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February, 08, 2012


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Thursday, May 7, 2009

“LOST” Episode Breakdown -Season 5- 'Follow the Leader'

From the Internet
By Lovers of Lost


Wow! One week Left. 2 hours left. What a fantastic season. My friend lost young eloise hawking faradayJohn and I are brought back to my season one thoughts that maybe they are in purgatory. Not so much in a religious sense but hanging in limbo until we find out if the plane will land as originally planned or they will be sentenced to life on the island. This show has to win the Emmy for best Drama this year. Just great we say.

Here are this weeks Lost (Season 5) - "Follow the Leader" episode thoughts, theories, breakdowns and recaps. Each link has a wealth of information.

From Kulturblog.com
We love this site and link to it weekly. Unfortunately the weekly lost breakdown that Greg does is delayed because of business travel but they did post some great links and funny 'Lost' parody videos including one with Jimmy Kimmel. Below is one of the videos and please click over on the link to see the Kimmel video and other links.

(Read More at Kulturblog)

From The Big Lead
“Alright Dude, We’re From the Future”
-Jack is the new Locke (”Destiny!”) and Locke is the new Jack (leading everyone from the beach in search of Jacob - “I have a purpose now”
-Random Speculation: Jack is Jacob; Locke is a manifestation of Smokey. We can buy the 2nd one, but not the first.

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From Paul Levinson's Infintite Regress
Moral Compasses in Motion
-Kate is the moral compass of the show now
-unresolved: who has the real power now - in 2007 -- Locke or Richard or Jacob

(Read More)

From TV Squad
Many Questions and Thoughts
-The second big bombshell was finding out what Locke considers to be his purpose on the island.
-So the big question to ask is whether Ellie is helping Jack because she believes him or if she's using him and this is just a way to try and get rid of DHARMA for good?
-Speaking of Richard, could we read his hobby (building a ship in a bottle) as foreshadowing that he arrived on The Black Rock?

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From E! Online (Watch with Kristin)
Lost Redux: Who Causes the Incident?
-which players in are position to do what? And what's the deal with fancy new-fangled Locke? We've got your look back at what happened in "Follow the Leader" along with a mess of all-new insight into the finale from the real Lost leader, Mr. Damon Lindelof himself...

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From Lost Tidbits
Follow the Leader Intitial Thoughts
-BLACK ROCK SIGHTING -We know that ship has something to do with the island's history, but figuring it out...well, that is what makes this show so much fun!
-So if Jack is right and they return to Flight 815...won't there be some remanents of the events?
-you have to wonder why Kate didn't bring up the obvious: she would be in handcuffs. She seemed to regret only that the feelings between her and Jack would be gone. So in usual Kate-fashion, she runs back to Sawyer...sort of.

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From EW.com (Entertainment Weekly) -Doc Jensen on 'Lost'
'Lost': Long Ago and Faraday
Doc Jensen on tonight's ''Follow the Leader,''
A preview of ''Follow the Leader''; a prospective eulogy for Daniel Faraday

(Read More at EW)

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LOST “Follow the Leader” - Screencaps, Easter Eggs, Audio, & Analysis

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