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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mike Tomlin to Drop Puck in Game 3 Stanley Cup?

From Move the Needle.net
By Frank Murgia


CORAOPOLIS, PA -Okay, so Pittsburgh fans are both pissed and amused by it's former football leader taking the reins of the Carolina Hurricanes Siren and donning red and waving a white Carolina towel.

bill cowher carolina hurricanes siren

Well, I don't know if the NHL does a ceremonial dropping of the puck for the Stanley Cup Finals but if they do I am calling for the Pittsburgh Penguins organization to ask current Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin drop the puck in game 3 in Pittsburgh.

He is a huge Pens fan and was present last year and this year in Mellon Arena for the playoffs. He wears a Sidney Crosby sweater to the games and what a better way to stick it back in Bill Cowhers ribs than to send the message that Mike Tomlin is the new sheriff in town.

Mike Tomlin to Drop Puck in Game 3 Stanley Cup?

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