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February, 08, 2012


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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Justin Timberlake Brings Funny Back to "SNL"

From talent NETWORK NEWS
By Frank Murgia


Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and he brought the funny to all of his sketches. This was J.T.'s third time as host.

I love and hate 'SNL' all in the same 90 minutes usually. I have argued for 10 years that the show is too long and the sketches are too long. One-hour of tight 3 minute sketches would sing and bring internet buzz every Sunday morning. Too many times the gist of the joke in a sketch is delivered funny in the first two minutes but then the sketches are stretched out another 2-3 minutes and the joke feels old, overplayed and forced.

BUT enough about me and MORE about Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake is a cool but quirky kid. He sings, dances, acts like a goof and delivers a likability that you do not find in many superstars. LeBron James is comparable in the sports arena. If he could not sing or dance he might be just a regular guy who would be picked on by bullies and ignored by pretty women. His talent exudes confidence that oozes sex appeal and like appeal.

Another great hosting job by Justin Timberlake and who knows maybe he will someday challenge the hosting record that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin are swapping back and forth.

Oh, and Justin also performed with Musical guest Ciara. Just another Saturday night for the mulit-talented Timberlake.

PopSugar.com writes...
One of the best sketches was "Immigrant Tale" about a boat full of people headed to start a new life in America. JT plays his great great grandfather who dreams about his great great grandson traveling with a "band of boys" and "bringing sexy back". He also references dating a "pop star" and being virgins in the public, but not so much behind closed doors. The skit led right into the "D*ick in a Box" follow-up digital short "Mother Lovers".
Oh, and Justin also perfomed with Musical guest Ciara. Just another Saturday night for the mulit-talented Timberlake.

'SNL' Justin Timberlake "Immigrant Tale" Sketch Video

'SNL' Justin Timberlake "Mothers Lovers" Music Video

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