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February, 08, 2012


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

'Lost's' Ratings Falling Steadily.

From BuddyTV.com
Henry Jenkins, BuddyTV Staff Writer

'Lost's Ratings Steadily Fall, Even as the Series Remains the Top Show on the Net

The times they are a changing. As industry watchers are well aware the television networks have been deeply concerned for some time about the encroachment of newer media onto their turf. Every new cable or premium channel, video game console or website that draws attention and excitement potentially does so at their expense. Part of the solution they’ve gravitated towards is going digital themselves, making series available online through a variety of channels, some free and some pay. But two news bulletins released today about Lost illustrate the reasons it’s growing more complicated to assess or describe how well a series is doing.

The good news, according to World Screen, is that ABC’s online expansion has so far been a success. Last month nine out of the ten most commonly downloaded television series online were furnished by ABC.com. Dancing with the Stars was March’s top earner, garnering twice the numbers of any other series with three million unique viewers. But Lost finished second in the country with 1.4 million. That may not sound like a lot when compared with Nielson rating figures in the tens of millions, but it’s more than you think.
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Now the bad news. Lost’s television numbers are down overall and falling. Last season the series averaged 17.1 million viewers a week over the abbreviated 13 episode run. This season that number is down to 10.2 million viewers an episode. For the past four weeks in a row Lost has failed to hit 10 million. How scary is that for Lost’s producers? Not even one new episode of the series (not counting clip shows) had ever failed to hit ten million before.

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