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February, 08, 2012


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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Frank Nicotero's Primetime Television Recap For May 4th.

From Yahoo TV
By Frank Nicotero/Primetime in No Time


Primetime in No Time (PiNT), Yahoo’s original TV recap show, which is hosted by comedian Frank Nicotero and features guest commentators like Coolio, draws 4 million streams per week.

PiNT, which is made in Santa Monica, Calif. and comes out weekdays, devotes about 75 percent of its coverage to reality television because reality shows are ripe with “those silly gotcha moments” and are broadly accessible — perfect qualities for a rapid-fire recap show. The Primetime in No Time team quickly produces timely, topical content on the topics of the day and then sprinkles the video across Yahoo’s various entertainment properties and gets “lots of promotion on Yahoo’s front page.” Viewers, in turn, can get a quick laugh and feel hip to what happened on TV last night. (from New Tee Vee)

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Bob Saget's Mesmerizing
Tuesday, May 05, 2009
More rambling from "Primetime in No Time" host Frank Nicotero:

"Dancing with the Stars": The judges obviously don't want Ty around, but I actually think he out-danced Lil' Kim, along with having a way better personality. That guy is hysterical too. Melissa was pretty embarrassed but that could have been A LOT worse. Worse for her, better for us! (See a clip from this show.)

"How I Met Your Mother": So Sarah Chalke is the "mother," case solved. Does that mean the show is over? I'm sure there will be a few seasons of them dating again and finally getting married. But honestly, how are those kids sitting there listening to this story of how their dad met their mom? It's like the longest story ever! Maybe it's because Bob Saget's voice is so mesmerizing. (See a clip from this show.)

"I Love Money 2": So that guy It completely lied about his grandfather being ill. In fact, his grandfather died before he was even born. I can't believe he admitted that in the van to Tailor Made and Myammee. In fact I can't believe I had to type those three ridiculous names just now. (See a clip from this show.)

"New York Goes to Work": So she completely failed the dead animal removal and they still gave her the $10,000?! Ugh! So they gave us three choices for next week's show but we all know that all the shows have all ready been taped. And each text costs $1. So are they just ripping people off with the texts or do they have all three shows completed and will air the one that gets the most votes. So I assume the two jobs that don't win the vote will be back as choices again next week. Way to rip off people, VH1. What happened to music videos! (See a clip from this show.)

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