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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Evian Water Roller Babies Video. Hilarious.

The 7th of JULY, 2009
From Reuters /Matthew Yeomans By Evian

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Little babies in diapers on roller skates dancing and skating and jumoing. Ha-ha-ha. Just awesome and a great campaign by Evian Botteld Water

Video-Evian Roller Babies US

When a baby takes his first step, it’s a proud moment for the parents. But they’d probably be even more impressed if their kid mastered the art of roller-skating while still in diapers. That’s what happens in this ad for Evian bottled water, in which babies skate around a park. Does watching all of this exercise make you thirsty for a bottle of Evian or encourage you to stick to tap water?

Title: Evian Roller Babies

Stats: 1,144,244 views

What you see: You can just see the creative director thinking this one up: "Mmm ... what would make the perfect viral? ... I know, babies on rollerskates performing tricks. C'est magnifique!" And that's just what you get in this Evian Live Young advert that launched July 1 and is being heavily promoted via paid advertising on YouTube's home page.

Take Out/TakeAway: OK, so cute babies and adventure sports may be superpopular on YouTube, but no one said you had to combine the two. Throw in CGI special effects to make the tots do jumps and twirls, and you get an advertising campaign that perhaps is trying a little too hard to be cute and funny. What it's got to do with bottled water is anyone's guess.

Social Media Effect: Advertising agencies have realized that they can get far more traction online for their campaigns if they also tell the "backstory" with tools like a behind-the-scenes microsite, a making-of-the-ad video, and what we call a satellite strategy of creating new audiences on Facebook and other social networks. Evian Live Young has all of these social media "talkability" weapons at its disposal (it's even created Facebook profiles for the babies), but social media aren’t just about creating a good gimmick—they’re about having good content to spark a conversation. From what we can see, none of these babies can talk.

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