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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, June 1, 2009

Eminem Storms out of the MTV movie awards after Incident with Bruno.

From MTV.com
By Eric Ditzian


Readers Sound Off About Brüno/Eminem Incident
Fans are split between defending and slamming Eminem, being amused or disgusted by MTV Movie Awards incident.

While there were many memorable moments from the 2009 MTV Movie Awards, without a doubt the most buzzed-about came when a bare-bottomed Brüno dropped from the rafters via wires and landed spread-eagle on Eminem. And nowhere is that buzz more heated than in the article's comments section.

Readers have been sounding off to defend Em and slam him, to praise Brüno and disparage him. We culled some of the most compelling comments to give our readers a front-and-center chance to air their often heated views.

Many readers jumped to Eminem's defense. "Anyone who actually found this act funny is ignorant of what Eminem has gone through and they probably find Eminem to be the rude one for leaving," wrote SuperWock33z. "Eminem should've hit Brüno in the n--s for that. This is no way to repay Emi."

Shelbi Mae agreed. "That was seriously wrong ... and it really doesn't matter if it was Eminem, Zac Efron, or Robert Pattinson ... you just don't send some idiot in a jockstrap flying down with his bare a-- in someone's face," she wrote. "If they agreed to do it then that's cool, but I seriously don't think Eminem really agreed to have some idiot's a-- in his face!!!"

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