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February, 08, 2012


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Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Lost" Season 5 Finale -Final Thoughts and Theories.

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Dictated by an unknown source through a host body


First we need to start where we last ended and fill in the blanks from there. The last image of the season was a white flash. What are white flashes? Time warps. When Juliet detonated the hydrogen bomb it mixed with the energy from the pocket and will send the Lost crew back to present time on the island (present being the time when they first arrived) This will then bring Juliet "back" but not until Kate and Sawyer have their moments.

Another big question is what was meant when Frank Lapidus was referred to as a "candidate." Simple, Jacob will now need a host body to enter much like the "unknown" man at the beginning of the episode used Locke as his host body. Evil Locke knows this and is the reason why he says they need to take care of the Ajira 316 survivors next.

Let’s get back to the unknown man at the beginning of the episode. He is the smoke monster. The smoke monster would be able to read people's memories when he would surround them. He was scouting the right body to take over.

Evil Locke is not new. He was always a host body for the unknown man. In season 1 the island spoke the Locke. He is referring to being taken over by the unknown man. Now whether the unknown man would take over his body permanently or on occasion is unknown but he would use Locke to manipulate situations to go they way he needed.

A few more tidbits before we leave. Richard Alpert is on that boat approaching the island at the beginning of the episode. That boat is the Black Rock.

The eye that opens in the preview for the final season is Ben.

And finally my outside the box theory that Jacob and the unknown man on the beach are Ben and Widmore. My hunch tells me when we heard Ben tell Widmore he couldn't kill him it was too similar to the unknown man telling Jacob he could not kill him.

Schools out. See you next season.

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