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February, 08, 2012


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Monday, June 8, 2009

Box Office Results: June 5-7, 2009. Will Ferrell gets Lost in the land of Sin

From Rentrack
From EW.com


The receipts are in. Land of the Lost opened this weekend in a distant, disappointing third place behind Up ($44.2 million) and The Hangover ($43.3 million). Lost hauled in a mere $19.5 million, which may not sound like an epic train wreck until you consider that its budget and marketing costs were reportedly close to $200 million and it had one of the biggest stars in Hollywood on its poster.

You could say that the warning signs for Will Ferrell first appeared on Friday, when the nation's critics blew raspberries and dogpiled on the comedy.

(Story Continued, Read More) Is America Over Will Ferrell?

Top 10 Weekend Box Office Estimates: June 5-7, 2009

Box Office Results

  • Up (Disney) $44.2 million - 2 wk total $137.3m
  • The Hangover (Warner Bros.) $43.3 million - opening weekend
  • Land of the Lost (Universal) $19.5 million - opening weekend
  • Night at the Museum: (20th Century Fox) $14.7 million - 3 wk total $127.3m
  • Star Trek (Paramount) $8.4 million - 5 wk total $222.8m
  • Terminator Salvation (Warner Bros.) $8.2 million - 3 wk total $105.5m
  • Drag Me To Hell (Universal) $7.3 million - 2 wk total $28.5m
  • Angels & Demons (Sony) $6.5 million - 4 wk total $116.1m
  • My Life In Ruins (Fox Searchlight) $3.2 million - opening weekend
  • Dance Flick (Paramount) $2.0 million - 3 wk total $22.7m
  • Source: Rentrak

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