack's] time, some long after him." In confirmation of this, outside the church Hurley said to Ben, "You made a great #2." And Ben replied, "and you made a great #1." This would confirm that the 2 of them protected and lead the island for an undetermined amount of time in real life, before their death.

I thought the ending was brilliant. I didn't expect the writers to perfectly answer every question...if they did, what would we have to talk about?!

Lost Facebook fan writes..
I think the sideways losties were living the lives they would have chosen had they been given a second chance at the time of the explosion... based on their deepest selves. Sayid, out of guilt, must watch the woman he loves be married to his brother; Jack gets to be the father he never had

Lost Facebook fan writes..
I thought the ending was awesome. Everything that happened on the island was real. It was not purgatory. Christian even says this. The flash sideways was a place between heaven and hell that the losties created to find the love they lost and make amends before heading to Heaven or a better place. Hurley even tells... Ben that he made a great #2 indicating that they lived on after Jack dies. Everyone died at different times in their lives and all met in the afterlife in the flash sideways. Loved the ending.

BUT,  this seems to be a popular choice of fans and critic's of what it all means. That everything that happened on the island and in the flashbacks and flash forwards was real.  I personally am okay with this but a little disappointed that time travel and the island moving really happened. I personally liked my original thought that the series was not so much about science fiction but a retelling of the lives and paths chosen of the passengers who all died in the crash. I do feel that the show chose a path of heavier science fiction in seasons 4, 5 and 6.  Feeling like the fans were sniffing out the plot being attached to religion and faith they added all the science fiction, time travel and numerous characters like Miles, Daniel Faraday and Eloise Hawking to throw the fan base off-track as well as extend the show.  Executive producer Carlton Cuse on ESPN'S "The BS Report" Bill Simmons podcast just last week said that Seasons 2 and 3 were slow and strung out and had many filler episodes (Expose' with Nikki and Paulo) because they did not know if the show was going to get picked up and extended by ABC so they were stalling with episodes and ideas advancing the story.

Both executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have said they will remain silent and not talk about the ending or the show. Like David Chase did on 'The Soprano's' they will leave it up to interpretation and debate. I like this stand as the Internet is pulsating with chatter and debate today. So maybe they were not all dead from the beginning. I am not alone in thinking that they were. Only the creators and writers know the true answer so what I am writing and so many others are writing in individual interpretation and opinion.

I truly hope that we see some sort of lifetime achievement honor is awarded to all of the folks responsible for a fantastically crafted six year journey. No other show has intertwined a television show and its audience with the Internet rabbit hole more brilliantly than 'Lost.'

You will see a bunch of links below the photos and these are some of the best spots in the biz at breaking down 'Lost.'  Check them out and have fun in the rabbit hole.

I close by saying you can now stop pushing the button, see you in another life, brotha, let go and remember, every series dies sometime, kiddo.  -- Frank Murgia

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The END!

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