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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, May 14, 2009

“LOST” Season 5 Finale Theories, Links Breakdowns. “The Incident”

From the internet
By Lost Fanatics


Berrrnnnaaaarrddddd! Hilarious. Every time we have seen Rose and Bernard, Rose is on the sand yelling out his name and boom he comes running out of the woods. Last night in the season 5 finale of 'Lost' we were not disappointed. Three long overdue absent story lines revisited and wrapped-up. Vincent, Walt's dog and then Rose and Bernard. I thought it was a nice touch for the writers to actually have Rose speak the irony that the viewers have been wondering. "Where in the heck are Rose and bernard?" "Shoot they finally found us" was funny. Also in this reunion scene I thought the Rose charachter offered-up what I have been feeling this season. Too much fighting and shooting. Enough already. Someone is beatin' silly every week and their is an OK Corral gun fight. Just way too much for my liking. So, these regular people from a plane are expert marksman.

I did not like the episode on a 2-hour whole. The ending was decent and leaves us with great debate and the fade the white instead of black was cool. I wanted Jacob to be a character we have seen before with some sort of Wow factor. Of course this never aging young guy will be a huge thread in the final season but once again. UGH! another new storyline and character. Just stay on the characters we love and amazing and insulting that we only saw Claire once this season in the cabin with Christian Shepherd. Was it this season? I actually can't remember. I just was not jumping out of my chair with a WOW! at the end of the episode. We knew the bomb was going to explode and kind of expected that to be the ending and that is how it ended. A good ending to a marginal episode I say.

Below you will find many great postings with links that breakdown and give theories and thoughts on the Season Five Finale of 'Lost' "The Incident" Enjoy and thank you all so much for being a weekly reader of our 'Lost' page. - by Frank Murgia

“LOST” Season 5 Finale Theories, Links Breakdowns. “The Incident” BERNNAAARRDDD & ROSE - Photo Credit ABC

From The Big Lead.com

Lost: Only Nine(ish) Months Until the Final Season
Let’s start with the Jacob-Other Guy as God-Satan theory. We also read something on one of the boards that the “Other Guy” was older Jacob who was trying to go back in time “found your loophole” to kill younger Jacob. Who the hell is that guy?
[Read More, Story Continued]

From Paul Levinson's Infinite Regress

Lost Season Five Finale: Jacob and Locke
..it is, is the story of Jacob. It provides at least part of an answer to something I've been saying since the beginning of the second season - that the key to understanding Lost resides, somehow, in the inexplicable coincidences in the flashbacks..
[Read More, Story Continued]

From E! Online.com (Watch w/ Kristin)

Lost Redux: What Just Happened?!
Richard's answer to Ilana's question ("What lies in the shadow of the statue?") was in Latin, He said, "Ille qui nos omnis servabit." Translation: "He who will save us all." But which of the fellas now in the shadow of the statue is the savior? Is it Ben, dead Locke, now-dead Jacob, or a player to be named later?
[Read More, Story Continued]

From Lost Tidbits

The Incident Initial Thoughts
-I despise Juliet. I mean every single scene she is in is a jumbled mess of logic, flip-flopping and emotional reactions. That simple flashback to her divorcing parents didn't do enough to explain her current actions.

-They all get on board Ajira 316 because of Jacob, not because of John.
[Read More, Story Continued]

From The Transmission

Next: “The Incident” (Episode 5-16/17)
-If the “what’s in the box” teases weren’t enough, what’s the deal with Hurley’s guitar case? We know Jacob gave it to him, which is great, but… really? Will we just not know? Or will it be blasted into 2007 alongside Hurley to taunt us in Season 6?

-When Juliet said, “Live together, die alone,” didn’t you want to punch her in the face?

-What is the loophole?

-Talk about writing themselves out of a corner. Jughead already shrunk by several feet between “Jughead” and “Follow the Leader.” But after talking so much about its size and weight, turns out all we need is the core, which conveniently fits in a backpack. Now we can walk it over to the Swan!
[Read More, Story Continued]

From Kulturblog.com

LOST: “The Incident” (Season 5 Finale)
According to this interview with Damon Lindelof, all character plotlines will be resolved by the end of next season, and if there is a movie, it will be in addition to the Lost universe, not an essential piece to the puzzle.
[Read More, Story Continued]

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From EW.com
'Lost': Team Darlton on the finale

Doc Jensen and Dan Snierson chat with the exec producers about season 5 and tonight's episode

From EW.com -Doc Jensen on 'Lost'
'Lost': Going Out With a Bang?
Doc Jensen previews ''The Incident,'' a season-ender he hopes will be a blast, no matter what Jack does. Plus: Three predictions, the Doc's season 5 awards, an update on survey and tomorrow's recap, and a very special Totally Lost
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From Buddy TV
Lost: 42 Important Unanswered Questions
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From USA Today
'Lost' time warp have you lost? Just hang in there
(Story on The Tim Travel craziness that is Lost)
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From E! Online.com
Lost's Ben: The Finale Will Make You Eat Your Soul
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From MSN.com
'Lost' Full Episode Recap: Jacob's Ladder Closes out the Season
Everyone, it seems, has had a close encounter with Jacob in the real world
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From Watching Lost.com/USA Today
Lost Character Cheat Sheet: Where are they now?
All these switching back and forth in time has probably confused you as to where each and every character are in the continuum. USA Today has therefore provided us a cheat sheet, so that we don’t forget where they are stuck, when Lost returns for its sixth season in nine months…
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From Watching Lost.com
Spoiler sports: Producers use deception to keep surprises coming on ‘Lost’
“We write fake scenes for actors that audition for us and create fake call sheets about who is shooting with whom in what scene,” Cuse said from his Los Angeles office. “Last season, we shot three different actors in Locke’s coffin. We shot Josh Holloway and we shot Desmond to keep people guessing.”
[Read More, Story Continued]

From Lost Tidbits
LOST- Have You Thought About..
-What if Locke and Jacob have switched bodies? Recall how it seemed the French team was possessed of sorts? What if Jacob can swap bodies and Locke is now Jacob?

-Could this explain why J-Locke doesn’t care about helping Sun any longer?

-Was Christian also a part of this? There is a story called “The Cleric Quintet” which deals with the main character’s ability to hop from body to body. He picks a weak host because when he hops the next time it will be someone slightly stronger. This allows him to turn around and kill the original host which is weaker. Of course, it also forces him to switch bodies more often – damned if you do, damned if you don’t sort of thing. The main character is named Ghost.
[Read More, Story Continued]

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